Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1505 – Shock them all

Chapter 1505 – Shock them all

Shock them all

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Jiang Chen had unleashed these two kinds of mighty flames, but the astonishment wasn’t over yet.

Just as the Seventh Prince’s face had turned ghastly pale and everyone thought that Jiang Chen was going to use these two kinds of flames to begin concocting, Jiang Chen suddenly opened his mouth, and spat out the third flame. Immediately, Saint Qi spread across, filling the air in Dan Prefecture.

The third flame had emerged. It was sacred and powerful. Jiang Chen deliberately concealed the Qi of Qilin, making the flame even more mysterious. Under the sacred aura, no one could figure out the origin of the flame.

“What? Three kinds of flame? Motherf*cker! Is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d still human?”

“Dammit! Does it have an end? My tiny heart can’t take it anymore. What’s this flame? My Goodness! It feels very sacred. I estimate that the grade of this flame isn’t weaker than the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Flame. Is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d defying the Heavens? Three types of supreme flames merged into one? How did he do that?”

“No, he clearly isn’t human. He’s a monstrous and peerless talent. No one can even fuse three kinds of flame. Plus, they are all supreme flames. Each of these flames is the dream of every alchemist. Innumerable high-grade alchemists can’t even get one of these flames in their lifetime. He has actually combined the three of them into one, however. How is he actually still alive?”


Astonishment filled the atmosphere. No one else dared to mock Jiang Chen anymore. Those who had called Jiang Chen an idiot and dumb*ss had stayed silent. If they continued to call this monstrous talent dumb*ss, then they would be the biggest dumb*sses. Even if Jiang Chen couldn’t concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill today, all of these was enough to help earn back the honor of Dan Prefecture.

“Three kinds of flames. Is this kid making a joke?”

Dongfang Yu too was astounded. Despite his disposition, his body was actually shaking slightly, because of shock. What has he not seen before? No one could tell how many incredible alchemists he had met in his life, but it was still his first time seeing someone like Jiang Chen, combining three supreme flames together. This was a miracle. It had happened for real despite of its impossibility.


Xuan Zhong just shook his head and sighed. Comparisons were really odious. These were the things that he had spent his life pursuing. If he had either of the three flames, he would never lose to the seventh prince.

But that didn’t arouse his jealousy as he had a common heart. He even felt grateful to Jiang Chen. After all, Dan Prefecture, Genius Prefecture, and even the Great Qian Empire had lost their honor because of him. If Jiang Chen could earn them back, he would feel a lot better.

Elder Liu was at a loss for words. Like Dongfang Yu, he felt so shocked his body s.h.i.+vered.


The Seventh Prince gritted his teeth. He deeply envied it. A cold murderous intent was revealed in his eyes. Secretly, he was ready to get rid of Jiang Chen if there was chance in the future and acquire his flames. It was hard for him to imagine to what extent his strength would reach after acquiring these three types of flames.

“Don’t worry, Prince. This brat’s cultivation base is too weak. Regardless of how many flames he possesses, it’s impossible for him to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.” A young alchemist of Great Cloud Empire spoke.

In the field, Jiang Chen began to act. Under his control, the three types of flames combined with rapid speed. That was a flawless combination without any sign of repulsion. After the fusion, its grade got higher. At least, it had exceeded its original grade. To put it bluntly, the flame in Jiang Chen’s hands was the strongest flame in the Heavens and Earth. You could never find a second flame comparable to Jiang Chen’s.

Upon seeing that Jiang Chen finally began to make his move, many people felt nervous. However, as what that man had just said, there was still a large gap in their cultivation base. There was still a possibility that Jiang Chen couldn’t concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill despite the number of flames he had.

Under the countless astonished gazes, Jiang Chen raised his finger and flicked at the dozen of herbs. All the herbs were then tossed into the sea of fire. Upon seeing this scene, most of them staggered backwards and almost fell down.

“What the h.e.l.l is this guy doing? What kind of concoction technique is this? Doesn’t he know that the properties of these medicines are different? The extraction of the herb essence must be done one by one. By tossing all of them at once, there’s a high possibility of ruining all of them.”

“Arrogant. He’s too arrogant. Even Master Dongfang doesn’t dare to do this. Does he really think that the control of his soul has reached such accuracy?”

“I have never seen such bulls*** concoction method. I am beginning to doubt that he even knows alchemy. Otherwise, why would he come out here and humiliate himself? If he really isn’t an alchemist, those three flames will surely go to waste.”


Countless people felt the urge to spurt out blood, but those who knew alchemy were completely startled. Dongfang Yu’s eyes brightened up. He could feel the powerful soul power of Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen’s incomparably accurate control.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

Thunderous fire blazed. The dozen herbs were systematically refined in the sea of fire. The essence of every herb was rapidly extracted. There was no sign of wastage at all. Comparing this to the concoction of the seventh prince and Xuan Zhong, the speed of this concoction was a lot faster.

In just three minutes, the essence of all the herbs were extracted perfectly. None was wasted.

Those who mocked Jiang Chen no longer spoke a word. The scene had lots of experts. Even if they weren’t alchemists, they had witnessed true alchemy, but none of them had seen such a technique like Jiang Chen. It was definitely their first time.

“Impossible. How is this possible?”

The Seventh Prince was provoked. He felt as if his tail had been stepped on, unwilling to believe such a fact. Although the extraction of essence was a simple step, he and Xuan Zhong had spent an hour for this step alone. There was no comparability at all compared to Jiang Chen’s three minutes.

“Oh G.o.d! How did he actually do it? A dozen types of herb essence being extracted in just a few minutes? And it has no sign of wastage. Such astounding concoction technique is unprecedented and unheard-of.”

“Amazing. This is heaven defying. I never thought Jiang Chen to be this skilled. We have all underestimated him.”

“He has completed the first step so easily. This showed how powerful his soul power is and his control of soul is extremely precise. I think he won’t have any problems with the second step as well. If he succeeds in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, it will definitely be a miracle.”

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