Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1493 – The Standard of Dan Prefecture

Chapter 1493 – The Standard of Dan Prefecture

The Standard of Dan Prefecture

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For the next few days, the outer prefecture hadn’t been peaceful and was getting more and more shaken up. The news of Jiang Chen walking out of the valley had already spread on every corner of Genius Prefecture that even a mouse knew about it. Everyone who entered Genius Prefecture more or less possessed certain luck. So each of them had a certain understanding of it, knowing that luck was an abstruse thing that existed. The fact that Jiang Chen walked out of the valley was already enough to show that his luck was extraordinary.

Adding the fact that King Fan had advanced to Immortal Emperor realm and was on par with the Crown Prince in their battle, everyone was able to tell King Fan’s potential. That was why a dozen of them wanted to join King Fan Prefecture. Additionally, Jiang Chen was the trusted follower of King Fan, the forces of King Fan Prefecture was basically under the control of Jiang Chen. Therefore, the place where Jiang Chen lived had been visited by many geniuses, asking to join King Fan Prefecture, and rely on King Fan and Jiang Chen.

In these short few days, more than 80 geniuses had joined King Fan Prefecture. Undoubtedly, this was an incomparably powerful force. One should know that each of them was at Immortal King realm. If anyone of them walked out of Genius Prefecture, they could surely cause a stir wherever they went as these geniuses were specially picked by Genius Prefecture.

The biggest forces in Genius Prefecture were still the Crown Prince Palace and King Ping Prefecture. Currently, King Fan Prefecture was still only gradually establis.h.i.+ng. Many of them believed that it wouldn’t take long for King Fan Prefecture’s force to be on par with Crown Prince and King Ping Palace.

If there are forces, there would certainly be compet.i.tion. The relations.h.i.+p amongst King Ping, the Crown Prince and King Fan were nothing more than compet.i.tion. Now that King Fan Prefecture’s force was growing, the compet.i.tion amongst the disciples would surely intensify. This was an unavoidable fact, and had always existed in Genius Prefecture.

“d.a.m.n! The people of King Fan Prefecture are too arrogant. They actually dared to bully the people of Crown Prince Palace.”

In the corner of the outer prefecture, one person was incomparably angry. The corner of his mouth was full of blood. It seemed like he had been beaten up by the people of King Fan Prefecture not long ago. There were a few geniuses of the Crown Prince Palace beside him.

“All along, it has been us, the geniuses of Crown Prince Palace who bullied the others. No one had ever dared to bully us. These people of King Fan Prefecture have truly become audacious.”

“Ai! That Jiang Chen is just too strong. We are no match for him.’

“Let’s go find Senior Brother Yu. Senior Brother Yu Hao has been in seclusion. He should have gone out by now. We’ll let Senior Brother Yu Hao help us vent our anger.”

“That’s right. Senior Brother Yu is already a half-step Immortal Emperor expert. That Jiang Chen is certainly no match for him.”


A few people spoke, then rushed furiously to the direction of a certain courtyard. The forces of Crown Prince Palace in outer prefecture was huge and naturally composed of lots of experts. This Yu Hao was one of them, but those half-step Immortal Emperors in outer prefecture would normally not emerge. They usually put cultivation on top of their list. At their level, there was nothing more interesting to them than breaking through to the Immortal Emperor realm. Once they succeeded in becoming an Immortal Emperor expert, they would be able to enter the inner prefecture, and gain access to better cultivation resources and status.

Many of the pillars of the society, generals and commanders of Great Qian Empire came from Genius Prefecture. As long as they could become a mighty Immortal Emperor, they would be able to leave Genius Prefecture, become a true talent, truly showing their own value.

The fights among the three great empires of Eastern Profound Domain were incessant. A war would break out after a long period of time. Genius Prefecture played a vital role as the backbone of the Great Qian Empire.

In the courtyard, Yu Hao wore a green robe, seemingly only twenty seven or eight years old. Despite his loose clothes, it still couldn’t cover up his bulging muscles. His skin was somewhat dark and he had an ordinary look, but his combat strength was very powerful. He had already reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm at a very young age. He was an extremely rare genius of outer prefecture.

