Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1506 – Successfully Concocted

Chapter 1506 – Successfully Concocted

Successfully Concocted

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Everyone was stirred. The alchemists on the scene, especially those geniuses in Dan Prefecture were so shocked that they couldn’t even close their eyes. To them, this was not only a miracle, but a psychological blow as well. They were the best alchemists in the world of alchemy. Every one of them had high achievements in the field and were well-versed in various concoction techniques, but even Dongfang Yu, an Elder Statesman Rank, had never seen such an abnormal technique.

“Miracle! This boy is a miracle. Even if I’m given a thousand years to study, I still wouldn’t be able to reach such a level.”

Dongfang Yu couldn’t conceal his shock. As the master of Dan Prefecture, what had he not seen before? However, it was his first time seeing a freak like Jiang Chen. And that made him feel like his was dreaming. Just like the others, he was now filled with antic.i.p.ation. He was eager to see Jiang Chen successfully concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.

The scene turned strangely quiet all of a sudden. All the sarcasm and disdain had vanished. A great number of antic.i.p.ating eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. At this present moment, no one would look down on Jiang Chen anymore. Numerous of them had regarded Jiang Chen as a dumba** disciple earlier. Now, all of a sudden, they felt that they were the dumba**. Jiang Chen had indirectly slapped their faces with his actions.

The first step of the concoction had ended. The next step would be to combine the essences, which was the most crucial step. Although Jiang Chen possessed three kinds of mighty flames, and had flawlessly completed the first step, accidents might still occur during the next steps before the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was fully concocted. After all, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was still weak and it was still an unknown if Jiang Chen could really concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.

“Big Yellow, do you think he can succeed?”

Yang Bufan looked at Big Yellow. He was incomparably excited at the moment because Jiang Chen’s performance was just too dazzling and was completely beyond his expectation. Now, he wanted to see Jiang Chen succeed more than anyone because he knew what Jiang Chen’s success would mean. It would make Jiang Chen the hero of Dan Prefecture, Genius Prefecture and the whole Great Qian Empire. With such horrifying skills in alchemy, Jiang Chen would be accepted by Dan Prefecture unconditionally. Once Jiang Chen entered Dan Prefecture, the strength of King Fan Prefecture would then soar.

Dan Prefecture of Great Qian Empire was an extremely important department. It had been the place the young princes always competed for. Additionally, Dan Prefecture had its own dignity and wasn’t under the control of anyone. Even if they were Crown Prince and King Ping, Dongfang Yu would never give them a glance, it would be different if it was Jiang Chen, however. Yang Bufan believed that as long as Jiang Chen could enter Dan Prefecture, everything would surely change.

Putting aside the strength of Dan Prefecture, Jiang Chen alone was a huge a.s.set. Any major power would fight for such a monstrous alchemist.

“As long as he acts, there’s no chance of failure. Otherwise, he won’t do it.”

Big Yellow darted Yang Bufan a glance and spoke arrogantly. No one knew the horror of Jiang Chen better than him, especially in the field of alchemy.

In the field, Jiang Chen’s soul power continued to circulate like tides, permeating to every part in the sea of fire. The essences of the dozen spiritual herbs were merging at a rate visible to the naked eye. They were merged simultaneously, instead of merging them one after another.

“Motherf**ker! What kind of concoction technique is this? If this man’s method can work, it will make this man extremely terrifying.”

The Seventh Prince’s facial expression had already turned serious, no longer showing any contempt for Jiang Chen. Not just him, any alchemist on the scene was in a state of shock. They had never seen such a perverted method before. ‘Shocking’ wouldn’t be sufficient to describe it.

Extracting a dozen spiritual herbs simultaneously was already very horrifying. No one had thought that Jiang Chen would also be so heaven defying in the most crucial step, combination.

Any ordinary alchemist would first merge two herb essences with attributes relatively closed to each other, then continue merging the other essences, one after another, until all of them were completely merged into one, and then turned into a pill. No one dared to think that someone like Jiang Chen could merge a dozen types of herb essences with different attributes at the same time.

Each type of pill had its own fusion point. Fusing two types of herb essences alone required very precise control, but to fuse a dozen herb essences simultaneously…it was hard to imagine the degree of control required.

“Can such a technique succeed?”

“It’s hard to say. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a super freak. He’s able to extract the essence of a dozen spiritual herbs at the same time. Perhaps, he can also combine the essences of a dozen spiritual herbs simultaneously. I think he has an 80% of success.”

“If he really succeeds, that would surely be too terrifying. We surely won’t be able to find a second person whose skill in alchemy is as earth-shattering as his. But I still don’t dare believe that he can succeed. He is merely a half-step Immortal King..”


Every move of Jiang Chen caused countless exclamations. Even though they had grown numb to shock, they still couldn’t control their emotions. Those who weren’t disciples of Dan Prefecture felt that Jiang Chen’s technique was fascinating, a lot better and cooler than the technique of the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong..

As for those alchemists, they had another feeling. As alchemists, they knew how terrifying this type of technique was.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

Under the gaze of numerous eyes, a buzzing sound came out from the sea of fire. The essences of the herbs had merged at a rapid speed. In roughly fifteen minutes, the embryonic form of the pill emerged. As the pill had absorbed the three kinds of flames, it looked magnificent.

If the Nine Solar Saint Water is added into the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, it can improve the intrinsic quality and effect of the pill.

Jiang Chen muttered. He took out some Nine Solar Saint Water and stealthily instilled them into the pill. The pill was about to take shape. To Jiang Chen, this wasn’t something difficult at all. The whole process was simple and easy.

“Look, the pill is about to form. Jiang Chen’s going to succeed.”

“What the heck! He has succeeded. From the start until now, he only used twenty minutes. Is this for real?”

“This is scary, too scary. Using only twenty minutes to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill? Plus, he only has a half-step Immortal King cultivation base now. Compared to him, the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong looked inferior. Now, we’ll just have to see what grade this pill will be.”

“I think there’s an 80% chance that its grade won’t be low. At least it won’t be lower than sixth grade. Perhaps, the grade of the pill would be on a par with the Seventh Prince’s. If that’s the case, it will make Jiang Chen extremely capable. All the honor of Dan Prefecture will then be earned back.”


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