Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1492 – Summoned by Yang Zanqing

Chapter 1492 – Summoned by Yang Zanqing

Summoned by Yang Zanqing

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Yang Bufan nodded. He and Jiang Chen were people who had experienced great storms. Even in the face of an existence as powerful as the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, they wouldn’t choose to retreat. Instead, the existence of the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape ignited their fighting spirit, and their desire to improve.

Yang Bufan’s body shook, then turned to Jiang Chen. “Little Chen, I just received a message from Master of Prefecture that he wants me to bring you to see him through divine sense.”

“Alright, let’s go then.” Jiang Chen was surprised.

Yang Zanqing was in charge of the whole Genius Prefecture and was the most respected figure in Great Qian Empire, a half-step Immortal Venerable supreme expert. He naturally cared about the matter of the forbidden valley the most. Presently, Jiang Chen had successfully walked out of the valley, shaking the whole Genius Prefecture. So it was only normal for Yang Zanqing to have such a reaction.

Under Yang Bufan’s lead, the two of them reached the highest place in Genius Prefecture – the cultivation place of Yang Zanqing. This spatial zone was created by Yang Zanqing himself. There weren’t many people who were qualified to enter this place. There were even lesser people who were invited by Yang Zanqing over.

In the palace, Yang Zanqing stood with his hands behind his back. Upon noticing that Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan had entered the palace, he slowly turned. As soon as he saw Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help but nod. He also knew about the incident in the King-Conferring Ceremony. Even with his eyesight, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was the most heaven defying genius he had ever met.

However, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was still weak, therefore Yang Zanqing didn’t have any intention to summon him back then. He wanted Jiang Chen to train on his own, however the news that Jiang Chen had successfully walked out of the valley had really shocked him. The secrets in the valley was too much of a temptation for him, which made it a must for him to summon Jiang Chen over.

“Greet Master of Prefecture.”

Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen clasped their fists at Yang Zanqing in unison. They wouldn’t dare show any neglect to such a revered figure in Genius Prefecture.

“En, Jiang Chen, I have heard that you were sent into the valley and had walked out of it successfully. I have summoned you here to explain some of the situation.”

Yang Zanqing went straight to the point. He was a forthright person and hated beating around the bush.

“My Lord, that valley was indeed evil. Strange things had happened there.” Jiang Chen said.

“What strange things?” Yang Zanqing asked.

He had once stepped onto that valley, but as soon as he got close to the edge of the valley, he could feel a tremendously dangerous Qi. As such, he retreated. He had taken charge of Genius Prefecture for a long time, but had never gone to that valley ever since. So, the situation inside the valley still remained a secret to him until now.

“I saw those disciples who had entered the valley. They were all killed and were controlled by some kind of force that turned them into living corpses, puppets. Disciple has been in the valley for half a month. Those living corpses never stopped appearing to kill this disciple. But luckily, disciple wasn’t killed by those living corpses, because the technique that disciple cultivated is the natural enemy of those living corpses.” Jiang Chen said, explaining about how he had fought those living corpses truthfully.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Yang Zanqing couldn’t help but sigh, feeling sorry for those disciples who had ventured into the valley. In his heart, those people were geniuses, the pillars of the empire and they would’ve all become useful individuals in the future, however none of them were excluded from death.

“It’s already amazing that you can stay alive there for half a month, but I want to know how you got out. Everyone knows that none of those people who entered that valley ever came out.”

Yang Zanqing looked at Jiang Chen with an unusual expression. This was his biggest concern. Like the others, he was eager to know how Jiang Chen actually got out of the valley.

“At that time, when the hidden force in the valley emerged and wanted to take this disciple’s life, another wave of force emerged and got this disciple out of danger, allowing this disciple to walk the earth once more.”

Jiang Chen lied solemnly. He could never say anything about the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape or Xiao w.a.n.gqing. So he could only make up such a lie.

Yang Bufan just stood at one side with a composed look, he had secretly raised a thumbs up at Jiang Chen, however. This guy sounded like he was telling the truth. One should know that no one had ever dared to lie in front of Yang Zanqing, because a figure like him could detect any kind of lies, however Yang Zanqing found no trace and flaw that Jiang Chen was lying.

Yang Zanqing accepted the mysterious force as the truth of the matter. In this Heaven and Earth, there were too many mysterious things that couldn’t be explained. Just like the forbidden valley. Those who had gone in had been turned into a living corpse. This phenomenon itself was incredibly mysterious. No one had ever discovered about this in three hundred years.

“According to what you have said, there are two types of different forces existing in that valley, but that force that saved your life didn’t emerge in the past, which was why those who had entered it previously all died. Jiang Chen, you have just escaped a certain death. Indeed, you are a man with great fortune.”

Yang Zanqing praised Jiang Chen. Regardless of what kind of secret existed in the valley, there was only one thing he was certain of – Jiang Chen had great luck. No matter what kind of means or methods Jiang Chen had used to get out of the valley, the fact that he successfully got out of it indicated that he was a person with soaring luck.

“Thanks Master of Prefecture for praising this disciple. But that valley is really sinister and evil. Disciple suggests that Master of Prefecture declare it as a very forbidden place, so that it will forbid everyone from entering it again in the future,” Jiang Chen said.

With the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape being imprisoned in it, there was basically no return if anyone went in. That place was h.e.l.l, a real place of burial.

“I know. Bufan, Jiang Chen, you all can leave now.”

Yang Zanqing waved his sleeve, gesturing for Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan to retreat. The secret of the valley was still a mystery, but it was a great thing that someone had walked out of it alive.

“Yes, Master of Prefecture.”

Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen responded simultaneously, then turned and left. Jiang Chen would never expose the secret no matter what, because he didn’t want to break the tranquillity and stability of Great Qian Empire.

“Little Chen, I have just advanced to Immortal Emperor, I still needed time to stabilize my cultivation base. I’ll leave the outer prefecture and the development of King Fan Prefecture to you.”

King Fan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, then flew towards his cultivation place. Letting Jiang Chen taking care of the outer prefecture made him feel most a.s.sured.

“Don’t worry.” Jiang Chen nodded. There were constant compet.i.tion in Genius Prefecture and he was a person who liked compet.i.tion.

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