Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 150 – Rampage

Chapter 150 – Rampage

Chapter 150 - Rampage

Han Yan’s energy was incredibly powerful. When he walked out from his room, the entire outer circle shook. The time was early in the morning, and a lot of disciples were doing their regular morning training in the training grounds. Someone witnessed Han Yan walk out from his room.

“What powerful energy! Senior disciple Han has finally broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, he is going to be an inner circle disciple now!”

“Can you guys feel it? Senior disciple Han has an energy that can pierce the skies! Looks like the bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil in his body has awakened, the Black Sect has another abnormal monster now!”

“That’s right, the t.i.tle Little Devil King wasn’t given for fun, I heard that the bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil is incredibly powerful, and although senior disciple Han has just broken through to the Early Heavenly Core realm, I think those ordinary Mid Heavenly Core warrior won’t be his match at all!”


Many people stared at Han Yan who was in high spirits, they couldn’t help but show a ma.s.sive amount of respect when they talked about him. In this world, people only admired those who possessed strong abilities, and amongst all disciples of the Black Sect, Han Yan was definitely one of the disciples who possessed strong and mighty abilities.

Han Yan spread his arms and stretched himself, he raised his head up and looked into the morning sun and thought to himself, “Finally I’m out! Little Chen must have arrived at the Black Sect by now, I wonder what he is doing right now… I should go find him for some drinks.”

Han Yan’s face carried a faded smile. Right at this moment, w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng came up to him.

“Congratulations for breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm, senior disciple Han!”

w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng expressed their respect.

“En. Let me ask you, is Jiang Chen here in the Black Sect? Where is he now?”

Ever since the Qi Province compet.i.tion, Han Yan had been in secluded cultivation, that was why he had no idea what had happened during this period.

“While senior disciple Han was in secluded cultivation, senior disciple Jiang was punished by the Sect Chief and was sent to kill all Blood Devils in Yellowstone.”

w.a.n.g Yun said.

“What? The Blood Devils are here again? Wait, just now, you said Little Chen was punished by the Sect Chief? What happened?”

Han Yan’s expression changed, and his good mood immediately turned bad when he heard that Jiang Chen was being punished. Jiang Chen had saved his life, and both of them had hit off extremely well, they even became brothers. Therefore, anything related to Jiang Chen would naturally demand Han Yan’s attention.

“It happened like this…”

w.a.n.g Yun quickly explained all recent events in the Black Sect through his Divine Sense.


Han Yan shouted out loudly. Even with his strong mind, he couldn’t believe in just this short period of time, so many major incidents had happened in the Black Sect.

“Little Chen, you’re such an overbearing man, I really wonder if there is anything you wouldn’t dare to do.”

Han Yan shook his head with a bitter smile. Hanging up the Sect Elder and inner circle disciples, killed a Mid Heavenly Core inner circle disciple, acting c.o.c.ky even when facing Fan Kun and his grandfather… All of this could only be done by someone with an incredibly brave soul, and Han Yan would be unable to do this.

“Senior disciple Han, the Sect Chief only sent Jiang Chen alone to Yellowstone to get rid of those Blood Devils… Do you think there is any danger for him?”

w.a.n.g Yun worriedly asked. He and Huang Zheng knew that the reason why Jiang Chen had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect was all because he wanted to bring them justice. After they had woken up from their comas, w.a.n.g Da Niu and a few other outer circle disciples had told them about everything. Jiang Chen even requested Revival Pills for them. Both of them were incredibly grateful towards him, and that was why when Jiang Chen was punished with a suicide mission, they felt extremely bad about it.

“En, those Blood Devils are indeed cruel and brutal. Since I have broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, I’ll go to Yellowstone and give Little Chen a hand.”

Han Yan nodded his head. Although it was the Sect Chief himself who sent Jiang Chen to Yellowstone, Han Yan didn’t care about that, he only cared about his own brother. To heck with those rules.

“Perfect, with the help of senior disciple Han Yan, I’m sure senior disciple Jiang will be safe!”

w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng were happy to hear that.


Right at this moment, a loud explosion sounded out from a mountain peak behind the residency area. Han Yan turned towards the direction and saw the place was covered with a thick cold breeze and a layer of faded golden light. Two separate energies could be sensed from it, and it was obviously two separate attacks.

“Cold, its Yan Chen Yu’s energy ripples! She is in an intense fight!”

Han Yan’s expression changed.

“Oh no, senior disciple Yan is fighting with someone!”

w.a.n.g Yun was shocked as well.


Han Yan jumped up and turned into a bright light, then he started flying towards the direction of Jiang Chen’s courtyard. w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng couldn’t fly yet, but they followed behind with extremely fast speed.

When Han Yan arrived at the place, he saw Yan Chen Yu lying motionlessly on the floor. Her face was pale, and her pure white clothes were stained with her own blood. She looked so miserable.

“Hmph! b.i.t.c.h, how dare you reject my offer? Even if I kill you now, no one in the Black Sect would blame me!”

Fan Kun snorted coldly. He walked step by step towards Yan Chen Yu who was laying on the floor. She had suffered severe injuries, and her life force had become really weak. Fan Kun had a l.u.s.tful look in his eyes, and it seemed like even though Yan Chen Yu was in such a critical condition, he would still rape her.

“Stop it!”

Han Yan shouted out loudly, then he unleashed a sky-piercing devil energy and blocked Fan Kun’s path towards Yan Chen Yu. His eyes were filled with extreme anger.

“Fan Kun, what are you doing?!”

