Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1519 – Superficial

Chapter 1519 – Superficial


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This man seemed only thirty plus years old, with a pair of amorous eyes. One look at him and anyone could tell that he was an obscene man. From the moment he saw Yan Qingcheng, he was completely obsessed by the beauty of the angel. There were several times when he wanted to make advances to her, but was stopped by Fu Kui. Initially, he thought that Fu Kui was just pretending to be an upright gentleman, now it seemed that this Fu Kui was even more sinister compared to himself.

Almost all of the men here had a full record of crimes and misdeeds. Reputation was as insignificant as drifting clouds to them. Only profits and enjoyment were the most important to them.

“I covet the beauty of this little lady so much. Why don’t we be together?”

“Count me in. I have also coveted her for quite some time now.”

Two more men stood out, shaking their heads, then began discussing the matter.

“I’ll begin first. I won’t be polite anymore, brothers.”

The one who stood out first stepped forward to Yan Qingcheng. He was an Immortal King expert. His eyes were blazing when he looked at Yan Qingcheng.

“Get lost.”

Yan Qingcheng became anxious. She wasn’t afraid of death, but she was unwilling to be ruined by anyone. In the face of this devil, she became visibly stirred. She would rather die than let this person get what he wanted.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Yan Dongliu cursed and pulled Yan Qingcheng to his arms. He would never allow someone to touch his daughter, unless that person could step over his corpse.

“Kill the old one.” Fu Kui said in a plain tone.

“You are going too far.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were icy cold to the extreme. His tone was even colder. It was so cold that it could freeze an enormous elephant to death. The actions of these people had seriously violated his bottom line.

“Going too far? Jiang Chen, I suppose you are angry now, but it’s no use. You will definitely die today, and I will let you die in great pain.”

Fu Kui felt contented upon seeing Jiang Chen’s fury, as though some of the grievances and frustrations that he had been nursing were vented.

“He’s going to die very miserably,” Jiang Chen said.


Just as Jiang Chen’s words faded, an earth-shaking roar suddenly sounded on top of the cage. The sudden noise immediately put everyone on alert. They turned towards the source of the sound and saw an extremely st.u.r.dy, big yellow dog appearing out of nowhere and bit over that man.


The person’s eyes were still fixed on Yan Qingcheng’s body. Although he could feel the sudden sense of tremendous danger, it was already too late for him to dodge. His head was ripped off by Big Yellow’s bite with a sound of Ka Cha. The man’s wail stopped abruptly.

“Wakaka……Master Dog is here!” Big Yellow laughed arrogantly.

“Dammit! How did this dog get through the formation unnoticeably? Kill him quick!”

Fu Kui shouted. An early Immortal Emperor sent out his attack immediately. A huge palm was launched at Big Yellow.

Upon seeing this, Big Yellow’s combat intent surged. Initially, he intended to have an intense battle with an early Immortal Emperor, but his top priority now was to save the father and daughter. If he engaged in a fierce battle right now, given the cultivation base of the father and daughter, he was afraid that they might die instantly.

“I’m not playing with you yet.”

A pair of sparkling wings sprouted out of his back. He clamped the edge of the cage with his mouth. With a flutter of the sparkling wings, he vanished along with the cage. The palm strike launched by the early Immortal Emperor only managed to hit the air.

“Seal the formation! He won’t be able to get away!” Fu Kui clamoured.

Unfortunately, as soon as his words faded, Big Yellow already re-appeared next to Jiang Chen, along with Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng. The cage that used to imprison them had disappeared. Facts proved that formations were just superficial things no matter how powerful they were. Big Yellow didn’t have any problems going in and out of the formation with ease.

Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng still had a look of shock on their faces. That sudden turnaround made them feel like they were in a dream. With their current cultivation base, Big Yellow’s means were just too unimaginable.

However, the both of them regained their senses pretty quickly. Upon seeing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow beside them, their face showed ecstasy. They thought that they were going to die today. They had never expected that Big Yellow could pa.s.s through the grand formation and rescue them with ease. They could never be so delighted without experiencing it themselves.

“Big Brother Jiang!” Yan Qingcheng was unable to control her emotions. With a leap, she went into Jiang Chen’s arms.

“It’s alright.”

Jiang Chen patted Yan Qingcheng’s shoulder. He knew that Yan Qingcheng had suffered greatly because of him. Fortunately, they were still intact. If something were to happen to them, Jiang Chen would definitely feel guilty for the rest of his life.

On the other side, everyone was astounded. The facial expression of the six Immortal Emperors changed. They had built that formation painstakingly. They had never thought that it would be so useless and would have no effect at all at the crucial moment. This couldn’t tell that their formation wasn’t powerful enough, but that dog was just too mystical. The attainments the dog had in formations were beyond ordinary.

“F***, how can this dog be so powerful? Why couldn’t we detect the slightest bit of his presence when he intruded into our formation?” Someone cursed.

“Humph! So what if that’s the case? Even without the formation, they will still die for sure today.”

Fu Kui harrumphed coldly. He also hadn’t thought of such a situation. He initially wanted to use the father and daughter to provoke Jiang Chen. Unexpectedly, a powerful dog had emerged and rescued his hostages. This had made him extremely angry.

“Young Master Jiang, thanks for saving us.”

Yan Dongliu clasped his fists at Jiang Chen. The current Jiang Chen made him sigh in his heart as the change was just too great and too fast. Back when Jiang Chen was still in Yan City, Jiang Chen was just a puny Earth Immortal. Currently, he had already grown to an incomparably terrifying level. The Qi that was casually radiating from Jiang Chen’s body made every bit of Yan Dongliu’s soul tremble.

“There’s no need to be polite City Lord. This incident happened because of me. You all have suffered because of me, and I, Jiang Chen, feel very sorry for that. And for those who had been killed, I will avenge their death. Today, I will settle this with them.”

Jiang Chen spoke. There wasn’t much to speak about between him and Fu Kui. It would either be him or Fu Kui who would die today.


The elder who was hiding in a far distance was dumbfounded. He had been worrying over the safety of Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng, because it was just too difficult to save the two of them at such a situation. He had never thought that the dog would be so terrifying, and could rescue the father and daughter so easily. It was just like a dream.

“Jiang Chen, so what even if you have rescued them? You all are still going to die today. None of you will leave here alive!”

Fu Kui spoke furiously. He had spent so much to get these many experts. He would surely spurt out blood if Jiang Chen still manage to escape.

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