Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1501 – Hold On a Momen

Chapter 1501 – Hold On a Momen

Hold On a Moment

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The people of Great Cloud Empire seemed contented. Yun Canglan slightly squinted his eyes. His lips revealed a pleasant smile. He showed no signs of letting such a scene stop.

Same goes for the Seventh Prince. He still behaved modestly while allowing his underlings to sneer at his enemy. It seemed like this was the effect he wanted. He wanted to use such a method to dampen the morale of the whole Great Qian Empire.

“Motherf*ck*r! These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have gone too far. How dare they come to Dan Prefecture and humiliate us? This is intolerable!”

“Those faces are truly despicable. It’s a pity that we have lost, thus giving them the chance to humiliate us. Dammit! I want to beat them up so badly.”

“Don’t be impulsive brother. After all, the Seventh Prince has come all the way to Dan Prefecture. There’s no use being angry. It ultimately still depends on how Dan Prefecture will deal with this.”


In the face of the taunts of Great Cloud Empire, every disciple of Genius Prefecture was incomparably angry. There was no way that they wouldn’t be angry. As a member of Genius Prefecture, they were all high and mighty. Every one of them had pride. Who would dare to insult them? Genius Prefecture was the face and representative of Great Qian Empire. This was their first time being humiliated and they had no way of refuting it.

Compared to those disciples of Genius Prefecture, those who were most angered and aggrieved were the disciples of Dan Prefecture. All of them were alchemists, an ident.i.ty which they had always been very proud of. Currently, in the face of such unpleasant taunts, they would surely be lying if they claimed that they weren’t angry.

The disciples of Dan Prefecture had the urge to start a war with the opponent, after all, apart from their skill in alchemy, they also had incredible combat strength, but their dignity had stopped their impulse because their humiliation originated from their defeat.

Presently, the only way to regain their face was for someone to step up and defeat the opponent using the same method. At that time, they would return the favour to their opponent multiple times.

Unfortunately, even Xuan Zhong had lost. No other young alchemist in the entire Dan Prefecture could be found to deal with the Seventh Prince. No one would be able to concoct an eighth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill or higher. So, they could only nurse their anger and grievances in their hearts. If they start a fight because of this, they would lose their last dignity as alchemists, and if this was spread out, Dan Prefecture of Genius Prefecture would become the object of ridicule in the entire Eastern Profound Domain.

“Master, I’m sorry.” Xuan Zhong bowed to Dongfang Yu. Both of his eyes went red. It showed that he was suffering endless remorse.

“You have done your best.” Dongfang Yu patted Xuan Zhong’s shoulder.

“That’s right, Senior Brother Xuan Zhong. You’ve already done your best. You are our pride. You have succeeded in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in your first attempt.”

“That’s right, Senior Brother Xuan Zhong. Your skill isn’t any weaker than him. It was only because of your flame. In addition, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have been well prepared for this and had concocted this pill many times. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to produce a sixth grade pill in his first attempt.”

“Don’t blame yourself Senior Brother Xuan Zhong. We know your strength very well. You have already done your best. We don’t blame you.”


The disciples of Dan Prefecture came forward to comfort Xuan Zhong. Upon seeing all of these, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but nod secretly. Dan Prefecture was a humane place. Xuan Zhong’s defeat had welcomed the words of consolation.

Everyone understood that Xuan Zhong suffered the most. He was carrying tremendous pressure when he stood out for the battle. He knew that he represented not only himself. This defeat would certainly leave a trauma greater than everyone else’s in his heart. Therefore, it could be said that Xuan Zhong was the most distressed while confronting those taunts and sneers.

Xuan Zhong comfortably heaved a sigh. A hint of warmth settled over his heart. After losing the compet.i.tion, it made him even more depressed when he was looked down upon and sneered by his opponent. But now that the brothers and elders of Dan Prefecture were coming forward to console him, his gloomy heart felt much better.

“Haha! Master Dongfang, can’t you find a genius in the whole Genius Prefecture of the majestic Great Qian Empire to concoct an eighth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill? If that’s the case, it would be very disappointing.”

Yun Canglang said with a smile. At this time, he naturally wanted to take the opportunity to humiliate his opponent, otherwise, his trip here would be in vain.

Dongfang Yu’s countenance became slightly unpleasant, but there was nothing he could say. The provocation of Yun Canglan rendered him speechless. Whatever he say would only make the opponent look down on him more. As the master of Dan Prefecture, he wouldn’t directly admit that there was no more candidate in Dan Prefecture, because that would not only arouse the opponent’s disdain, but also crush the morale of the disciples of Genius Prefecture, and severely harm the reputation of Dan Prefecture.

However, the embarra.s.sing thing was that Dan Prefecture really couldn’t find a second person to compete against the Seventh Prince. There was no one in the young generation that could concoct an eighth grade Holy Flame Emperor Pill. They were almost certain of this.

“Master Dongfang, your Genius Prefecture has disappointed me for not having a decent genius worth competing. Our Great Cloud Empire is flouris.h.i.+ng day by day. One day, our Great Cloud Empire will trample your Great Qian Empire and Heavenly Jade Dynasty,” the Seventh Prince said with a very clear voice.

Finally, he showed his arrogant personality.

“Seventh Prince, I can clearly see that there’s no point in staying here any longer. Your skill in alchemy has already been proven matchless in the young generation,” Yun Canglang said. This duo continued to insult Great Qian Empire with perfect harmony.

“Hold on a minute.”

Just as this time, a voice sounded. It came not from the people of Dan Prefecture, but from outside the square. Everyone’s eyes followed the source of the voice and saw a young man in white robe, with a good-looking face walking towards the square.

He seemed very young. He put one hand behind his back. His dark hair moved even if there was no wind. He stepped in the void towards the square, taking one step after another. His cultivation base was only at the half-step Immortal King realm. He wasn’t even considered a true Immortal King yet, let alone an Immortal Emperor. There was only one expert with such a cultivation base in the entire Genius Prefecture. It could be said that this was the lowest cultivation base.

On such an occasion, a genius with such a cultivation base had no right to speak, but the one who spoke just now was precisely this youth.

“What a good brat! It seems like a good show is about to start again. I have been barking up the wrong tree.”

Looking at the back of Jiang Chen, Yang Bufan seemed incredibly excited. He knew that he had misjudged Jiang Chen. He was now very certain that Jiang Chen was an alchemist and a very powerful one at that. With his understanding of Jiang Chen, he knew that Jiang Chen would never fight an uncertain battle, or humiliate himself in the presence of so many people. Yang Bufan was full of antic.i.p.ation as he knew that a miracle might be born again today.

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