Han Yan shouted again. At the same time, the energy of the ancient Divine Devil was hovering around his body. He had been told by w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng about the hatred between Jiang Chen and Fan Kun, and this had given him a bad impression towards Fan Kun. What was even worse was that he saw Fan Kun trying to harm Yan Chen Yu. Right now, she had been badly wounded, and he didn’t even know if she was dead or alive. Han Yan would never allow Fan Kun to get any closer to Yan Chen Yu. Han Yan knew how important Yan Chen Yu was to Jiang Chen, and with Jiang Chen’s character, if anything happened to Yan Chen Yu while she was inside the Black Sect, the trouble would be huge, and he might even pierce a hole in the skies above the Black Sect.

“You are that Little Devil King Han Yan, right? Didn’t expect you would break through to the Heavenly Core realm so quickly. But, I advise you to get the h.e.l.l out of here, now! You cannot afford to get in my way.”

Fan Kun glared at Han Yan with an arrogant expression. With his grandfather being the acting Sect Chief now, he could go on a rampage in the Black Sect, and n.o.body could do anything to him.

“Fan Kun, if you are a man, then fight Jiang Chen face to face! What’s the point of bullying a girl? Let me tell you, with me, Han Yan here today, don’t even think about touching Yan Chen Yu!”

Han Yan was furious, he unleashed a frightening devil flame all around his body and covered himself with the energy of the Ancient Divine Devil. It was an ancient and brutal energy, and it made anyone who got close to him feel frightened.

Han Yan’s voice was loud, and a lot of outer circle disciples heard him. Also, by unleas.h.i.+ng a ma.s.sive amount of energy, everyone had their attention pointed towards this place.

“What? Fan Kun was trying to do something to Yan Chen Yu? He is so shameless!”

“That’s right, he’s shameless! Han Yan stepped in and is trying to stop him, but he has just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. I’m afraid he isn’t Fan Kun’s match.”

“Come, let’s go have a look! Jiang Chen isn’t in the Black Sect right now, so this Fan Kun took the opportunity to try and do something bad to Yan Chen Yu, this is just a shameless tactic!”


The disturbance was getting bigger and bigger, and many people had started running towards the scene, trying to find out what was happening.

Within the courtyard, w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng had arrived as well, but when faced with the powerful Fan Kun, they could only stand aside and watch.

Fan Kun squinted his eyes, the Ancient Divine Devil energy unleashed by Han Yan had frightened him a bit. The pressure from the Ancient Divine Devil was no joke.

“This guy possesses the bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil, and it has awakened. If I allow him to continue growing, he will just become another monster, and since he is a good friend of Jiang Chen, that means he is my enemy. I can use this opportunity to kill him, if I don’t, he might become one of my biggest enemies in the future.”

Fan Kun thought to himself. He had decided to kill Han Yan.

“Hmph! Han Yan, since you have the bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil in your body, then you are considered a man walking an evil path! We, the Black Sect, are a sect with a great reputation, we can’t allow an evil man to stay here! I’ll kill you today and get rid of the Black Sect’s black sheep!”

Fan Kun unleashed a cold killing intent from his body, and used the same excuse he used on Jiang Chen to justify his killing.

“Look, Fan Kun is going to kill Han Yan! Also, Yan Chen Yu was severely wounded, and is laying on the floor! Things have gone really bad!”

“What should we do? Senior disciple Yan is senior disciple Jiang’s fiancée, if something bad happens to her, when senior disciple Jiang comes back to the Black Sect, he will definitely wreak more havoc!”

“d.a.m.n it, that Fan Kun can go on a rampage because of his grandfather! Senior disciple Han Yan has just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and he is definitely not Fan Kun’s match! If he forces himself to fight, he might lose his life! Huang Zheng, hurry and go get Sect Elder Guo Shan here!”

w.a.n.g Yun couldn’t stop himself from cursing.

“I heard Sect Elder Guo Shan shut his doors to study alchemy.”

Huang Zhen’s face darkened.

“No matter what, you have to get him here! Aside from Sect Elder Guo Shan, there is no one else who can handle this Fan Kun.”

w.a.n.g Yun said.


Huang Zheng turned around and left with haste, he sprinted at full speed towards Sect Elder Guo Shan’s mountain.

Hearing that Fan Kun was going to kill him, Han Yan’s expression turned into a dignified one. They were in the Black Sect, but he never expected that Fan Kun would really dare try to kill his fellow disciple.


An energy wave emerged from Han Yan’s body, and a huge shadow of an Ancient Divine Devil appeared behind his back. It was about 3 meters tall, and it had a blurry facial figure. But it was still enough to send of a ferocious aura.

“You’re really an evil man, face your death!”

Fan Kun shouted out loudly. With his bare hands, he unleashed a huge golden palm and attacked Han Yan.


Han Yan let out a cold snort. The shadow of the Ancient Divine Devil sprinted forwards and clashed with Fan Kun’s huge palm strike.


Two incredible energies collided, the ripples of the energy swept across the courtyard and destroyed every single building within.

Although the Ancient Divine Devil was really powerful, Han Yan had after all just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. He was no match for Fan Kun who was at the peak Heavenly Core realm. The shadow of the Ancient Divine Devil was instantly shattered, and Han Yan suffered a huge impact and was forced to cough out a mouthful of blood. He kept stepping backwards because of the ma.s.sive amount of force. Even with all that, Han Yan still unleashed a force that pushed Yan Chen Yu towards someplace safe. w.a.n.g Yun and a few other of Jiang Chen’s loyal followers quickly carried her up and put her somewhere safer.

After Fan Kun forced Han Yan back with just a single strike, the sneer on his face became even thicker. But at the same time, Fan Kun felt a shock in his mind as well, “This Han Yan was really powerful, his combat strength is so strong that even though he just broke through to the Heavenly Core realm, I think those ordinary Mid Heavenly Core disciples from the inner circle wouldn’t be his match. But, since his opponent is me, there is only one thing awaiting him; death!”