Besides, he also looked very vigorous. It seemed that his recent seclusion had brought him quite a lot of benefits, and had made his cultivation base more refined.

“Senior Brother Yu, you have to seek justice for us. No one has ever dared to bully the geniuses of Crown Prince Palace.”

The disciple who was beaten up by the disciples of King Fan Prefecture spoke with grievance. The others, too, added their complaints about King Fan Prefecture into the conversation.

“Senior Brother Yu, that Jiang Chen has led the people of King Fan Prefecture to behave so arrogantly, putting no one in their eyes, causing chaos in the outer prefecture,” someone said.

“So, it’s that Jiang Chen who had walked out of the forbidden land alive? I already know him. This man isn’t simple at all, but if he wanted to dominate Crown Prince Palace with his current force, I’m afraid that he’s still far from being qualified. I have come out of seclusion for the sake of Dan Prefecture, however. It will be the recruitment day of Dan Prefecture seven days later. You all should know the harsh standard of Dan Prefecture very well. Every time, the compet.i.tion was incomparably fierce. Once I successfully entered Dan Prefecture, my status will change immediately. At that time, I will help you all teach that Jiang Chen a good lesson,” Yu Hao said.

Dan Prefecture was the most important department in Genius Prefecture. The condition of its recruitment was harsh. Every disciple who wants to enroll must not only have an incomparably powerful concoction technique, but must also have an incomparably powerful combat strength.

To put it bluntly, the people that Dan Prefecture wanted were those twisted ones. So, every time a person took part in the examination, that person must meet those two conditions – alchemy and combat strength. The candidate couldn’t lack either of them. This was the reason why there were so few people in Dan Prefecture, however, every one of them was an abnormal being, and the most elite of Genius Prefecture.

Dan Prefecture had the best cultivation resources, countless superior spiritual herbs and was the core department of Genius Prefecture and even the whole Great Qian Empire. It supported the supply of high-ranking pills to Great Qian Empire.

Naturally, there weren’t many alchemists in Genius Prefecture. Amongst countless of geniuses, only a few of them could be recruited. Joining Dan Prefecture was their most important goal and also a dream, because they knew very well that once they entered Dan Prefecture, their status and honour would surely skyrocket.

“Joining Dan Prefecture is truly a great thing. Comparing this to the previous incident, the latter is nothing, however it’s extremely difficult to join Dan Prefecture. Dan Prefecture will only recruit a single person every time. I heard that Yan Zhi of King Ping Prefecture has also been preparing for this for a long time. He will be the greatest compet.i.tor of Senior Brother Yu,” someone spoke.

Although Jiang Chen was someone they had to deal with, that matter wasn’t as important compared to joining Dan Prefecture. If Yu Hao could enter Dan Prefecture successfully, it would become so much easier to deal with Jiang Chen after that.

“Do you think that Jiang Chen will sign up for the examination of Dan Prefecture?” Someone asked.

“Don’t joke with me. The main condition of entering Dan Prefecture is to have a superb alchemy skill. If that Jiang Chen could also concoct pills, can he still be considered a human?”

“That’s correct. You should know how precious an alchemy skill is. It’s even rarer to find a high-level alchemist. Despite the fact that we have plenty of geniuses in Great Qian Empire, there are only so few alchemists among them. How can that Jiang Chen be an alchemist?”


In their eyes, Jiang Chen was already abnormal enough. Such a man should just put all his focus on cultivation. It was simply impossible for him to be an alchemist, because a truly high-ranking alchemist needed to devote most of his energy into alchemy. Some alchemists had even spent their whole lives on alchemy in order to have great achievements.

“Humph! If Jiang Chen took part in Dan Prefecture’s examination as well, I will definitely make him lose his face and teach him a good lesson.”

Yu Hao harrumphed coldly. He didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes at all. Whether it was in the aspect of combat strength or alchemy, he had a great sense of superiority.

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