Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1516 – Advancing towards Fu City

Chapter 1516 – Advancing towards Fu City

Advancing towards Fu City

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“Young Master, now there’s only you who can save City Lord and Young Mistress. I beg you, Young Master,” the elder said and fell to his knees.

It could tell how loyal this elder was to Yan Family. He had regarded the life of the father and daughter even more important than his. He was a man who valued love and righteousness.

“Get up quickly.”

Jiang Chen grabbed the old man’s arm. He couldn’t bear such formality. He definitely would go and save Yan Qingcheng and Yan Dongliu. Putting aside the sentiments, the two of them were captured all because of him. And, those who died innocently in Fu Kui’s hands were also because of him. In other words, Jiang Chen had indirectly harmed them.

He could imagine that the people of Yan City were as weak as ants in the hands of Fu Kui. Fu Kui shouldn’t really vent his vengeful anger on those innocent people. This had violated the bottom line of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t stand idly by in this matter. Sooner or later, there must be an end to the scores between him and Fu Kui. He didn’t want to involve any more innocent people.

The current Fu Kui had become already a mad dog after losing two sons. He would bite anyone who he thought unpleasant. In order to kill Jiang Chen, he would do everything. Such a man was the scariest. The only way to deal with such person was to eliminate him, so that he could disappear from this world once and for all.

“Grannyf*****! Let’s go. Ask Yang Bufan to come along as well. Let’s advance to Fu City together and get rid of that old son of a b*tch.”

Big Yellow was infuriated. He was a dog with feelings. After listening to what the elder said, he wanted to rush to Fu City and cause havoc in that place so badly. This kind of guy who threatened the person by taking hostage of the person’s friends was the most despicable of all. But then, it was impossible for that Fu Kui to create any big waves. How could a puny little Immortal Emperor compete with the Great Qian Empire? Given Jiang Chen’s current status and ident.i.ty in Genius Prefecture, it was too easy to get Fu Kui killed.

“Young Master, that Fu Kui said that only you are allowed to go. If he sees you bring someone with you, he will immediately kill City Lord and Young Mistress,”

the elder hastily spoke.

He could already see that Fu Kui was a ruthless person to the core. Additionally, he already knew the details of the matter. As Jiang Chen had killed the two sons of Fu Kui, it had plunged Fu Kui into the state of madness. A man like him was the scariest, because he would never care about the consequences or even his life.

As a matter of fact, as far as Fu Kui was concerned, both of his sons were dead, all his hopes and futures had been eliminated. Death was no longer scary to him. The only wish he had right now was to kill Jiang Chen in revenge for his sons’ death.

“Big Yellow, let’s go and meet this Fu Kui. He intends to create a life-and-death struggle. I would like to see if he has such capability.” Jiang Chen spoke and his Qi fluctuated.

For the safety of Yan Qingcheng and her father, he decided not to call Yang Bufan. Besides, given his and Big Yellow’s current strength, they were no longer comparable to their previous strength back in Futian Manor. Under Jiang Chen’s dragon form, he was strong enough to fight any ordinary early Immortal Emperor.

Big Yellow was now a late Immortal King. He, too, could also fight an early Immortal Emperor by using all of his power. Jiang Chen had nothing to fear of. This time, not only he would save lives, but also settle the feud between him and Fu Kui.


Big Yellow had a look of excitement. He was a restless individual. Going to war or doing big things was his favorite. This time, going to Fu City would be a good moment for him to go all out.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen grabbed the shoulder of the elder, tore the void and vanished in a blink. When he re-appeared, he was already ten thousand miles away from Genius Prefecture.


The elder gulped down a mouthful of saliva with difficulty whilst looking at Jiang Chen with full admiration. That kind of power was unfathomable to him. It was even more unbelievable to him that one could walk in the s.p.a.ce. He remembered the time when he first saw Jiang Chen in Yan City, who was only a puny little Earth Immortal. Now, Jiang Chen had grown to a height beyond his reach.

The distance between Genius Prefecture and Yan City was millions of miles away. It was too far, but getting to Fu City was a lot nearer. After all Fu City was in the area of Eastern Profound Domain.

“Young Master, that Fu Kui must have deployed a trap in Fu City. You have to be careful. That Fu Kui is too terrifying. He’s a legendary Emperor. There’s no way you can deal with him,” said the elder fearfully, warning Jiang Chen.

Listening to this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t help but smile. To the elder, an Immortal King was a supreme figure that only existed in the legends, and the high and mighty Immortal Emperor was on par with the G.o.ds that couldn’t be resisted at all, though it was only the difference in realms. Those who hadn’t reached this realm would never understand the truth of the realm. In short, to a Heaven Immortal, Immortal Emperor was similar to a deity, because the gap between the two realms was too great.

“Don’t worry. I will personally resolve this and make sure that City Lord and Qingcheng will be safe,” Jiang Chen said.

Hearing this, the elder seemed slightly relieved. He knew Jiang Chen very well. This man was incomparably confidence and had never fought an uncertain war. He had witnessed all of it when Jiang Chen was in Yan City. Plus, he also understood that a high and mighty Immortal Emperor was considered nothing in Jiang Chen’s eyes, because the current Jiang Chen also gave him the same feeling. He felt that Jiang Chen was also as powerful as Fu Kui.

The place that Fu Kui used wasn’t Fu City but a valley which was a thousand miles away from Fu City. He had already deployed Tian Luo Net in this valley. He had built a sacrificial altar in the middle of the valley. On top of the altar was a black cage. The father and daughter were imprisoned in that cage. Both of their faces were pale and incomparably unpleasant.

“Are you afraid, daughter?” Yan Dongliu asked with a smile.

“Father, daughter isn’t afraid. Big Brother Jiang is going to come and save us,” replied Yan Qingcheng.

She had almost died once in the Evil Abyss. It was Jiang Chen who saved her and gave her a second life. If she had to die for Jiang Chen today, she wouldn’t have regrets for that.

Furthermore, she had this indescribable trust in Jiang Chen which came from the bottom of her heart. She believed that Jiang Chen would appear and would be able to save them.

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