Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 151 – Dragon’s Reverse Scale

Chapter 151 – Dragon’s Reverse Scale

Chapter 151 – Dragon’s Reverse Scale

The mightier Han Yan behaved, the more determined Fan Kun became towards killing him. In order to help Nan Bei Chao achieve his ambitious dreams and goals, he needed to help get rid of what might get in his way. More importantly, with Fan Kun’s status in the Black Sect now, no one really dared to offend him. He liked the feeling of being superb and peerless. He could put anyone down as he wished, if he wanted someone to die, that person would die. He felt like someone above all, dominating everyone’s lives was really marvellous, and it provided him with an enjoyable sensation.

On the other side, w.a.n.g Yun placed his palm on Yan Chen Yu’s arm and tried to sense her condition. The surrounding people had heavy hearts, and w.a.n.g Yun’s expression was even darker.

Han Yan wiped some blood off his lips, then he turned his head and looked at w.a.n.g Yun.

“How is she?”

Han Yan asked.

“Senior disciple Yan’s pulse is extremely weak, she is in a deep coma right now. Her life force is incredibly weak, and it keeps fading away… Her condition is critical.”

w.a.n.g Yun replied with a shook on his head.


Right after w.a.n.g Yun’s words left his mouth, Han Yan raised his head and let out a loud roar which sounded out in every place within the Black Mountain. His anger had turned visible, and the shadow of the Ancient Divine Devil behind his back reappeared, covered in flames.

“Fan Kun, if something bad happens to Yan Chen Yu, I promise you, I will kill you with a thousand cuts!”

Han Yan’s voice became hoa.r.s.e.

“Haha, what a joke! I doubt Jiang Chen will ever come back! Han Yan, both you and Jiang Chen are men who walks an evil path, I’ll kill you today and help the Black Sect get rid of its black sheep!”

Fan Kun laughed out loudly, he didn’t really care about Han Yan’s threats.

Han Yan unleashed an intrepid demonic dragon which pierced towards Fan Kun.

“You’re courting death! Jail of One!”

Fan Kun had a sneer on his face. He formed a seal with his fingers and drew the character ‘one’ in front of him. In an instant, the word turned into a golden cage. Not only did the cage destroy Han Yan’s demonic dragon, it also covered Han Yan and imprisoned him within.

[TL: Character for one looks like this 一]

Fan Kun struck with full power and unleashed waves of Yuan energy, causing the cage to become even stronger. Han Yan on the other side kept roaring, but he could not break the cage.

This was a powerful combat skill, it could temporarily imprison a person, causing him to become a sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

“Han Yan, don’t waster your effort, the Jail of One is not something you can break. Today, I’ll kill an evil man like you in front of everybody!”

With an imposing manner, Fan Kun forcefully struck out with his palm. The palm hit right onto Han Yan’s check, and it produced a cracking sound that anyone nearby could hear. It was the sound of bones breaking. Han Yan’s chest caved in from the attack.


Blood shot out from Han Yan’s mouth, together with some tiny pieces of broken internal organs. Since Fan Kun’s force was so powerful, the broken house behind Fan Kun completely shattered, and turned into ruins.

“Senior disciple Han!”

w.a.n.g Yun shouted out in shock. Fan Kun’s attack was too powerful. If it was some ordinary Mid Heavenly Core warrior, combined with the Jail of One and a palm attack, he would be dead by now.


But Han Yan hadn’t died yet, he roared out loudly once again and stood up from the ruins. His eyes had turned completely dark, and on his body, layers of ancient demonic scales had emerged. On top of these scales there were some ancient symbols.

“Indeed an evil man, killing you is a right thing to do.”

Fan Kun’s body swayed and he darted forwards like a snake. With extreme speed, he hit Han Yan’s chest with his palm once again. With the attack, the demonic flames on Han Yan’s body instantly disappeared, and he turned back to how he looked like before and fell down onto the ground. His condition was now the same as Yan Chen Yu’s.


A razor sharp longsword appeared in Fan Kun’s hand, and it shone in a cruel light. He walked step by step towards Han Yan.

“Evil man, you shall perish in h.e.l.l!”

With killing intent big enough to pierce through the skies, it looked like Fan Kun was going to chop Han Yan’s head off with his sword.

Looking at this, w.a.n.g Yun and the other disciple couldn’t help but have panicked expressions on their faces. The way they looked at Fan Kun was filled with hatred. As one of the inner circle disciple representatives, Fan Kun had the audacity to kill his fellow disciple. He didn’t care about the sect’s rules.

Although he kept saying Han Yan was an evil man, everyone knew that this was just an excuse. The bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil in his body was under his control, and that meant he possesses the Ancient Divine Devil’s energy, but his mind wasn’t demonic. From how he risked his life to save Yan Chen Yu, one could already tell that he was a man with deep emotions.

w.a.n.g Yun and the other disciples dared not try to stop what was going on. They didn’t even have the courage to say a word, because they knew if they really stood out and said something, the sword in Fan Kun’s hand would chop their heads off immediately. With their statuses in the Black Sect, Fan Kun killing them meant nothing, they wouldn’t even have a place to complain about it.

Now, w.a.n.g Yun could only hope Sect Elder Guo Shan came here as soon as possible. If not, Han Yan would be doomed for sure.

“Stop right now!”

Right at this moment, a loud shout sounded out from afar. In the next second, a ghostly figure came with extreme speed. In an instant, he blocked the path in front of Fan Kun and prevented him from going further. It was Guo Shan.

