Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1515 – Retaliation of Fu Kui

Chapter 1515 – Retaliation of Fu Kui

Retaliation of Fu Kui

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Jiang Chen held the Holy Flame Emperor Pill to Dongfang Yu and smiled. “Master, the pill has been successfully concocted. Have a look and see if you are satisfied with it.”

Satisfied? Of course, Dongfang Yu would be satisfied. If he wasn’t satisfied by this, was there anything else that could satisfy him? A tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill, something that he wanted even in his dreams.

Dongfang Yu carefully took the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The pill felt hot in his hand. The energy in the pill was vigorous to the extreme. He was almost certain that as long as he absorbed and refined this pill, he would straightaway advance to half-step Immortal Venerable realm, breaking the bottleneck that he had been stuck at for many years.

“Jiang Chen, I owe you one today.”

Dongfang Yu left these words, then vanished like a ghostly figure. It seemed like he couldn’t wait to refine the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, but that was understandable. When a person suddenly acquired the thing he had been dreaming of, it was only reasonable that he would feel excited and impatient.

On the surface, it might seem that Jiang Chen had gotten nothing from concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, however, he had gotten a promise, a favour from a half-step Immortal Venerable. This was the greatest benefit by itself. Across the whole Genius Prefecture, it was afraid that only Jiang Chen could make Dongfang Yu owe him a favour.

Big Yellow had slept for two days. During this period, Jiang Chen had been constantly watching the condition of Big Yellow. He discovered that Big Yellow might have eaten some spiritual herbs that had brought extreme benefits to him as it caused the medicinal force to fully integrate with the essence of the Immortal Execution Sword stored in his body. All the essence which hadn’t been absorbed was now absorbed in one shot. Putting the incredible medicinal force into the equation, it was imaginable how much benefits Big Yellow was getting.

“This fellow is also a lucky one. At this rate, he’s going to advance to the late Immortal King realm when he comes out.”

Jiang Chen had a smile on his face. If Big Yellow could advance to the late Immortal King realm, those spiritual herbs that Big Yellow had eaten surely didn’t go to waste. Instead, it was a great leap.

Two days later, an incredible Qi rushed out from the room. It was a wave of golden Qi. It was so powerful that a large hole was created on the rooftop.

“Your b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes frantically, then hastily struck out the seal to contain the Qi in this place. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d wanted to cause a big commotion everytime he advance. Each time, he would destroy someone else’s house.


A dozen minutes later, the waves of Qi disappeared. Big Yellow walked out of the room, laughing. Just as Jiang Chen had said, Big Yellow had undergone tremendous changes. His cultivation base had reached the late Immortal King realm, or even the peak of late Immortal King realm. Such cultivation base was undoubtedly terrifying for a divine beast with complete bloodline. Given his current cultivation base, he could easily kill a half-step Immortal Emperor opponent. If he used his innate ability, he wouldn’t have any problems fighting an early Immortal Emperor expert.

“That’s enough stupid dog. You just ate some herbs. What’s the explosion for?” Jiang Chen sneered.

“That’s necessary. Don’t you see who Master Dog is? Master Dog is the number one in the Heavens and Earth!” Big Yellow shook his head. This was what people called narcissism.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen turned and left. He knew Big Yellow all too well. If he allowed this b.a.s.t.a.r.d to continue showing off, there wouldn’t be an end to it.

At this moment in the morning, the air on the mountain was relaxing and inviting. As soon as Jiang Chen opened the doors of the courtyard, a disciple of Dan Prefecture walked in. He was no stranger. He was Xuan Zhong.

“Senior Brother Xuan Zhong.”

Jiang Chen greeted him. Xuan Zhong had given him a good impression. Although it hadn’t reached the point of liking him, he absolutely didn’t hate him.

“Junior Brother Jiang, someone out there is looking for you,” Xuan Zhong spoke.

It seemed like he had come to convey a message. Based on the ident.i.ty of this Big Senior Brother, Xuan Zhong would never do this kind of task. He should have come here to express his grat.i.tude as well.

“Oh? Who’s looking for me?”

Jiang Chen was stunned. It must not be Yang Bufan who’s looking for him. Although Dan Prefecture wasn’t open to the public, it couldn’t stop a young king like King Fan.

“No idea. He just said that he’s your friend. Oh, it seems like he has come from some city called Yan City,” Xuan Zhong replied.

Yan City was such an insignificant city. It was no doubt Xuan Zhong’s first time hearing it.

Yan City? Could it be Qingcheng has come?

Jiang Chen muttered. He had rescued Yan Qingcheng from Evil Abyss. Since he left One-Line-Sky and came to Eastern Profound Domain, both of them hadn’t had any contact with one another.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Xuan Zhong. I’ll go and meet him now.”

With a causal reply, he strode towards the gates of Dan Prefecture. The people of Yan City would never come looking for him for nothing.

Currently, an elder was pacing back and forth outside of Dan Prefecture. His face was plastered with anxiety. When he saw Jiang Chen’s appearance, his face immediately switched to surprise.

“Young Master Jiang, I’ve finally found you!” The elder almost shed tears.

“What has happened? How did you know I’m here?”

Jiang Chen frowned. He didn’t know the name of this elder, but he knew that the elder was indeed from Yan City. He had seen him before in Yan City. What made him feel doubtful was that this elder was merely a Heaven Immortal. How was he able to accurately find his location? Eastern Profound Domain was just too large. It was absolutely not a simple thing to find a person.

“You have to help us, Young Master. A few days ago, there was an expert named Fu Kui who arrived in Yan City and killed many of our people. He had caught the City Lord and Young Mistress. It was that Fu Kui who told me that you are here. He has asked me to find you here and tell you to go to Fu City on your own. Otherwise, the City Lord and Young Mistress will lose their lives.”

The elder spoke with great urgency. Thinking about the power of that Fu Kui, he couldn’t help feeling frightened. He couldn’t have dared to imagine that there was actually such a terrifying person in the Heavens and Earth. However, this was no fault of the intruder because the mere Yan City was a place where Heaven Immortals could be kings. How could it be compared to an Immortal Emperor?


A surge of fury instantly sprung up from Jiang Chen’s back. He didn’t need any other words to understand the incidents and details. He had killed the two sons of Fu Kui who must have nursed a great deal of hatred in him, but the fact that he was in Genius Prefecture gave Fu Kui no chance to kill him. As such, Fu Kui begun to investigate Jiang Chen’s origins. Then, he went to capture Yan Dongliu and Yan Qingcheng to force Jiang Chen into appearance.

This elder was merely a Heaven Immortal. If a Heaven Immortal solely relied on flying to get here from Yan City, it would surely take him several months. So Jiang Chen understood that it was Fu Kui who brought him here. Fu Kui knew where Jiang Chen’s current whereabouts and had let the elder come and tell Jiang Chen the news.

It seemed like Fu Kui had already laid an inescapable net in Fu City, waiting for Jiang Chen to step right into it.

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