Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1502 – Was this a Joke?

Chapter 1502 – Was this a Joke?

Was this a Joke?

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Everyone’s eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. Noticing his cultivation base, countless of eyes widened.

“It’s Jiang Chen, the guy who has caused chaos in the outer prefecture recently.”

“He’s now a famous figure in Genius Prefecture. His ability to walk out of that forbidden valley alive birthed the greatest miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture.”

“This man is a great talent. Although he’s only a half-step Immortal King, his combat strength is incomparably terrifying. But today’s situation seems to have nothing to do with him. There’s really no reason for him to stand up at this time.”


Many people recognized Jiang Chen. After all, he was now a famous figure. Almost everyone in Genius Prefecture knew him. Even if they didn’t recognize him, they have heard about him. His name had risen to fame since the King-Conferring Ceremony in King Fan Prefecture. Not long ago, he had walked out of the deadly valley alive. It wasn’t hard for people to know such earth-shattering things.

Dongfang Yu looked over at Jiang Chen and frowned. The people of Dan Prefecture stared blankly at Jiang Chen, not knowing what this b.a.s.t.a.r.d intended to do. A puny little half-step Immortal King wasn’t even qualified to lay a step in this mountain peak during normal days.

Ignoring the eyes of the spectators, Jiang Chen came to the square and clasped his fists at Dongfang Yu. “This disciple is Jiang Chen of outer prefecture. Greetings, Master Dongfang.”

Jiang Chen was neither humble nor haughty. They couldn’t see the slightest bit of nervousness on his face. Despite facing so many experts and such tremendous occasion, his facial expression remained unchanged.

“Haha! Master Dongfang, it seems that your Genius Prefecture is so short of talents that you have to send a half-step Immortal King out, which clearly displayed your low standard. I’ve come today to compete with your Dan Prefecture. Isn’t it disgraceful to have such an ignorant person as your representative?”

The Seventh Prince laughed, putting even more sarcasm in his words. As soon as this remark came out, many people in Dan Prefecture looked angrily at Jiang Chen, as though they were channelling their fury to him. They secretly scolded Jiang Chen for not realizing the rules and his own ident.i.ty. This wasn’t a place Jiang Chen should be at. How dare a puny half-step Immortal King be standing here? Did he think that Genius Prefecture wasn’t disgraced enough?

Dongfang Yu’s expression turned ugly. He ignored the sarcasm of the Seventh Prince and turned to Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, I know you, but you’d better provide me a good explanation. Why are you standing here?”

Apparently, Jiang Chen’s action had angered Dongfang Yu, too. The fury of Dongfang Yu would surely be unbearable to ordinary people.

“This disciple can also concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. The Seventh Prince has spoken wild language and insulted us, saying that our Genius Prefecture lacks talents. Disciple couldn’t swallow this remark and felt that it was necessary to act,” Jiang Chen said composedly.

What? Concoct Holy Flame Emperor Pill?

Jiang Chen’s words had stunned everyone, but immediately, everyone understood why this guy had emerged at this critical moment. It turned out that he wanted to concoct a pill. Not just any ordinary pill, but the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d clearly wasn’t here to disgrace them, but to joke with them.

“Haha…you’re going to make me laugh to death! Have you brat come here to joke around? Master Dongfang, I never thought that your Genius Prefecture has fallen to such a point that any small shrimp will dare to come out and humiliate you all. Your Great Qian Empire’s face isn’t valuable at all.”

The Seventh Prince laughed loudly. How could he let such a great opportunity to ridicule his opponent go? He’s supposed to have exhausted all the reasons to sneer at his opponents, but Jiang Chen’s emergence had given birth to another set of reasons.

“F*ck! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d doesn’t know what his surname is. How dare he come here and confront the Seventh Prince by concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill? Isn’t this funny at all? How disgraceful!”

“Holy Flame Emperor Pill is an Emperor Grade Pill. Jiang Chen is only a small half-step Immortal King. Even if he’s an alchemist, it’s absolutely impossible for him to concoct a Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Is there something wrong with this fellow’s mind? Didn’t he know that we have been humiliated enough? Does he want to worsen it even more?”

“Idiot! This guy is an idiot. Even Senior Brother Xuan Zhong has lost. What can he do?”


Numerous people of Dan Prefecture and Genius Prefecture were angry. Some had a hard time resisting the urge to hurtle Jiang Chen out of the scene. Spoken wild language? Who was the one who had spoken wildly?

“Hehe! I thought he was some kind of great figure. It turns out that he’s just an idiot.”

Yu Hao snickered. From the beginning, he had already regarded Jiang Chen as an opponent, but seeing Jiang Chen’s behaviour today, he no longer put Jiang Chen in his heart. In his point of view, such a man who had his mind flooded with water wasn’t worth his attention.

“Jiang Chen, this isn’t a place for you to mess around. Leave now.”

Dongfang Yu waved his hand impatiently. He wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to deal with Jiang Chen for the time being.

Jiang Chen only smiled, he seemed very carefree. This was what he had expected, but he believed that these people wouldn’t be able to laugh soon. With Jiang Chen developing an incomparably strong interest in Dan Prefecture, today was an important opportunity for him.

“Master of Dan Prefecture, today only this disciple can save Dan Prefecture’s face.”

Jiang Chen looked at Dongfang Yu, and secretly unleashed his soul power. The originally impatient look on Dongfang Yu’s face changed all of a sudden. Then, he looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief.

“What a powerful soul power! It’s almost as powerful as Xuan Zhong’s soul power. Plus, this brat has such control of his soul power to such a great extent.”

Dongfang Yu was shocked, feeling the soul power that Jiang Chen unleashed. In fact, only he could feel it. None of the others felt it. Such fine control was rare in the world. The soul power that was casually unleashed by Jiang Chen wasn’t weaker than Xuan Zhong in the slightest.

Furthermore, Dongfang Yu had heard about Jiang Chen before. Jiang Chen was a miracle in Genius Prefecture. He was the only half-step Immortal King genius accepted by the prefecture. Despite him being a half-step Immortal King, his combat strength was horrifying. No geniuses with a late Immortal King realm cultivation base were his opponent. What exceeded Dongfang Yu’s expectation was that such genius was also a powerful alchemist.

Dongfang Yu could see a towering confidence in Jiang Chen’s eyes. That was the confidence that came from his bones, ignited from the depths of his soul. It was something that couldn’t be faked.

“Jiang Chen, don’t make a fool of yourself,” Elder Liu said impolitely. He wanted to say more but was stopped by Dongfang Yu.

“Are you sure?” Dongfang Yu asked.

“Absolutely.” Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated, his confidence rising spontaneously.

Dongfang Yu narrowed his eyes. After a long moment, he finally made the decision. “Very well, I will let you try it.”

As a matter of fact, even though he felt Jiang Chen’s soul power, he didn’t have any confidence in Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen’s expression made him feel that he could still gamble one last time.

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