Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1517 – The Tian Luo Ne

Chapter 1517 – The Tian Luo Ne

The Tian Luo Net

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Yan Dongliu sighed and didn’t say another word. He knew very well his daughter’s feelings for Jiang Chen. Moreover, Jiang Chen was once the savior of the prefecture. Even though today’s great disaster was because Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t say another word or complain.

The only thing he was worried about was his daughter being very infatuated with Jiang Chen. Both of these youngsters weren’t in the same world. Jiang Chen was a peerless genius that was going to be the pinnacle figure of this world, whereas Yan Qingcheng could only be the figure of a miniature place at best. Although she had charming looks, how could she match with someone like Jiang Chen?

As for Yan Qingcheng, how could she not know what her father was worrying about? She was well aware of how big the gap between her and Jiang Chen was, but sometimes love was uncontrollable. Ever since Jiang Chen went into her heart, his image was destined to linger in her heart. In this life, there’s no place for another man in her heart.

Therefore, she didn’t yearn to have Jiang Chen in the end. It would be enough that he existed in her heart.

At the moment, a large number of experts had already besieged the whole valley. The weakest among them was Immortal Kings. All their positions were fastidious. The void was filled with invisible fluctuation of seals. It could be seen that a powerful formation had been deployed on in this area. The reason these Immortal King experts were here was to provide constant energy to the formation.

These experts were divided into six positions that had firmly sealed the entire valley. There was a powerful Immortal Emperor in each position. Like Fu Kui, they were also early Immortal Emperors. As a famous figure of his generation, he had his own strength. He had close rapport with many experts. In order to kill Jiang Chen, he had paid a great price by getting the help of so many experts. After all, this was a major event. And even though they were his friends, he couldn’t let them help him for nothing.

He stood at the easternmost position, which was also the most important position of the formation. His facial expression was solemn and extremely unpleasant. His fury couldn’t help surging inside of him as he thought of his two sons.

“Brother Fu, I think that you are being too nervous. And you are slightly making the fuss of all these. Do we actually need such a huge formation just to kill a mere Jiang Chen? With six early Immortal Emperors together? Is Brother Fu overestimating that Jiang Chen?” An early Immortal Emperor elder spoke.

“That’s true. Do we need to have six great Immortal Emperors to deal with one puny Immortal King? It will only bring us disgrace if this spread out.”

“For 80% probability, I think that kid isn’t coming here. He isn’t stupid. Why would he come here to get himself killed?”

“Well, that will depend on the position of the two that Brother Fu captured in Jiang Chen’s heart. As long as Jiang Chen comes, he will definitely die. With our current formation, an Immortal King can easily be crushed into a slag.”


The Immortal Emperors showed relaxed look, totally not taking Jiang Chen seriously. In their point of view, Fu Kui had already lost his reason after losing his sons. Using such a powerful formation just to deal with one puny little Immortal King was too wasteful. Moreover, Fu Kui had exhausted all his savings to get their help. When Fu Kui had knocked on their doors to ask for their help, they accepted it without hesitation because they thought there was basically no danger in this task and it could be easily completed.

“Humph! Don’t you all underestimate that kid.”

Fu Kui harrumphed coldly. He had already learned everything about Jiang Chen, he knew that this young man wasn’t that easy to be dealt with. Of course, this wasn’t because he was afraid of Jiang Chen, but to prevent any accident from happening. Since Jiang Chen was in Genius Prefecture, killing him would be extremely difficult there. Now that Fu Kui had lured Jiang Chen out, he had to make sure that his plan was fool proof and would 100% eliminate Jiang Chen. He could never give Jiang Chen a chance to survive, because once he lost this chance, it would be difficult to find another chance again.

“Alright. Don’t speak anymore guys. We should understand that Brother Fu just want to have his revenge. If that Jiang Chen has come, we will definitely help Brother Fu take him down and let Brother Fu to kill him.”

An Immortal Emperor spoke causally, absolutely not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes, but this was normal. After all, it was extremely difficult to ask an Immortal Emperor to pay attention to an Immortal King.

Too bad, those who hadn’t dealt with Jiang Chen would never know how scary Jiang Chen was. That kind of scariness was beyond their imagination.

“It has been so long. Don’t tell me that that kid didn’t dare to show up.” Someone was starting to get impatient.

“Big Brother Jiang won’t come. Give it up. I suggest you to kill us now.”

Yan Qingcheng said coldly. Looking at these legendary experts, her face was filled with disgust. These people only knew how to blackmail by using the close friends of the target. Such an act would only arouse people’s disdain.

“Humph! As long as Jiang Chen doesn’t come today, you two will be dead.” Fu Kui said coldly. His eyes blazed with fury.

“You so-called experts are nothing more than shameless individuals. You use Jiang Chen’s friends to blackmail Jiang Chen because you can’t fight him. How shameless and brazen! Too bad, you found the wrong people. My daughter and I aren’t that important in Jiang Chen’s heart. Jiang Chen will never come. All your work are destined to be in vain…”

Yan Dongliu laughed aloud. He no longer felt afraid at this point because he knew that fear was no use. They would die one way or another. Even if Jiang Chen came, it would be very difficult for Jiang Chen to save him and his daughter from that madman. They were now under a tight siege. It wouldn’t be easy for Jiang Chen to break through the defence of so many experts. He was afraid that he and Yan Qingcheng would be killed by that madman before Jiang Chen could break in.

Yan Dongliu’s words drew agitation on everyone’s face due to shame. After all, what Yan Dongliu said was the truth. What they were doing now was very disgraceful if the incident was spread out.

At the moment, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had arrived. They were hiding in the mountains not far away. They were able to observe the situation clearly. Jiang Chen’s facial expression turned ugly. Unconcealed fury emerged on his face, but he didn’t rush into action. This time, his top priority wasn’t battle but saving the two lives.

“The scene does seem a bit tricky. The whole valley is sealed. It will be a little difficult to rush in and save them,” Big Yellow said.

“Big Yellow, we’ll split up. I will go forth to confront them. You will secretly cross their grand formation to save them.”

Jiang Chen spoke with his eyes narrowed. It was most appropriate to pa.s.s this task to Big Yellow as he was well versed in Holy Book of Formation and had extremely thorough study in formations. Although the grand formation that Fu Kui deployed was powerful, it wouldn’t be able to stop Big Yellow.

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