Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1494 – The Seventh Prince of The Great Cloud Empire

Chapter 1494 – The Seventh Prince of The Great Cloud Empire

The Seventh Prince of The Great Cloud Empire

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Of course, in Yu Hao and many people’s heart, Jiang Chen wasn’t going to take part in the examination of Dan Prefecture. It was true that almost all the top geniuses of Great Qian Empire had converged on Genius Prefecture, and there were also quite a lot of alchemists, but these alchemists were weak in combat strength. For someone who had a combat strength as strong as Jiang Chen, anyone would think that Jiang Chen had put all his concentration in cultivation. How could he have spared efforts to concoct pills?

However, no one knew that Jiang Chen was an old ancestor alchemist in the past. And with the blessing of the Great Soul Derivation Technique, concoction was an incomparably easy thing for him. He could even concoct a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. It was hard to find something in this world that he couldn’t concoct.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s courtyard was quiet. He was trying hard to taste the true Immortal King realm. His cultivation base had already reached the peak of half-step Immortal King realm, leaving him only a step away from the true Immortal King realm. He was now left with the last two thousands dragon marks and could advance to the true Immortal King realm at any time.

At this moment, Dong Fei walked in.

“Is there anything, Dong Fei?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Senior Brother Jiang, Yu Hao of Crown Prince Palace and Yang Zhi of King Ping Prefecture have exited their seclusion. They are both half-step Immortal Emperor experts. Recently, the friction between us and the Crown Prince and King Ping Prefecture has been fierce. I’m afraid that the two of them will do something to harm you.” Dong Fei said.

“No worries. If they dare to come and cause me trouble, I will make them regret it.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Given his current cultivation base, it was already enough for him to deal with half-step Immortal Emperor geniuses. The compet.i.tion in the outer prefecture had always been intense. Crown Prince Palace and King Ping Prefecture had been oppressed by him in this period of time. It was time for someone from their forces to step up.

“But as far as I know, they have left their seclusion for the sake of entering Dan Prefecture, because both of them are strong alchemists,” Dong Fei said.

“Oh? Where’s that Dan Prefecture at?” Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled and asked curiously.

“It seems like Senior Brother Jiang wasn’t told about this yet. Dan Prefecture is a department for special existences in Genius Prefecture. A high and mighty place that only powerful alchemists are qualified to enter. Every time Dan Prefecture recruits disciples, the quota is restricted to only one. Naturally, the standard of selecting their candidate is also extremely harsh. Those who want to partic.i.p.ate in the examination must not only have a superb concoction technique, but must also have an incredible combat strength. One must be extremely outstanding in both areas before they can be chosen by Dan Prefecture,” answered Dong Fei.

Jiang Chen could feel the solemnity and fear from Dong Fei’s face when he talked about Dan Prefecture. This only showed the position that Dan Prefecture had occupied in Genius Prefecture.

“Restricted to only one every time?”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes, a strong interest in Dan Prefecture have blossomed in his heart. The standard requirement a candidate should have already showed how horrifying and n.o.ble this department was. If he could enter Dan Prefecture, he would be able to expedite the development of King Fan Prefecture.

The most important thing in cultivation was resources. The Heaven and Earth spiritual herbs and supreme saint pills were the best resources. These were the foundation of a major power. It was imaginable that Dan Prefecture played an important role not only to Genius Prefecture, but also to the entire Great Qian Empire. Any alchemist in Dan Prefecture was a powerful representative. Not only their concoction technique was first-rate, their combat strength was also tremendously terrifying. As long as they walked out of Genius Prefecture, they would become the pillar of the empire. Even if they stayed in Genius Prefecture, they could already make a great contribution to the empire with just their pills alone.

To Jiang Chen, entering Dan Prefecture would bring him two benefits. One was to develop his network. Controlling the connection in Dan Prefecture was equivalent to controlling the best talent in the empire. When the time came, King Fan Prefecture would soar no matter what.

Another benefit was of course for himself. The difficulty of cultivating the dragon transformation skill was incomparably hard. It required too many cultivation resources. Dan Prefecture was no doubt the most abundant department in Genius Prefecture. This was already an unquestionable fact.

“That’s correct Senior Brother Jiang. There’s only one quota for each recruitment. This has always been one of the conditions of Dan Prefecture. Although there are very few people in Dan Prefecture, every one of them were distinguished individuals,” Dong Fei added.

“How long from before the examination of Dan Prefecture?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Seven days,” Dong Fei replied.

Immediately, he grasped the meaning in Jiang Chen’s words, his eyes lit up. “Could it be that Senior Brother Jiang wants to take part in the examination of Dan Prefecture? Does this mean that Senior Brother Jiang is also an alchemist?”

Dong Fei’s eyes remained wide after saying these words, because he didn’t feel that it was possible. After all, Jiang Chen’s combat strength was too horrifying and he had never heard or seen that Jiang Chen knew alchemy.

“Why can’t I become an alchemist? Since Dan Prefecture is recruiting disciples, I will naturally have to compete for it.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Dong Fei froze. After taking a breath, he spoke in astonishment, “My Goodness! Senior Brother Jiang is actually an alchemist. If this goes out, I don’t know how many people will be shocked. A genius with monstrous combat strength is also a high-ranking alchemist. This is going to unsettle everyone.”

