Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1520 – The Divine Might Of A Dog Head’s

Chapter 1520 – The Divine Might Of A Dog Head’s

The Divine Might Of A Dog Head’s

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Jiang Chen smiled coldly. “Fu Kui, be rest a.s.sured. I won’t escape today. It’s time to settle the score between you and me. You want to kill me to avenge both of your sons death? that will have to depend on your capability, however. Similarly, I won’t let those people of Yan City that you’ve killed, die in vain.”

Since he had come, he didn’t intend to leave just like this. Some things would have to be resolved ultimately. Just like the grudge between him and Fu Kui. It would be endless if it wasn’t settled properly. With so many experts present here today, it was precisely a day for a ma.s.sacre.

“Hubris! Jiang Chen, I have never seen someone as arrogant as you. An early Immortal King who dares to speak such nonsense. Could it be that you thought you can rely on that late Immortal King dog to fight us? You’re so naïve, ”an early Immortal Emperor spoke.

He felt that Jiang Chen’s brain must have been fried for not choosing to leave immediately. Any fool would be able to see that staying here would only lead to death, unless Jiang Chen had the strength to fight them, which was very unlikely.


Jiang Chen ignored the man, then used his dragon-form. He then spoke with a clear voice. “I will now give you all a chance. If you don’t wish to die, it’s still not too late to leave now. If you don’t, none of you will be able to.”

Jiang Chen was ready to conduct a ma.s.sacre. No one in this group of people was a good individual, especially those who attempted to humiliate Yan Qingcheng. He would never let any one of them leave. He had never been lenient to those he wanted to kill. Now, he was giving them a chance, but if they didn’t cherish it, then all of them would have to die.

“Haha! How funny! Jiang Chen, a puny little Immortal King like you, speaking in such a ridiculous tone? Aren’t you afraid that it will harm your tongue? You thought that having some sort of transformation technique to increase some of your combat strength will make you capable enough to fight us? How naïve!”

“Ignorance and stubbornness. Since you don’t want to run away, that means you only have one path, death!. Not even the Lord of the Heavens can save you today.”

“Jiang Chen, no one has ever spoken such nonsense in front of me. It seems that you have trouble identifying the situation.”


Ironic laughter came from the group. Everyone felt that what Jiang Chen said was just like a joke, and was the funniest joke ever. Despite Jiang Chen using his transformation technique, no one had put him in their eyes. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was just too weak, and was incomparable with to Immortal Emperor realm. They were afraid that Jiang Chen would just die on the spot in a real fight.

“Little Chen, it seems like they don’t know how to write the word ‘death’.” Big Yellow shook his tail and said.

“Then we’ll teach them how to write that word. Everyone here will be slaughtered. There’s no exception.”

Jiang Chen drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword. It was a long, blood-red sword, like the sword of a blood-dragon. The light the sword radiated seemed incredibly divine. The sword cry reverberated in the sky, like a dragon’s roar.

The Heavenly Saint Sword wouldn’t appear easily. But once it emerged, it would thirst for blood. Pulling this sword out was the prelude of a ma.s.sacre. Jiang Chen would never have the slightest bit of sentiment and leniency in killing these people.

Jiang Chen tore an opening in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and said to Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng: “Qingcheng, go in with your father. It’s safe to hide inside.”

The fight later would be incomparably intense. The damage and destruction of the battle between Immortal Emperors was just too earth-shattering. After the battle, he was afraid that all of the mountain peaks in this hundreds of miles would all be smashed to dust. Given Yan Qingcheng and Yan Dongliu’s current cultivation base, they wouldn’t be able to survive in such a battle. Even if no one attacked them, the shock waves from the battle was enough to take their lives.


The father and daughter nodded, and entered the opening without hesitation. To them, staying in the paG.o.da was the safest. There would be no danger to their lives at all unless Jiang Chen died, or else, the paG.o.da wouldn’t just crumble on its own.

“Kill them!”

Fu Kui couldn’t help but roar. Immediately, all the experts unleashed their powerful Qi. Several late Immortal Kings who wanted to show off their abilities and were the underlings of Fu Kui, rushed to the frontline and flawlessly unleashed their powerful Qi, then raised the combat weapons in their hands. It seemed as though they wanted to split the heavens in half.

Unfortunately, their brain must have been ruined by the high temperature. They had totally forgotten how Young Master Fu Wei, who was also a late Immortal King, but a lot stronger than them, died. Even if there were a hundred experts like them, it still wouldn’t be enough. There was only one end when confronting Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, show them your true color.”

Jiang Chen said. He wasn’t even interested to fight these experts. He left them all for Big Yellow to handle.


Big Yellow laughed, then lunged at those late Immortal Kings with his huge head.

“Go and die, stupid dog!”

One of them revealed a smirk upon seeing Big Yellow rus.h.i.+ng over, and slashed at Big Yellow’s head. In his point of view, if this slash hit its target, it would have no problem splitting Big Yellow’s head in half.


As predicted, the man’s sword really struck Big Yellow’s head accurately. Unfortunately, the dog’s head wasn’t slashed into half. When the mighty King Weapon collided with Big Yellow’s head, a large spark was created. Not even a fur of the dog was touched.

Also, under the huge countershock of Big Yellow’s head, the sword flew away from the man’s grip.


Before the man had the time to be shocked, Big Yellow’s head hit the person’s chest. Despite of the man’s late Immortal King cultivation base, he couldn’t even utter a wail before his death. His entire body was crashed into countless pieces by Big Yellow’s head.


Upon seeing this, the other late Immortal Kings exclaimed. Their facial expressions changed drastically. Each of them looked at Big Yellow as if they have seen a ghost. Such a frightening scene had truly simulated their soul.

Without saying another word, they turned and ran. They knew that they had underestimated Big Yellow. This dog was far more terrifying than they had imagined. The Immortal King Weapon couldn’t even leave a mark on that dog’s head. That dog’s head was too abnormal.

“Kaka! Grandsons, still want to run away?”

Big Yellow’s murderous intent soared up to the sky. How could he let his enemies escape? He then turned, and lunged his head at them.

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