Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1507 – Tenth Grade Pill

Chapter 1507 – Tenth Grade Pill

Tenth Grade Pill

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No one could keep their calm. They had been given too much of a shock in a short span of 20 minutes. Each shock greater than the previous. By now, the people had become completely numbed. Looking at Jiang Chen’s relaxed look, who would have thought that Jiang Chen would succeed, and that a half-step Immortal King could succeed in concocting the legendary Holy Flame Emperor Pill and create a miracle?

The scene became silent once more. Everyone was waiting for the formation of the pill. The grade of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was no longer important. Even if the pill was merely fifth grade, the Seventh Prince surely wouldn’t look down on Jiang Chen. Even a great alchemist would have no right to sneer at Jiang Chen.

The dragon transformation skill, the Great Soul Derivation Technique and the three kinds of mighty flames had made Jiang Chen’s concoction incomparably easy. He could even concoct the Nine Solar Lightning Dragon Pill that required extremely harsh condition. This Holy Flame Emperor Pill was nothing compared to that.


Soon, Jiang Chen let out a shout. A pill that emitted a reddish-gold light leaped out of the sea of fire. Immediately, the sea of fire vanished and was absorbed back into Jiang Chen’s body.

It was a success. Jiang Chen had succeeded in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.

The red pill was full of spirituality. It danced in the sky continuously, with the shadow of a flickering dragon on its surface, and intertwined by lightning, making it seemed mystical to the extreme.

Countless eyes fell upon the pill. They could all feel the purity and mightiness of the pill. Even those who were not alchemists could sense the preciousness of the pill. At least from the surface, it seemed a lot more magical than the pill concocted by the Seventh Prince and Xuan Zhong.

*Whoosh…* *Whoosh…*

The elders of Dan Prefecture seemed to be enchanted by the pill. Simultaneously, they rushed forward, encircling the pill. Dongfang Yu was one of them. Their eyes were about to spew out fire as they stared unblinkingly at the pill. After sensing the grade of the pill, each of their breathing became heavy.

“What’s going on? Why are they so excited? Even Master Dongfang is excited. Could it be that the grade of the pill Jiang Chen concocted is even higher than the Seventh Prince’s?”

“Could it be that it’s a ninth grade pill? Impossible. Even Master Dongfang can only concoct a ninth grade pill. Jiang Chen can never concoct a ninth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill no matter how talented he is.”

The atmosphere had become incomparably heavy. Everyone was waiting for the result.

Elder Liu fixed his eyes at the moving pill and spoke in a slightly quavering tone. “This-this, this is, this is, tenth grade?”

He couldn’t believe his own eyes. He didn’t dare speak the word ‘tenth grade’ as he knew clearly what it represented. Every elder turned to Dongfang Yu. As a matter of fact, given their eyesight, they could already see the grade of the pill, but they couldn’t believe it. Therefore, they had to wait for Dongfang Yu to confirm it.

“Tenth grade, that’s right. This is a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Also, Jiang Chen seems to have added the Nine Solar Saint Water, pus.h.i.+ng the grade of the pill even higher. This is the most perfect Holy Flame Emperor Pill that I have ever seen. This is a Venerable Grade Pill. It has already exceeded the Emperor Grade. What a miracle! Jiang Chen has created a miracle. This is a pill concocted by a half-step Immortal King. Haha……”

Dongfang Yu was overwhelmed with excitement. The appearance of the tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill dumbfounded him. He was glad that he had agreed to let Jiang Chen try. Otherwise, he would probably regret it totally.

When the word ‘tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill’ came out of Dongfang Yu’s mouth, the whole Dan Prefecture burst into commotion.

“Tenth grade pill. My G.o.d! It’s a tenth grade pill! I never thought that it’s even greater than ninth grade. This man is too terrifying.”

“Tenth grade pill. It only took him twenty minutes to concoct a tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Who in the Heavens and Earth is able to do so? Even Master Dongfang would consider himself inferior to this. Besides, Jiang Chen is merely a half-step Immortal King. I can’t believe that there’s actually such a monstrous figure in the Heavens and Earth.”

“Tenth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill, a pill that has reached the Venerable Grade. And this pill is concocted by a half-step Immortal King. Jiang Chen should be regarded as a pioneer in the world of alchemy. His name is destined to appear in the history of Dan Prefecture. This Holy Flame Emperor Pill is going to symbolize his existence.”


They had already felt completely numb towards astonishment and miracle created by Jiang Chen that it didn’t surprise them very much, but the emergence of this tenth grade pill had successfully pushed their astonishment to the peak, making them feel that their soul had been detached from their bodies.

“No, this is absolutely impossible.”

The Seventh Prince was stunned. He couldn’t control his emotions. He strode forth to the pill and was petrified, totally enchanted by the pill. He couldn’t believe and accept this fact. However, as a mighty alchemist, he knew very well that this pill was surely a tenth grade pill, a true tenth grade pill. This pill was tremendously greater than the pill he concocted. It was like the difference between Venerable Grade and Emperor Grade. The difference in value was at least ten times or even more.

“Take a closer look at it Seventh Prince. Are you satisfied with it?”

Dongfang Yu said, his face showed an incomparably bright smile. Compared to his previously bitter face, he now felt exalted and had regained his face.

“Haha! The dignified seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire has actually lost to a half-step Immortal King outer disciple. I wonder what the seventh prince is thinking right now. Why not share your thoughts with everybody loudly?”

Elder Liu laughed to his heart’s content. Saying these words was so delightful. It had helped him vent all his grievance. A tenth grade pill had absolutely suppressed an eighth grade pill, causing the seventh prince to fail miserably.

“Quickly share with us Seventh Prince. Aren’t you acting very confident just now? Why have you shrivelled up? Didn’t you claim yourself as an invincible person in the young generation? It turns out that this is only the level of the number one alchemist of the young generation of Great Cloud Empire. You aren’t even a tenth of Jiang Chen. How funny...! Haha……”

“In such a huge Great Cloud Empire, could it be that you can’t even find someone to fight Jiang Chen? Jiang Chen’s merely a half-step Immortal King.”

“Jiang Chen’s the number one alchemist of the young generation. I wonder if seventh prince can accept this. If you don’t, you can have a rematch.”


The disciples of Dan Prefecture launched their sneers at the Seventh Prince. Certainly, they were very pleased to release all their repressed feelings.

The Seventh Prince’s facial expression turned extremely unpleasant. Finally, he understood what it meant to be treated in his own way. Also, in the face of such taunt, he didn’t even have the strength to resist.

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