Dong Fei couldn’t help but be shocked and was unable to keep his calm. The existence of Jiang Chen had overturned his past perception of the world. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t lying to him, because Jiang Chen simply didn’t need to lie.

He had to admit that there were loads of things in this world that couldn’t be judged with common sense. For example, he had never seen a half-step Immortal King genius who could defeat an ordinary half-step Immortal Emperor with ease.

But very quickly, he regained his composure. Jiang Chen could even walk out of the forbidden valley. What else was impossible for him? The existence of this man was already a miracle. Which was why he was always able to produce miracles.

“Dong Fei, thank you for telling me this news. You can leave now. I’m going to need a quiet s.p.a.ce,” Jiang Chen said.


Dong Fei clasped his fists at Jiang Chen, then walked out of the courtyard. He now had an incomparable respect for Jiang Chen. Also, Jiang Chen had become his idol long ago. Sometimes, the root of respect stemmed from fear. The most appropriate word to describe Dong Fei’s current feelings was “in awe”. He would never dare interrupt Jiang Chen’s retreat even if he has a lot of guts.

After Dong Fei left, the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a trace of a faint smile, he then muttered: “Dan Prefecture. It’s surely a good place. It seems like my trip to Genius Prefecture isn’t in vain after all.”

Jiang Chen was filled with antic.i.p.ation of the examination and the resources of Dan Prefecture. There were boundless benefits waiting for him inside. At the same time, he antic.i.p.ated even more to clash with those first-cla.s.s geniuses. If that was the case, he would never be bored anymore.

Three days later!

*Dong…* *Dong…* *Dong…*

Continuous knock on the door had disturbed Jiang Chen’s seclusion.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes. Two rays of cold light shot out. When in seclusion, he hated being disturbed the most. He waved his hand and the door of the courtyard opened by itself. Three people came in. The leader among them was Dong Fei.

“You all better give me a good reason.” Jiang Chen said plainly.

If these three couldn’t give him a proper explanation, he would definitely break their legs.

“Brother… Brother Jiang, the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire has come.” Dong Fei said cautiously.

“What does it have to do with me?”

Jiang Chen’s anger remained unabated. He knew that there were three great empires in Eastern Profound Domain. The Great Cloud Empire was a major power that was as powerful as Great Qian Empire, but this seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire was totally unrelated to him.

Feeling Jiang Chen’s fury, Dong Fen spoke hastily. “Let me explain Senior Brother Jiang, this seventh prince is a peerless genius of Great Cloud Empire. He has already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm at a young age, on a par with the Crown Prince and King Ping. Not only that, this seventh prince is also a powerful alchemist. He has come here this time to challenge the alchemy of Dan Prefecture. To put it bluntly, he wants to humiliate Great Qian Empire with his skill in alchemy. Right now, the seventh prince is in Dan Prefecture. Many disciples from outer and inner prefecture have already gone there to watch the show. Three days ago, Senior Brother Jiang told me that you want to join Dan Prefecture as well. So I think that I should inform you about this matter.”

Upon hearing this, the anger in Jiang Chen’s eyes gradually vanished. He had to say that this was indeed a major event. At least, this was enough to attract Jiang Chen’s attention. He had been very interested in Dan Prefecture. This would be a good opportunity for him to witness the capability of Dan Prefecture.

Moreover, this seventh prince had obviously come prepared for the purpose of humiliating Great Qian Empire. That means that there was going to be a battle of alchemy. This was something worth watching. It would be Jiang Chen’s first time seeing a young Immortal Emperor realm alchemist.

Upon noticing that Jiang Chen’s fury had receded, Dong Fei and his friends let out a sigh of relief. Under the envelopment of Jiang Chen’s fury, they felt that they were too insignificant and could suffocate at any time.

“Let’s go and watch the show then.” Jiang Chen said and rose from the big rock.


At this time, a ray of golden light rushed out from a room in the other courtyard. It was Big Yellow. He had also been in seclusion to digest the essence in the Immortal Execution Sword. His cultivation base had improved once more.

“What kind of show? How can Master Dog be excluded from it?”

Big Yellow shook his st.u.r.dy tail. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d always liked watching bustling scenes the most. Additionally, it was the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire who had arrived here. It was a rare event in Genius Prefecture.

Under the lead of Dong Fei, they flew towards the direction of Dan Prefecture. They had met lots of people who were also rus.h.i.+ng to Dan Prefecture on the way. It seemed like they were going there to watch the show as well.

“Senior Brother Jiang, Dan Prefecture is an important place in Genius Prefecture. No outsiders are allowed to go near it during normal days. Due to the recent arrival of the seventh prince of Great Cloud Empire, Dan Prefecture has opened up the prefecture for all. Any disciple is allowed to enter and watch. If Dan Prefecture chooses to close its place instead, I’m afraid that people may think that Dan Prefecture is scared of the seventh prince.” Dong Fei said.

Jiang Chen nodded secretly, he understood very well what Dong Fei said. This was a matter that involved the face of the empire. In the face of such provocation, everyone in the whole Genius Prefecture was qualified to partic.i.p.ate.

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