Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1518 – Mean and Shameless

Chapter 1518 – Mean and Shameless

Mean and Shameless

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This was the most appropriate way to deal with the present situation. It just so happened that Big Yellow has just advanced to late Immortal King realm which made him a lot more powerful than before. Any ordinary formation would only exist in name in front of him. None of it would work before Big Yellow. Moreover, if Big Yellow went ballistic, no ordinary early Immortal Emperor would be able to stop him. If Jiang Chen and Big Yellow joined forces, they wouldn’t have to fear these people, but the priority now was to save the two’s lives. They had to ensure the safety of the father and daughter. As long as they could rescue them, Jiang Chen would be able to resolve the scores between him and Fu Kui.

“Well, it’s decided then.”

Big Yellow said, then vanished in a sway, like a ghostly figure. There wasn’t even the slightest ripple in the void when he disappeared. Such powerful means dumbfounded the elder. He deeply felt that being in Yan City made him a frog in a well. He was clueless about how big this world was. In this vast and boundless Eastern Profound Domain, any one of them could dominate Yan City and become the supreme expert.

“Young Master, I will leave Young Mistress and City Lord to you,” the elder said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to them,” replied Jiang Chen.

“Young Master, is there anything that I should do?” the elder asked.

“Stay here and don’t go out no matter what happens, if you don’t want to die.” Jiang Chen patted the elder’s shoulder and said with a smile.

The elder blushed with shame, but he understood his position very well. Given his capability, he was afraid that he would be killed in a second. A Heaven Immortal was just too weak. If he got any closer, the Qi that would burst out from the battle could crush him to pieces. Not only could he not provide any help, it would also make him a huge liability. So what he needed to do now was to stay here to prevent himself from getting killed.

With a flash, Jiang Chen flew towards the direction of the valley. As soon as he got close to the scene, he unleashed a tremendous Qi that soared into the sky, trembling the particles in the void as though the void was about to be torn apart.

Naturally, such a huge momentum had instantly caught the attention of Fu Kui’s group. Everyone turned towards the newcomer.

“Jiang Chen!”

Seeing Jiang Chen, Fu Kui’s fury surged. He roared, then felt the impulse to rush forward and rip Jiang Chen to pieces. It was this person who killed his two sons, cutting off all of his hopes. Fu Kui couldn’t sleep every night because of this unresolved grudge. If he didn’t kill Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t find his peace even if he died.

“It turns out that he’s Jiang Chen. He’s only at the early Immortal King realm, but he could already unleashed such a powerful Qi. Sure enough, he’s a rare genius. No wonder he was able to kill both of Fu Kui’s sons. It seems like he isn’t as simple as he looks.”

“Humph! So what if he’s powerful? He’s going to die for sure for daring to come today.”

“Why would he want to come here, knowing that he will die? This is a typical fool and reckless person. It’s no use no matter how talented he is. He will die ultimately. What a pity!”


Most of them were seeing Jiang Chen for the first time. Before this, they had only heard of Jiang Chen’s deeds and name. After seeing Jiang Chen’s in person today, they had to admit that he was a dragon amongst men. At the same time, they also felt pity for him, feeling that Jiang Chen was a reckless person. He had come here to die knowing that this was a sure-death situation.

To them, the so-called loyalty to friends was foolish. How could a foolish person achieve great things?

“Jiang Chen!”

“Big Brother Jiang!”

Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng exclaimed as soon as they saw Jiang Chen. It could be seen that both of their eyes revealed mixed emotions – worry and delight. They were worried that Jiang Chen would face danger in this situation, but they were also delighted to see Jiang Chen coming to their rescue, which indicated that they had a certain position in his heart.

Very quickly, Jiang Chen reached the valley and stood opposite of Fu Kui. His dark hair fluttered with the wind. He then said: “Fu Kui, I originally thought that you were a regal figure, however it turns out that you are just a lowly being that would use such lowly methods. I have come. Release them.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably firm. He wasn’t in a hurry to act. At least, he had to wait until Big Yellow saved the two. It was impossible for Fu Kui to release his hostages. Even if Jiang Chen committed suicide in front of Fu Kui, Fu Kui would never release the father and daughter.

“Release them? Haha! Jiang Chen, you are being too naïve. Let me tell you this. I have already deployed the Tian Luo Net in this area. As long as you dare to come here, you will die for sure. Not even the Heavenly King Father will be able to save you. As for the two of them, it seems like they are very important to you. I have no intention of letting them go. I will kill them in front of you, to let you feel what it’s like to lose someone important.”

Fu Kui spoke maliciously through gritted teeth. He had never intended to release the father and daughter. Since Jiang Chen had already come, it only showed that he had caught the right people. These two people occupied a certain position in Jiang Chen’s heart. In that case, he would get rid of these father and daughter in front of Jiang Chen.

“Big Brother Jiang, run away now. Don’t care about us!” Yan Qingcheng shouted.

She already felt contented that Jiang Chen had come for her. If Jiang Chen had to risk his life to save hers, she wouldn’t be able to find peace in her death.

“It seems that this girl has special feelings for you. Jiang Chen, many brothers here have long coveted her beauty. Do you want a few of my brothers to ruin her?” Fu Kui showed a ferocious look.

“You dare?”

Two rays of cold light shot out of Jiang Chen’s eyes. Boundless murderous intent rushed out of his body. He had never wanted to kill someone so badly. Honourably, Fu Kui had completely infuriated him. Today, he was going to eliminate Fu Kui at all costs. This was a madman that would do anything. If this madman wasn’t eliminated today, he would surely bring tremendous or even endless troubles in the future.

“Haha, why won’t I dare? Jiang Chen, you have left me with pain. I will make you understand the pain I felt a hundred times more. Four brothers come and serve this beauty. Make sure that Jiang Chen could see the entire process clearly.”

Fu Kui laughed loudly. There was nothing in this world that he cared anymore, not even face or dignity, except for revenge. He wanted to kill every person that was close to Jiang Chen. He wanted to do everything he could to make Jiang Chen suffer. He wanted Jiang Chen to regret, and know that killing his sons was the greatest mistake in his life.

“*Jie…* *Jie…* Let me serve her first. This little beauty is simply too beautiful. I can’t wait any more.”

A man with an obscene look scanned Yan Qingcheng’s body from top to bottom continuously.

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