Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1497 – Holy Flame Emperor Pill

Chapter 1497 – Holy Flame Emperor Pill

Holy Flame Emperor Pill

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“I wonder what the seventh prince would propose for a battle.” Dongfang Yu asked. His tone was clearly unfriendly. Of course, there was no need for one to be kind to the enemy.

“Very simple. As long as someone from your prefecture can concoct the same type of pill that is higher rank than mine, you win. What say you?” said Yun Zhangxiao with a smile.

His smile seemed very confident. This was the simplest and most direct way of competing. There was basically nothing much to talk about.

“Sure, but I wonder what type of pill the seventh prince wants us to concoct.” Dongfang Yu asked.

He had no reason to refuse it. Since the opponent had come here to issue a challenge, Dan Prefecture would have to accept it no matter what kind of challenge the opponent would put forward. Only this could show the strength and status of Dan Prefecture.

Yun Zhangxiao put his hands behind his back with an incredibly proud face. He casually looked around in disdain that made people want to beat him up. Of course, they understood that the seventh prince had all the right to be arrogant.

After looking around, Yun Zhangxiao’s eyes fell on Xuan Zhong, then said: “I could see that only Xuan Zhong is eligible to be a match for me in your entire prefecture. I wonder if Brother Xuan dares to accept my challenge.”

Xuan Zhong was the only opponent of Yun Zhangxiao. To put it bluntly, apart from dampening the morale of Genius Prefecture, he had also come to challenge Xuan Zhong. If he could defeat Xuan Zhong, the big senior brother of Dan Prefecture, not only could he weaken the morale of Genius Prefecture, but also create an enormous sense of superiority and pride within him. Defeating Xuan Zhong would make him feel invincible. Such a feeling would surely bring him an unprecedented confidence that would bring him tremendous benefits. It might even aid him in breaking through the realm, reaching the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

Xuan Zhong took a step forward and came out of Dongfang Yu’s side. His face was expressionless. He looked at the seventh prince and couldn’t help but reveal a blazing light. Clearly, his fighting spirit had already been ignited. Every genius had a compet.i.tive heart, but this genius was most lacking was a worthy opponent. Whether it was Xuan Zhong or Yun Zhangxiao, their skill in alchemy always made them feel invincible amongst their peers.

Yun Zhangxiao had regarded Xuan Zhong as his opponent. In his heart, it was his long cherished goal to fight an opponent like Xuan Zhong.

“I accept your challenge.”

Xuan Zhong spoke with extreme confidence. In the face of a strong enemy, the last thing he could do was to show timidness. Everyone knew that he represented not just himself, but the whole Genius Prefecture, or even the Great Qian Empire. Meanwhile, since Yun Zhangxiao was the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire, he’s the representative of Great Cloud Empire.

Dongfang Yu and the other elders nodded secretly. They had nothing to say about this person, except praise. They had watched Xuan Zhong’s growth. They naturally understood him incomparably well, and knew his scariness. Letting him fight Yun Zhangxiao was most appropriate. Just like Yun Zhangxiao had said, only Xuan Zhong could be his opponent in the entire young generation of Dan Prefecture. Whether Dan Prefecture liked it or not, this was an irrefutable fact.

“Good. Senior Brother Xuan Zhong has unusual Qi, and that Qi isn’t any weaker than the seventh prince. I hope that Senior Brother Xuan Zhong could defeat the seventh prince and raise the prestige of Genius Prefecture.”

“The seventh prince isn’t easy to deal with, but Senior Brother Xuan Zhong is also pretty incredible. Just based on the psychic beast fire, this is a type of an incomparably strong flame that aids in alchemy. Plus, Senior Brother Xuan Zhong’s cultivation realm is the same as the seventh prince, peak-early Immortal Emperor realm. It seems like there’s only Senior Brother Xuan Zhong that could fight this seventh prince.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. This seventh prince has obviously come prepared. He won’t be so easy to be deal with. If Senior Brother Xuan Zhong lost, it will deal a great blow to the entire Genius Prefecture. This is the purpose of the seventh prince – to dampen our morale . If he succeeds, it will undoubtedly raise the morale of Great Cloud Empire. At that time, it will appear that our height will be an inch lower than theirs.”


Numerous people voiced their opinions. Those who understood Xuan Zhong revealed firm confidence on their faces, especially the geniuses of Dan Prefecture. They knew the capability of Xuan Zhong and felt that Xuan Zhong would win, but sadly, they didn’t quite understand Xuan Zhong’s opponent, the seventh prince.

Because of this, most of their faces were filled with worries. Currently, the seventh prince had certainly come prepared. Even with Xuan Zhong’s presence, the situation didn’t seem safe. Once they lost, it would be a huge blow to Genius and Dan Prefecture.

“In that case, let’s begin. I wonder what Brother Xuan have in mind. You can choose one type of pill. You can even choose the pill that you excel at and have the best chance of defeating me.”

