Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1511 – Treatmen

Chapter 1511 – Treatmen


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The true master was the one who always gave the orders. The execution of his orders would be the business of others. In Dan Prefecture, Dongfang Yu was the master, the person who gave the command. Although he was responsible for setting the examination rules, he would never show up on the day of examination. Jiang Chen was an exception. Everything was the first time, from Jiang Chen being invited to join Dan Prefecture upto Dongfang Yu officially announcing Jiang Chen as a disciple of Dan Prefecture.

This was supposed to be an unexpected thing, but now no one felt that way, because they knew very well that Jiang Chen deserved all of these. The contributions that Jiang Chen made today was enough to be recorded in the history of Dan Prefecture.

“Yes, Master.”

Jiang Chen clasped his fists at Dongfang Yu. The corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile. He himself also didn’t expect to join Dan Prefecture in such a way, but clearly, such a way was many times greater than going through the official examination. It had directly established his position in Dan Prefecture. Most importantly, he had also gotten a supreme pill, the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.

Therefore, Jiang Chen still had to thank the Seventh Prince for all of these. If it wasn’t for the Seventh Prince, Jiang Chen would never have today’s achievement, and would have to go through the examination that was supposed to be held a few days later in order for him to enter Dan Prefecture.

“Elder Liu, you will arrange the residence and cultivation place of Jiang Chen. The rest of you can return to your place now.”

Dongfang Yu gave Elder Liu an order, then looked around and waved his hand, signalling everyone to leave, as Dan Prefecture wasn’t a place that anyone could just come and visit, except for today as the Seventh Prince had come to issue them a challenge.

Dongfang Yu vanished with a slight sway. At his level, he could always come and go as he pleases. A late Immortal Emperor expert was incomparably familiar with the control of spatial force.

The excitement was over. The outer and inner disciples began to leave Dan Prefecture in groups in an orderly manner, not forgetting their unfinished discussion while they were on their way back. It could be seen that the future days wouldn’t be peaceful anymore. Today’s matter would surely spread across the entire empire, and to the whole Eastern Profound Domain. As this was something that would disgrace Great Cloud Empire, Great Qian Empire naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to undermine the morale of its opponent.

It was believed that in no time, Jiang Chen’s name would spread all over the entire Eastern Profound Domain, making him a real celebrity. A young peerless alchemist would certainly have such tremendous fame.

“Little Chen, you will surely be famous this time, but this situation will also arouse the envy of many people. Whether it was Genius Prefecture or Great Qian Empire, or even the whole Eastern Profound Domain, there are compet.i.tions everywhere. Therefore, you have to be more careful. Of course, you will be safest in Dan Prefecture,” Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and spoke.

He could already see the value and potential of Jiang Chen. Such a genius was destined to have immeasurable value in the future. Similarly, he felt very good to see his brother growing so rapidly.

“Don’t worry. There have been many people who wanted to kill me, but I’m still alive until now.”

Jiang Chen smiled. What he said was true. There had been too many experts who wanted to take his life, but they all ended up dead in his hands.

“Alright. I’ll make a move first. If you need anything, just come and find me.”

Yang Bufan turned and departed. Dan Prefecture was a restricted area of Genius Prefecture. Even King Fan himself couldn’t stay here for long.

Everyone left. Dan Prefecture now seemed like a silent s.p.a.ce that had been sealed up. The air was filled with medicinal fragrance and dense Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi which made it too suitable for cultivation. Even a pig could achieve some results by cultivating at this place.

“Jiang Chen, this old man will now bring you to your residence and cultivation place.” Elder Liu showed a smiling face.

“Thanks,” replied Jiang Chen.

On the way, Elder Liu told Jiang Chen about the situation in Dan Prefecture. While Jiang Chen was happily listening, he dragged Big Yellow’s ear with one hand. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s eyes were sweeping around with a greedy look. When the dog saw those spiritual herbs, his mouth began drooling, seeming to be losing his control.

One had to say that the disciples of Dan Prefecture did receive a very good treatment. Every disciple of Dan Prefecture would have their own cultivation place and independent courtyard. Every courtyard was connected to the spiritual vein of Genius Prefecture, which guaranteed the supply of cultivation resources.

Of course, even though the disciples in Dan Prefecture were few, every one of them was very powerful. Apart from their proficiency in alchemy, their cultivation base was at least at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm.

Very quickly, under the lead of Elder Liu, Jiang Chen had arrived at his own cultivation place. It was a uniquely quiet courtyard, and seemed to be almost the same to the courtyards of outer prefecture, however there was a huge difference in reality. Putting everything aside, the Heaven and Earth Immortal Qi alone was many times denser here. Additionally, many spiritual herbs had been planted in the courtyard.

As a matter of fact, this wasn’t the only courtyard that had spiritual herbs, every place in the whole Dan Prefecture had spiritual herbs. Every inch of land in this place was suitable for growing spiritual herbs. The courtyard of Jiang Chen had a few dozen types of spiritual herbs. Some of which were newly planted while the others had been planted here for years.

“Jiang Chen, you can allocate these spiritual herbs at your own will. Every disciple who enters Dan Prefecture will have their own spiritual herbs that can be used for making pills.” Elder Liu pointed to the medicinal garden.

Jiang Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but glitter. He felt that such a treatment was just too good. It was unimaginable that he had his own medicinal garden. One should know that this garden alone was priceless. By just selling all the spiritual herbs here he would surely earn a tremendous fortune.

Of course, who would be foolish enough to sell these spiritual herbs? Which disciple of Dan Prefecture was short of money? However, Jiang Chen was kind of short in money. After advancing to the Immortal King realm, he was afraid that the Immortal Meta Stones in his hand wouldn’t be enough anymore. When the time came, he would have to figure out ways to get more Immortal Meta Stones. The dragon transformation skill was like a bottomless pit, no one could tell when it would be full.

“Such a treatment is really not bad.” Jiang Chen praised from the bottom of his heart.

“That’s of course. We are the highest department of Great Qian Empire. We control the herbs and pills of the whole empire. We are the ones who help the empire cultivate great alchemists at all costs,” Elder Liu said.

“Alright Jiang Chen, this old man won’t disturb you anymore. You can tidy up, familiarize yourself with this environment. Someday, this old man will come personally to discuss alchemy with you.”

Thinking about Jiang Chen’s incredible technique had stirred up the fear in Elder Liu’s heart. He would never underestimate Jiang Chen because of Jiang Chen’s young age. It was his dream to have the chance to exchange views in alchemy with a peerless genius like Jiang Chen.

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