Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1503 – There was no need for Preparation

Chapter 1503 – There was no need for Preparation

There was no need for Preparation

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Everyone in Dan Prefecture exclaimed, suspecting that they had heard wrongly. Countless eyes fell upon Dongfang Yu. They understood that an idiot had come to mess around, but how could the Master of Dan Prefecture want to make a fool of himself as well? Everyone thought that Dongfang Yu would send a serious slap to Jiang Chen. Who would have thought that Dongfang Yu actually agreed to Jiang Chen’s request, allowing Jiang Chen to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in front of everyone?

“What’s going on? What is Master Dongfang thinking? How could he let Jiang Chen concoct the pill? Could it be that the defeat of Xuan Zhong and the humiliation of the Seventh Prince made him lose his mind? That shouldn’t be the reason. Everyone knows who Master Dongfang is. It’s impossible for him to act so recklessly.”

“Nonsense. This is absolutely nonsense. One should know that the required ingredients for the Holy Flame Emperor Pill are too precious. They can’t afford to waste them. Although Xuan Zhong has lost, he still concocted a Holy Flame Emperor Pill, putting all of those spiritual herbs to use. If Jiang Chen failed to concoct the pill, the spiritual herbs would surely be wasted. Moreover, he’s just a half-step Immortal King. How could he concoct a Holy Flame Emperor Pill?”

“For some reason, I think that this Jiang Chen is really making a joke out of the situation. He has such heaven defying combat strength. It’s impossible for him to also be an alchemist. But if that’s really the case, then he’s truly horrifying. Besides, even if he’s an alchemist, it’s impossible for him to concoct a Holy Flame Emperor Pill at his cultivation base.”


Everyone was dumbfounded. They couldn’t understand why Dongfang Yu granted Jiang Chen’s unreasonable request. The Seventh Prince laughed sneeringly once more. Initially, he had planned to leave, but he stopped in his tracks. Since Dongfang Yu is letting a half-step Immortal King dude concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, he chose to stay and see how Jiang Chen and Dongfang Yu would play this out. Since his opponent wanted to humiliate themselves, he naturally would be very happy to oblige.

“Master, how could you…”

Elder Liu’s words were interrupted by Dongfang Yu. Jiang Chen’s a.s.surance was still lingering next to Dongfang Yu’s ears. His instinct told him that Jiang Chen wasn’t a rash person. That pair of eyes told him that this man isn’t simple. Those were a pair of eyes worthy of his trust. He was willing to bet once more, despite the fact that it’s a riskier bet. He knew very well that if Jiang Chen had really come to mess around and couldn’t concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, what awaited Dan Prefecture later would be even greater humiliation.

Despite that, Dongfang Yu still made up his mind to gamble. The fact that Jiang Chen could walk out of that valley indicated that he was unordinary— extraordinary people could often create miracles.

Moreover, if Jiang Chen could really concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in one out of 10 000 chances, even if its grade wasn’t as high as the Seventh Prince, another peerless genius would be born in Dan Prefecture.

“Go, prepare another set of ingredients for the concoction of the Holy Flame Emperor Pill,” ordered Dongfang Yu.

“Master, this-this is senseless!”

Elder Liu was infuriated. If Dongfang Yu wasn’t the Master of Dan Prefecture, he would have gone ballistic on the spot. Letting a half-step Immortal King shrimp to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill and confront a figure like the Seventh Prince? Isn’t this a childish act? When did Dan Prefecture learnt such a way to disgrace itself?

Not only would it bring disgrace, but also waste those valuable spiritual herbs. Each ingredient used for concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill was incomparably precious and priceless. As an elder of Dan Prefecture, how could he feel comfortable seeing these spiritual herbs being wasted by someone?

“I’ll go,” Xuan Zhong spoke.

He darted Jiang Chen a glance without saying a word, then turned and left. Not long after that, Xuan Zhong returned with a set of spiritual herbs. These ingredients were exactly the same as before. They were the necessary ingredients for making the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.


Seeing Xuan Zhong handing those spiritual herbs to Jiang Chen, Elder Liu sighed, thumped his chest and stamped his foot. The other elders of Dan Prefecture’s faces seemed ugly as well. Every one of them was looking at Jiang Chen with anger. They were unable to understand why their shrewd master made such a mistake at this moment.

“This is embarra.s.sing. So embarra.s.sing.”

The people of Dan Prefecture shook their heads and sighed. If it wasn’t Dongfang Yu who personally permitted Jiang Chen to concoct the pill, most of them would have rushed forward to hurtle Jiang Chen out of the scene.

“Jiang Chen, are you prepared?” Dongfang Yu said.

“I don’t need preparation.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Dongfang Yu had given him a pretty good impression. Only a man who acts with unparalleled determination could achieve great things. Putting Dan Prefecture in the hands of Dongfang Yu was truly the right choice. If Dongfang Yu didn’t come forward to test Jiang Chen after Jiang Chen unleashed his soul power, Jiang Chen would have walked away, and would no longer lay a step into Dan Prefecture. Fortunately, Dongfang Yu didn’t disappoint him. Dongfang Yu was a man who was bold and dared to take risks.

“Brother Yu, I never thought this brat is really an alchemist. This is really too shocking. Do you think he can concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill?” Next to Yu Hao, someone from the Crown Prince Palace asked.

In truth, they were still shocked by the fact that Jiang Chen was also an alchemist. After all, they knew all too well about Jiang Chen’s combat strength. If there was really an expert with incredible combat strength and also very skilled in alchemy, they would never believe it until they saw the person with their own eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous. That’s the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. He’s just a puny half-step Immortal King. No matter how talented he is, it’s impossible for him to concoct the pill. I have no idea where he has gotten such courage to humiliate himself. Once he fails, all those precious spiritual herbs will go to waste and he will be the disgrace of the entire Genius Prefecture or even the whole Great Qian Empire. If that really happened, the people of Dan Prefecture will never let him go. This brat is finished. There’s a saying that says “one won’t die without death”. He just ruined his future. Such a pity.”

Yu Hao showed a look of coldness. He was an outstanding alchemist too and had reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, however he still wouldn’t dare concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. Besides, the opponent was the Seventh Prince. He certainly didn’t have the audacity to stand in that battlefield.

On the other side, in the ranks of King Ping Prefecture, a youth was also smiling coldly. His name was Yang Zhi, the biggest compet.i.tor of Yu Hao in entering Dan Prefecture. Not only was Yang Zhi’s cultivation base strong, his skill in alchemy was also superb. Plus, he was a descendant of Yang Family which made him a person with extraordinary status.

“So this is the high and mighty Jiang Chen that you all said? It seems like he’s just a piece of ignorant trash. I initially wanted to meet him after coming out of my seclusion. How disappointing for a man that was able to walk out of the valley alive and created a miracle.” Yang Zhi showed a face of disgust and ridicule, completely not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes.

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