The seventh prince looked over at Xuan Zhong. His words were full of provocation. He seemed too confident and fearless, like there was nothing in this Heaven and Earth that he couldn’t concoct, as though he could perfectly concoct the pill even if it was selected by Xuan Zhong.

“Seventh prince has come all the way here. It will be better if you select your own pill,” Xuan Zhong said.

Such a decision appeared to be magnanimous and admirable. This also represented the decision of the whole Dan Prefecture, its magnanimity had to be perfectly displayed.

“Alright, in that case, I won’t be polite anymore. With our concoction technique, it will be hard to decide the winner by concocting ordinary pills. Since we are in a fight, we will raise the bar higher. I know a type of pill named Holy Flame Emperor Pill. How about we fight by concocting this kind of pill?”

Yun Zhangxiao spoke. When he mentioned the name of the pill, his eyes shone with a strange light.

“What? Holy Flame Emperor Pill? That’s a legendary pill. It’s very hard to concoct.”

“The Holy Flame Emperor Pill is a peak Emperor Grade Pill. It can already be compared to ordinary Venerable Grade Pill. Furthermore, this pill is extremely difficult to concoct. Aside from its precious ingredients, the process is incomparably c.u.mbersome. It also greatly demands the control of soul power. More importantly, flame is the root of making this pill. The reason why this pill contained the word ‘Holy Flame’ was that it absorbs the essence of the flame and integrates it with medicinal power, maximizing the effect of the pill. In other words, without the support of a powerful flame, one wouldn’t be able to concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.”

“The Holy Flame Emperor Pill has the effect of remolding oneself. Even a useless person can be turned into a genius after taking this pill. The medicinal power of the pill can alter a person’s physical composition. The energy in the pill is boundlessly beneficial. Most importantly, there’s flame essence in the pill that normally couldn’t be absorbed directly by people, but if it was integrated into the pill, it will then become absorbable. Using the Holy Flame to shape one’s physique is a perfect method. If a peak half-step Immortal Emperor has the chance of taking this Holy Flame Emperor Pill, there’s an 80% chance for the person to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm.”

“The psychic beast fire of Senior Brother Xuan Zhong is also an extremely powerful flame. It should be able to support the concoction of Holy Flame Emperor Pill. I don’t know what kind of grade his pill will be, however. If there’s a slight carelessness, the pill and those valuable herbs will only go to waste. This is also why ordinary alchemist dared not to try concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, because they can’t afford to waste those herbs. Those ingredients are way too precious.”


Once the name of the pill came out of the seventh prince’s mouth, a pandemonium broke out, especially within the young alchemists. They had a good understanding of this legendary Emperor Grade Pill, and knew the difficulty of this pill.

Sure enough, Yun Zhangxiao had prepared well before his arrival. He must have a certainty in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill. This explained why he dared to come here and issued a challenge. While most of them were shocked, they were also filled with antic.i.p.ation. Being able to witness two great alchemists concocting a pill that existed only in the legends was unprecedented.

“It seems like the seventh prince is confident in concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.”

Dongfang Yu said. His expression was calm, but one could also find a trace of worry in the depths of his eyes. This was because he knew that Xuan Zhong hadn’t tried concocting the Holy Flame Emperor Pill, let alone having a certainty in making one after his first try.

“I’m still experimenting. As an alchemist, if I don’t even dare to try, it means that I look down even on myself. And given the capability of mine and Brother Xuan, if I don’t raise the difficulty level, what’s the point of all of these? Don’t you think so, Master Dongfang?” Yun Zhangxiao said with a smile, giving Dongfang Yu no reason to reject.

“Very well. We will concoct the Holy Flame Emperor Pill then.”

Xuan Zhong’s Qi fluctuated and agreed. It only showed that he was also antic.i.p.ating this match.

“Xuan Zhong, do you have certainty?” An elder of Dan Prefecture asked, knowing that this match involved the honor of the whole Genius Prefecture.

“No, but I would still like to try it. Since it’s the seventh prince’s idea, if I refuse it, it would be no different than admitting defeat.” Xuan Zhong said. Someone like him would never concede defeat. It was even impossible for him to give up without fighting.

“Elder Liu. Go and prepare the herbs for the Holy Flame Emperor Pill.”

Dongfang Yu said to an intermediate Immortal Emperor elder beside him. Just like Xuan Zhong had said, since it was the idea of the seventh prince, they had no reason to oppose it, because it was the same as giving up the fight, which would be more shameful than admitting defeat.

“Little Chen, what do you think?” Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen.

“Xuan Zhong may lose.” Jiang Chen said.

“How can you be so sure?” Yang Bufan said.

“Yun Zhangxiao has clearly come prepared. He must have concocted the Holy Flame Emperor Pill in private, and the pills surely weren’t low grade. As for Xuan Zhong, this is obviously his first time concocting this legendary pill. The concoction of this pill is extremely harsh and it requires the support of an incredibly strong flame and soul power. Even if there’s no accident, Xuan Zhong still won’t win.” Jiang Chen said.

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