Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1512 – early Immortal King realm

Chapter 1512 – early Immortal King realm

early Immortal King realm

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After Elder Liu left, the quiet and secluded courtyard was left with only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Big Yellow broke free from Jiang Chen abruptly and pounced on the medicinal garden. It was like the wind puffing the clouds away, half of the spiritual herbs in the medicinal garden were recklessly stuffed into his mouth in just a blink.


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes frenziedly, feeling the urge to spurt out blood. This dog was simply too ridiculous. No one could tell how much wealth he had swallowed in this mouthful, which would surely cause people a great deal of heartache.

“Hehe, Little Chen, just now, those spiritual herbs couldn’t be eaten, but these belong to ours. You want to save it for whom if you don’t want to eat it?”

Big Yellow smiled cunningly then turned, seemingly about to pounce on the remaining half of the herb garden. Jiang Chen hurtled at him with incredible speed, yanking his tail.

“Stupid dog, what do you mean by ‘these belonging to ours’? These are all mine. Aren’t you satisfied enough after eating half of them?”

Jiang Chen had the impulse to beat the dog up badly, to teach him a lesson that he shouldn’t ruin people’s treasures in such a way.

However, despite Jiang Chen’s attempts to stop Big Yellow, the other half of the spiritual garden couldn’t escape their fate of being eaten by the evil dog. After the feast, Big Yellow licked his mouth and went inside a room for seclusion. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had acquired tremendous benefits. Jiang Chen was afraid that Big Yellow would advance once again. This dog was mystical and terrifying. His growth could never be measured by common sense, because you would never know when he would advance.

Looking at the medicinal garden that was bereft of spiritual herbs, Jiang Chen felt like weeping, but had no tears. The fortune which he had just received was gone just like that!


Jiang Chen sighed, but immediately turned into chuckle. Although the spiritual herbs were gone, they didn’t go to waste. As long as they could enhance Big Yellow’s strength, it would be worth it even if more spiritual herbs were eaten. In fact, Jiang Chen didn’t really stop Big Yellow while he was swallowing those herbs. Or else, given Jiang Chen’s capability, Big Yellow wouldn’t have the chance of even touching those herbs.

He sent out a gale with a wave, closed the large doors of the courtyard, and then took the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile. “This is my biggest harvest in coming to Dan Prefecture. By refining this pill, I can straightaway rush to the early Immortal King realm and even completely fortify my cultivation base at the peak of early Immortal King realm.”

To Jiang Chen, the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was too important and it appeared just at the right time. As the saying went, even a clever woman couldn’t cook a meal without rice. Even though Jiang Chen was capable of concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, it would still be pointless if the pill didn’t go to him. And, if he had to look for the spiritual herbs required to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, he wouldn’t be able to tell when he could gather all of them. Now that the spiritual herbs were provided by Dan Prefecture, he only had to do his part as an alchemist.

He struck out a ray of light that turned into a seal, closing up the whole courtyard. He was ready to break through to the Immortal King realm. Big Yellow, too, would probably make another advancement. At that time, it would surely create a huge movement and draw people’s attention. So Jiang Chen might as well seal up the whole courtyard, not letting a single movement get out of this place.

Instead of entering a room, he randomly picked a big green rock and sat on it. Without hesitation, he swallowed the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. If it was an ordinary Immortal King, it would take him at least half a month to fully refine the pill and it had to be done bit by bit, because the person had yet to possess the strength to refine Venerable Grade Pills. If that person devoured the pill the way Jiang Chen did, his final outcome would be his body exploding, causing instantaneous death due to the overwhelming energy contained in the pill.

Across the whole Immortal world, it was afraid that only Jiang Chen would dare to do so, because he was too abnormal. The dragon transformation skill that he cultivated was unparalleled. Also, he has an extraordinary physique that was enough to withstand the boundless surge of energy.


The moment the Holy Flame Emperor Pill entered his body, the medicinal force rushed to all parts of his body like a tide.


The energy was hot, and as ma.s.sive and boundless as the ocean. Despite Jiang Chen’s extraordinary qualities, he couldn’t help letting out sounds under the rush of such energy.

The current number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea was 1 098 000, only two thousand more to reach the Immortal King realm. Presently, under the circulation of the dragon transformation skill, new dragon marks in his Qi Sea began to condense rapidly. In the blink of an eye, two thousand dragon marks were fully condensed.

“Too fast.”

Jiang Chen was ecstatic, then hastily took out a large number of Immortal Meta Stones. These stones had been prepared for a long time, and was in large quant.i.ty. At least, it would have no problem aiding him to break through to the Immortal King realm.

The effect of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was incredibly great. Apart from its enormous medicinal force and energy, it could also stimulate one’s potential and strengthen one’s physique. Jiang Chen’s physique was originally very strong. Now that his physique had been washed by the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, his physique became even stronger.

In order words, he wouldn’t have any problems relying on this Holy Flame Emperor Pill to advance. It wouldn’t affect his foundation, as such, he would just boldly proceed with this advancement.


A huge momentum suddenly burst out of his body. This was the sign of advancing to the Immortal King realm. If the courtyard wasn’t sealed by Jiang Chen, such a momentum would surely shake the entire Genius Prefecture.

Two rays of brilliant light shot out of his eyes as the aura of an Immortal King radiated out from his body. Advancing from the half-step Immortal King realm to the true Immortal King realm was a kind of sublime. No one could tell how much Jiang Chen’s strength had improved after the advancement.

The dragon marks in his body has already reached 1 100 000. His cultivation base had been fully stabilized in the early Immortal King realm very quickly, but the energy and medicinal force of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was still very abundant, plus there was still the suppressed energy of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng. All of them were unleashed in his body at once. The degree of such power was unimaginable.

Therefore, after advancing to Immortal King realm, the condensation of dragon marks in his body didn’t stop, but became even faster.

In just a matter of a few blinks, one thousand more were condensed, then two thousand, three thousand……thirty thousand……

In just several minutes, 30 000 dragon marks had already been condensed in his Qi Sea, but it still didn’t show any signs of stopping. However, at this point, Jiang Chen already felt that his Qi Sea had expanded a little. He wasn’t a greedy person, so he had to deliberately stop this advancement. As for those remaining medicinal force, it was perfectly stored in his body and limbs, so that it could be extracted at any time.


Jiang Chen exhaled. His Qi began to stabilize. Currently, the number of dragon marks in his body has already reached 1 130 000. His cultivation base was fully fortified. He still lacked 20 000 dragon marks more to reach the intermediate Immortal King realm. This would be his next objective.

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