Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1513 – Recollection

Chapter 1513 – Recollection


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There were a total of 1 130 000 dragon marks, an incredible amount of power. Although Jiang Chen had kept his Qi, his dark hair still continued to flutter on its own, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng gold brilliance, making him seem incomparably divine. Every gesture of his was filled with dominance. That was the overbearing Qi of an inborn king. He was as still was a mountain if he was motionless. When he moved, he shook the Heavens like a G.o.d of War.

Jiang Chen’s current combat strength was at least ten times stronger compared to before. With his current cultivation base, even without using his dragon-form, he could kill a late Immortal King genius such as Fu Wei in seconds. If he used his dragon transformation, he could easily kill a half-step Immortal Emperor genius. This was using geniuses as comparison, but for ordinary ordinary experts, the gap would be even greater.

With his dragon-form, he was strong enough to fight any ordinary early Immortal Emperors. Of course, he would only be capable enough to fight against such an expert, it would be a different story if he were to kill such an opponent. After all, there was a humongous difference between the two realms. There was a gap that couldn’t be easily overcome between them. In any case, Jiang Chen’s current strength was already considered to have fallen into the category of Immortal Emperor.

After tidying himself, he rose from the green rock. From refining the Holy Flame Emperor Pill to advancing to the early Immortal King realm, he only used less than half an hour’s time. If such a terrifying advancement speed was spread outside, most of the people would surely be startled.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had yet to fully absorb all the medicinal force in his body. Some of it was stored in his body so that it could be extracted at any time.

Jiang Chen turned towards the room and found that it was still incomparably quiet. It seemed like Big Yellow was still in a state of seclusion.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had taken to many spiritual herbs at once. He should need some more time to digest all of them. Besides, Big Yellow’s way of digesting was very abnormal – sleep. Across the world, Big Yellow was the only one who has such heaven defying ability.

*Hua La……*

Jiang Chen waved his palm, removing all of the seals in the void. Once again, the courtyard returned to its peaceful state.

Along with the tranquillity in the courtyard, his heart seemed to have settled down as well. He lifted his head to look at the round moon in the sky, and suddenly felt that tonight’s moon was spectacularly round. With a leap, he came to the rooftop. He flopped down indolently and looked up to the night sky.

The night sky here was very beautiful. It was the most beautiful Jiang Chen had ever seen. There was the round moon, and stars that outlined an incomparably bright picture.

When a person’s heart settled down, he couldn’t help thinking about some things and some people. As the saying went, looking at the moon would bring you back to your past. Jiang Chen somewhat missed his family and relatives.

“Dad, Brother Jiu, are you all fine?”

Jiang Chen mumbled. Sometimes, recollection was only a moment, but when emotions had been stirred at that moment, it would turn into an uncontrollable emotion. Just like now, the round moon and the stars had stirred up Jiang Chen’s past. His recollection of the past took place in his mind like a continuous tide.

Recollection was a kind of bliss to Jiang Chen. In his past life, he was a loner and knew nothing about the feeling of longing. In this life, he had everything and had become a person with a true flesh and feelings.

There were many people whom he missed. Jiang Zhenhai was the most important person in his life, the only family member he had. Jiang Chen recalled every bit in Fragrant Sky City, the battle against Murong Family. He recalled the events in Red City, Misty Rain Tower and his enemy, the Li Family.

Too many things had happened in the past. Most of them had already turned to dust and mist.

In Red City, he had Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu, the two people who were important in his life. He then departed from Red City, went past Origin Mountain Range, arrived at Qi Province and encountered his greatest rival, Nan Bei Chao…

All these bits and pieces flowed through his mind continuously like debris, and then merged together. This was his life, his legend.

There were many people he thought of. There was Jiang Zhenhai, Yan Zhanyun, Wu Jiu, Yu Zhihan, Black Daoist, Nangong Wentian, Wu Lang…

And many more. He guessed that some them must have already broken free from the restriction of Saint Origin World and ascended to the Immortal World, just like him. It was just that he didn’t know when they would meet again.

Missing the past was something that couldn’t be controlled. Those people, and things were the greatest wealth in Jiang Chen’s life. Presently, he was clueless about where Han Yan had gone to, but he wasn’t worried about him because he knew Han Yan’s capability. Han Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline was destined to turn him into an extraordinary being.

Tyrant had gone to White Dragon Temple, which also didn’t worry Jiang Chen. Tyrant had obtained the G.o.d Trembling Monument—an ancient divine weapon. In addition, he had a deep bond with Buddha, and was also a rare genius. Jiang Chen believed that Tyrant wouldn’t be just an ordinary figure even in the White Dragon Temple.

Wu Ningzhu had already been found. She was currently cultivating in King Fan Prefecture with the guidance of Old Man Bai Weng and the other seniors. Similarly, Jiang Chen had nothing to worry about her.

What worried him the most right now was Yan Chenyu. She had ascended to the Immortal World for a long time, but no news of her could be obtained. The only clues he had was the Immortal Execution Order and Zang Xian Coffin. He was still clueless about the relations.h.i.+p between the girl inside the coffin and Yan Chenyu, but he was certain that the corpse must have a thousand and one connection with Yan Chenyu. This was the secret that Jiang Chen eagerly wanted to know, but this secret couldn’t be revealed so easily. The process of this pursuit would be incomparably long. One couldn’t rely only on talent to reach the level of the legendary Sovereign realm.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t dispirited. He firmly believed that if Yan Chenyu was related to the daughter of Immortal Execution King, at least her life wouldn’t be in any danger. As to what kind of secret was hidden in it, he would know it sooner or later. What was most important was his cultivation right now. Only by constantly getting stronger could he get closer to that realm and to the secret.

“Jiang Chen, you seem to be in a fine mood.”

Just as this moment, an inappropriate voice interrupted his thoughts and brought him back to the present. He smiled, then turned towards the courtyard and found Dongfang Yu smiling at him.

Hastily, Jiang Chen jumped off the rooftop and clasped his fists at Dongfang Yu. “Master.”

Jiang Chen still had a good impression of this Dongfang Yu.

“I wonder if there’s anything that Master wants by visiting so late at night.”

Jiang Chen asked straightforwardly. He knew that a figure like Dongfang Yu would never go to the temple for nothing. Looking for this little disciple in the middle of the night? He would never believe it if Dongfang Yu’s intention was just to find someone to talk.

“That’s true. I do have a request from you, Jiang Chen.”

Dongfang Yu laughed, but his expression seemed somewhat unnatural and awkward. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to come and asked a disciple for help.

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