When Guo Shan arrived at the scene, he immediately looked at Yan Chen Yu. As an alchemist himself, he could tell how critical Yan Chen Yu’s current condition was. Then he looked at Han Yan’s condition, which seemed no better than Yan Chen Yu’s.

Seeing this, Guo Shan’s anger immediately erupted. His eyes turned red, and he stared at Fan Kun like a hungry wolf. When Fan Kun sensed the killing intent emerging from Guo Shan, his expression changed dramatically. In the Black Sect, Guo Shan was the only person he was scared of.

“d.a.m.n it, I thought this old fool was in secluded cultivation? Why did he come here so quickly? Someone must have informed him about this!”

Fan Kun cursed in his mind.

“Fan Kun, what have you done?!”

Guo Shan shouted out furiously. He felt extremely regretful now, he had promised Jiang Chen he would protect Yan Chen Yu’s safety as he left, but now Yan Chen Yu was hurt by this evil man and was in a critical condition. Even Jiang Chen’s friend, Han Yan had suffered from serious injuries as well. How was Guo Shan going to explain that to Jiang Chen when he came back? How could he face him?

When thinking about this, Guo Shan became even more enraged.

“Fan Kun, you were trying to kill your fellow disciples! I, as the Sect Elder, will kill you right now!”

Guo Shan unleashed the energy of a Divine Core warrior. He moved his hand and unleashed a huge palm formed by his Yuan energy, which flew towards Fan Kun. Under the pressure of a Divine Core warrior, Fan Kun couldn’t even move his finger.

“Save me, grandfather!”

Fan Kun shouted out loudly. Immediately, a golden beam shot out from afar. It was like a sharp blade that collided with Guo Shan’s attack, and it immediately shattered it into pieces.

“Guo Shan, as a Sect Elder yourself, how could you a.s.sault a disciple, this doesn’t fit your status in the Black Sect!”

Fan Zhong Tang appeared, he stood in front of his grandson to protect him from Guo Shan.

“Fan Zhong Tang, I need a conclusion for what happened today.”

Guo Shan was p.i.s.sed off, he had never been so angry before. He wished he could just leap forwards and tear Fan Kun into pieces. If it wasn’t for Fan Zhong Tang, he would just kill Fan Kun immediately without even thinking about any consequences.

“I know what happened today, it was just a conflict between disciples. We, as the Sect Elders, it’s better if we don’t out our hands on their matters. The way Fan Kun handled the matter was inappropriate, I’ll punish him when we return.”

After saying that, Fan Zhong Tang brought Fan Kun with him and flew up into the sky towards the inner circle area.

“Stop right there!”

Guo Shan flew forwards and blocked their way, “Fan Zhong Tang, Fan Kun was trying to kill his fellow disciple; I need to punish him!”

“Hmph! Guo Shan, watch your words, even if Fan Kun has done something wrong, it wouldn’t be you who would punish him! I’m the acting Sect Chief now, so I’ll have him punished myself, it is not your business!”

Fan Zhong Tang let out a cold snort, then he brought Fan Kun and left.

“Good, perfect! Fan Kun, Jiang Chen will never let you go, both you and your grandfather, you will perish in Jiang Chen’s fury, the entire Black Sect will be showered with his fury, hahaha…..”

Guo Shan suddenly let out a loud laugh. He knew Jiang Chen very well, Jiang Chen was a man born to be a king, and he possessed an att.i.tude of a true king. He was like a dragon, and a dragon had his reverse scales, and those who touched those would be killed. Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan were both Jiang Chen’s reverse scales.

Guo Shan knew that something major was going to happen in the Black Sect, the current peaceful time wouldn’t last for long. Once Jiang Chen returned, the heavens and the earth in the Black Sect would be turned upside down.

Guo Shan didn’t continue fighting Fan Zhong Tang, because he knew there wouldn’t be any results even if he kept fighting with him. Fan Zhong Tang was the acting Sect Chief now, and his cultivation level was stronger than his as well, there was no way he could do anything to both him and his grandson. Besides, what worried Guo Shan the most now was the condition of Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, his priority now was to try his best to save their lives.

Guo Shan carried Yan Chen Yu with one hand, and Han Yan with the other hand, then he flew up into the skies and returned to his mountain peak. Next, he was going to use all his strength to find a way to save their lives.

Guo Shan’s heart was filled with regret now. He had let Jiang Chen down, and he didn’t know how to face Jiang Chen once he returned. He hated himself for entering secluded cultivation during this period of time, it was all because of the huge attraction of the Great Soul Derivation skill. Guo Shan had all his attention focused on the Great Soul Derivation skill, and he didn’t expect that Fan Kun would be so courageous as to try and harm Yan Chen Yu.

“Brother, it was all older brother’s fault… I’ll try my best now, I hope I can save their lives… When you return, older brother will let you punish as you please.”

Guo Shan stared blankly towards north. He couldn’t imagine what would happen once Jiang Chen returned.

The incident had caused a true disturbance in the outer circle, especially for those who had witnessed how Jiang Chen had wreaked havoc last time. In their minds, Jiang Chen was a man not bound by law, what happened today would definitely be the cause for another chaotic incident.

What Guo Shan said before he left was still resounding within the minds of the disciples. The current peacefulness wouldn’t last for long.

At the same time in Redsun Town, while preparing himself for the final battle with Lord Blood Moon, Jiang Chen suddenly had an uneasy feeling.