Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1495 – Dongfang Yu

Chapter 1495 – Dongfang Yu

Dongfang Yu

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Dan Prefecture wasn’t located at the centermost of Genius Prefecture. Instead, it was located on the border. Dan Prefecture was located precisely at the glowing mountain peak.

This mountain peak was extremely extraordinary looking at it from afar. The whole summit was enshrouded by sunglow. In fact, these colourful light wasn’t a real sunglow. It was the medicinal Qi radiated by different spiritual herbs. There were countless of spiritual herbs there. Most of them were worth a city. Some of the rare herbs of the Heaven and Earth could no longer be measured by value.

Currently, there were shadows of people everywhere in Dan Prefecture. Many of them were fascinated by the scenery of Dan Prefecture as it’s their first time coming at the place. The spiritual herbs that were grown on all over the mountain made their mouths wide open.

Normally, Dan Prefecture was always closed to the public. There was a layer of invisible seal outside the mountain peak that concealed all of these. Today, the seal was unlocked, allowing countless of disciples to feast their eyes on the extraordinary place.

“Look, that’s the Iceberg Snow Lotus. This type of spiritual herb only existed on very cold places. I didn’t expect it to grow here. It was specially created by the experts who cultivated ice attribute. There are a total of nine Iceberg Snow Lotus. Truly amazing.”

“Look at that! Look! That’s the Dragon Ginseng! That’s too precious.”

“My G.o.d! Dan Prefecture is worthy of its name. There are so many precious treasures growing in this place. Many of them only exist in legends. Numerous types of environment have been created, allowing these spiritual herbs of different attributes to grow at the same time. That’s the real deal. That’s truly the real deal.”


Numerous disciples were amazed and shocked by the grandeur of Dan Prefecture, especially the geniuses who practiced alchemy. They couldn’t help but be stimulated by these things. Silently, they decided that one day, they would enter Dan Prefecture to cultivate. As alchemists, being able to cultivate in a place like Dan Prefecture was worth more than anything.

One should know that apart from the geniuses who came from royal families of Great Qian Empire, most of them were recruited from various factions in the empire. Every one of them was the best of the best, especially the alchemists, who were the most favoured ones in the past.

In other words, given their past status and ident.i.ty, they had experience what was beyond ordinary. But right now, even they, were shocked to such an extent. This showed how powerful Dan Prefecture actually was.

At this time, Jiang Chen arrived at the peak of the mountain. Like the other disciples, he was astounded by the spiritual herbs that blanketed the mountain as well.

They kept on looking around as if they were countrymen who had just entered the city for the first time. The opportunity to visit Dan Prefecture had truly widened their scope of knowledge.

“There are so many spiritual herbs. The spiritual herbs here are too precious and they are all over the mountain. There isn’t even an ordinary one. Truly amazing.”

“I have never seen so many spiritual herbs before. This scene is truly shocking. This explained why this is the supreme department of Genius Prefecture. It’s simply a dream to be able to cultivate in this place.”

“Awesome. I never thought that our Genius Prefecture still has such a powerful force.”


Dong Fei and the other disciples had similar reactions. Every word they used expressed their current feelings. That was called excitement. Their eyes sparkled. Being disciples of Genius Prefecture, they felt proud that Genius Prefecture had such a powerful force.

Big Yellow didn’t speak anything, but the frequency of his shaking st.u.r.dy tail had increased. Both of his eyes were about to shoot out light. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d glanced to his left and right before pouncing on a dragon ginseng the height of approximately two humans below.

Jiang Chen responded quickly by catching Big Yellow’s tail. He knew this b.a.s.t.a.r.d too well. That was why he had been keeping tabs on Big Yellow’s moves ever since they arrived at this mountain peak. If he let this dog cause havoc, he was afraid that the higher ups of Dan Prefecture will spurt out blood and may flay this dog alive.

“Little Chen, why are you pulling my tail?” Big Yellow turned his head and gnashed his teeth.

“Stupid dog, behave yourself.” Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow’s head without hesitation. Now that the seventh prince had come to challenge the alchemy of Dan Prefecture, every genius had converged on this place. If this dog caused chaos at this time, it would only be asking for troubles.

Seeing Jiang Chen was about to go mad, Big Yellow turned a little more obedient, but the dog’s eyes were still scanning the herbs below with his mouth drooling. Fortunately, this dog knew that this was not the time to cause any unnecessary troubles.

“There are so many spiritual herbs here. Many are the days to come.” Big Yellow licked his lips, seeming to have memorized all the spiritual herbs.

Just by looking around, one would find that their were geniuses everywhere. At the front most, Jiang Chen saw Yang Bufan. He then immediately flew over and came to his side.

“Little Chen, you have come.” Yang Bufan greeted with a smile.

“How can I miss such a major event? What’s the situation now?”

Jiang Chen asked. His eyes stared ahead. At the top of the mountain was a magnificent golden palace. In front of the palace was a square that was already occupied with people at the moment. Some of them wore the same uniform – golden Dan uniform. They should be the people of Dan Prefecture. Standing at the front was an elder who looked fifty-plus years old, imposing and vigorous. Jiang Chen could tell that this was a powerhouse by just a glance. He was a late Immortal Emperor expert.

A mighty late Immortal Emperor expert absolutely had an unparalleled status in Genius Prefecture. Plus, he was a member of Dan Prefecture. Next to the elder stood several more genius alchemists. All of them were the best of the best. Besides their superb alchemy skills, their cultivation base had also reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm.

Opposite of them stood seven or eight people. Their faces weren’t friendly, especially the one who was at the front. He seemed to be only twenty plus years old. He wore a luxurious robe, and a dragon crown on his head. The Qi his body exuded was incomparably powerful and wasn’t any weaker than the Crown Prince’s or King Ping’s. His face was showing a provocative expression and boundless arrogance. That was a kind of arrogance that didn’t put people in his eyes.

It went without saying that this was the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire. Those who followed the seventh prince were also powerful alchemists with a half-step Immortal Emperor realm cultivation bases. These people could almost represent the young generation of Eastern Profound Domain. Any one of them was the genius of the geniuses and the best of the best.

At the same time, standing next to the seventh prince was a mighty late Immortal Emperor expert. Having such a powerful expert following him indicated their fear of seventh prince receiving harm if he went alone to Great Qian Empire.

“Let me introduce them to you. That elder is the Master of Dan Prefecture, Dongfang Yu, a late Immortal Emperor expert. His skill in alchemy has already reached the acme of perfection. He’s highly respected by everyone and has unparalleled position in Genius Prefecture.”

Yang Bufan said, introducing the elder who stood at the front. With the elder’s late Immortal Emperor realm cultivation base alone, he would be respected wherever he went.

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