Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1496 – It has just begun

Chapter 1496 – It has just begun

It has just begun

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As Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on Dongfang Yu, he couldn’t help but nod. Such a figure was already a superior being. If one said that his late Immortal Emperor realm wasn’t sufficient to earn the recognition of others, then with his t.i.tle as an alchemist, everything became different. To put it bluntly, Dongfang Yu was on par with Yang Zanqing’s status in Genius Prefecture.

Even if Yang Zanqing saw Dongfang Yu, he would have to address him as ‘brother’. Even the Emperor of Great Qian Emperor would have to show him proper respect if he saw him.

Moreover, the fact that Dongfang Yu could set such a harsh criteria for recruiting disciples showed that he was a great figure. It indicated that not only was his concoction technique phenomenal, but his strength was also incomparably powerful. Only a great figure like him have the courage and capability to set that kind of standards.

“Despite his simple gesture, he still showed incredible Qi and composure. He’s really a great expert.”

Jiang Chen said. To be a great alchemist, one must first have a great disposition; the disposition that Dongfang Yu had was firm and unparalleled to any ordinary expert.

“That’s of course. Dongfang Yu has always been low-profile, however he has a pivotal position in the whole Great Qian Empire, no weaker than Yang Zanqing’s. Plus, his cultivation base has already reached the peak of late Immortal Emperor realm, only a step away from the half-step Immortal Venerable realm.” Said Yang Bufan.

As the Evil Lord, there was no doubt that he had loads of pride. There were only a few people that could get his attention. There were even fewer people that could gain his respect. Yang Zanqing was one and this Dongfang Yu was the second.

“That should be the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire?” Jiang Chen gazed at the youth with a dragon crown and asked.

“That’s right. That man is the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire, Yun Zhangxiao. A well-known genius in Eastern Profound Domain that is on par with the Crown Prince and King Ping. Moreover, his reputation is even greater than the Crown Prince and King Ping, because not only is his combat strength outstanding, he is also an incomparably powerful alchemist. The reason why his reputation was able to transcend the Crown Prince’s and King Ping’s must be because of his skill in alchemy. Our Great Qian Empire and Great Cloud Empire has always been at odds with each other. There are always battles between us. This Yun Zhangxiao must have come prepared. He surely want to utilize his superb skill in alchemy to put Great Qian Empire to shame, and undermine the morale of Genius Prefecture.”

Spoke Yang Bufan. With his shrewdness, how could he not discern the motive of Yun Zhangxiao? The most important thing between the battle of the two empires was morale. Once one dominate the other in terms of morale, one would surely be able to gain the upper hand. Yun Zangxiao understood that the root of Great Qian Empire was Genius Prefecture. If he could deal a huge blow to the morale of Genius Prefecture and humiliate them, he would undoubtedly reach his goal.

To put it in another way, raising their own morale was the concern. If Yun Zhangxiao succeeded in dealing a huge blow to Genius Prefecture, then the geniuses of Great Cloud Empire would surely feel superior whenever they saw the geniuses of Great Qian Empire in the future. They would feel proud and disdain the people of Great Qian Empire.

“This man is obstinate and unruly. His eyes were s.h.i.+mmering with a cunning light. He also has a ruthless aura radiating from him. He can already be considered as a figure,” Jiang Chen commented.

He seldom praised people, but this seventh prince was clearly a figure. Everyone that appeared here today were the top geniuses of Eastern Profound Domain. This opened Jiang Chen’s eyes. The difference between Eastern Profound Domain and One-Line-Sky was too tremendous. Both of them were absolutely at two different levels.

“Look at the one standing next to Yun Zhangxiao. His cultivation base is almost similar to Dongfang Yu. He’s also a powerful expert who has reached the peak of late Immortal Emperor realm. He’s called Yun Canglan, a supreme expert of Great Cloud Empire. Apart from coming here to see how we will be turned into a laughing stock, he has also come here to ensure Yun Zhangxiao’s safety. After all, Yun Zhangxiao is very important to Great Cloud Empire.”

Said Yang Bufan. Although he had been away for ten years, he still knew a lot about Eastern Profound Domain, especially those famous figures.

“Now that we are here, there must be something that we can do. What’s the situation now?”

Jiang Chen asked curiously. This Yun Zhangxiao seemed to have arrived here for quite some time now. It was impossible for him to keep standing there for so long. Presumably, something had already happened before this.

“Do you see those genius alchemists brought by Yun Zhangxiao? They had already competed with the geniuses of Dan Prefecture, but no victor could be decided. Of course, this is merely a warm up. I’m afraid that the good show is just about to start. Yun Zhangxiao certainly didn’t come here just to let only a few of his geniuses compete. He knew better than anyone that the forces of Great Qian Empire and his empire didn’t differ much. We have whatever they have. It’s delusional to think that he could humiliate Dan Prefecture by just casually sending out a few alchemists.” Yang Bufan said with a smile.

“It seems like Yun Zhangxiao is about to make a move. He had especially come here to challenge the young alchemists of Dan Prefecture. As for Dongfang Yu and those elders of Dan Prefecture, it’s inappropriate for them to partic.i.p.ate in this battle. I wonder if there’s a genius in Dan Prefecture that can deal with Yun Zhangxiao.” Jiang Chen asked with curiosity

“There’s one man. Look over there. He’s called Xuanzhong, the big senior brother in Dan Prefecture, an expert with a peak early Immortal Emperor realm cultivation base. Although he is normally low-profiled, he’s the real deal. In a real right, I don’t think that I’m a match for him. That man’s combat strength is horrifying and he’s also a first-cla.s.s alchemist. He’s the hope of Dan Prefecture. If there’s anyone who could fight Yun Zhangxiao in the battle of alchemy, Xuanzhong is undoubtedly the one.”

Said Yang Bufan. His eyes fell on the youth next to Dongfang Yu. This man looked extremely ordinary. No one would be able to notice him in the crowd. If one looked closely, this man was full of demonic essence. There was some kind of inexplicable attraction from his body. Anyone who gave him a second look couldn’t help paying him attention.

Just like what Yang Bufan had said, XuanZhong was the hope of Dan Prefecture. He was calm, indifferent and expressionless. It was afraid that only XuanZhong amongst the young generation in Genius Prefecture could fight with Yun Zhangxiao in the aspect of alchemy.

“Master Dongfang, sure enough, your disciples are worthy of their name. Each of them is an elite. We have already competed for three consecutive rounds, but no winner could still be decided, however, those matches is just a warm-up. I would like to see if there’s anyone in Dan Prefecture who dares to battle me.”

The Seventh prince, Yun Zhangxiao spoke. He was ready to fight, which meant that the match had just started. The three matches before was merely a warm-up. The real excitement was just about to start.

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