Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1479 – Almost On a Par

Chapter 1479 – Almost On a Par

Almost On a Par

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There was a reason why the Crown Prince was able to stand out amongst so many princes. His talent transcended even the extraordinary people. From the perspective of outsiders, there were only the Crown Prince, King Ping and King Fan who could match each other’s strength.

“It seems like the Crown Prince and King Fan are going to fight. Who do you all think is more powerful?”

“Do you have to ask? It is definitely the Crown Prince. It’s true that both of them are geniuses of Great Qian Empire and has virtually the same talent, however, Crown Prince’s cultivation base has already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm, whereas King Fan has just advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. The gap within them surely isn’t small.”

“I think so too, but King Fan seems very strong as well. However, since the Crown Prince has emerged, it has basically become impossible for King Fan to kill Hu Yao.”


Upon seeing that the Crown Prince and King Fan was about to fight, numerous people couldn’t help guessing which one of these two young kings was more powerful. They didn’t have to talk much about Crown Prince who was already a peak-early Immortal Emperor. In a real fight, ordinary intermediate Immortal Emperors were certainly no match for him. As for King Fan, no one knew what he had gone through in the past ten years, but in any case, he had just advanced to the early Immortal Emperor realm. As such, there is indeed a certain gap between him and the Crown Prince.

Yang Bufan’s body moved slightly, shooting up to the sky like a piercing sword. He then gazed at the Crown Prince with a cold face.

“Crown Prince, since you want to protect Hu Yao, come up and fight.”

King Fan mounted a challenge. He wanted to fight the Crown Prince after just advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm. They were afraid that only King Fan had such audacity in the entire Genius Prefecture.

Arrogance and unruliness. For the man who was once the Evil Lord, he was also a fighting maniac. Today, the matter of Jiang Chen had put him in a very bad mood. If the Crown Prince insisted on interfering, there was definitely going to be a great fight. In that case, he could also take this opportunity to vent his anger and test his combat strength after becoming an Immortal Emperor.

This kind of testing his combat strength could only be done on an expert like the Crown Prince. If Crown Prince was replaced by an ordinary person, the battle would surely be pointless. The battle between Yang Bufan and the Crown Prince had already commenced back when Yang Bufan returned to Great Qian Empire. Therefore he would never be lenient in dealing with the Crown Prince.

The fact that Yang Bufan issued a challenge to him somewhat surprised the Crown Prince. He hadn’t felt the feeling of being challenged for a long time. In the entire Genius Prefecture, no one had ever dared to challenge him.

“King Fan, since you are unaware of your own limitations and want to humiliate yourself, I will fulfil your wish.”

The Crown Prince had a prideful look. He soared up to the sky, standing opposite King Fan. As a matter of fact, he felt quite happy that Yang Bufan challenged him. He had wanted to beat Yang Bufan up a long time ago, unfortunately, Yang Bufan was only a half-step Immortal Emperor at the time. If he attacked him despite of that, he would surely be laughed at. After all, he was a person who greatly valued his face.

Today, Yang Bufan had advanced to Immortal Emperor and wanted a fight. This was exactly the thing that the Crown Prince yearned for. Back in the King-Conferring Ceremony, he had lost all of his face and had been depressed for a long time. Besides having the chance to humiliate Yang Bufan today and regain his face, he also wanted the entire Genius Prefecture to know that he, the Crown Prince, was the number one genius. The Yang Bufan who had recently risen to fame was no match for him at all.

Yang Bufan’s big hand clawed at the void, striking out whirlpools with his palms. Those whirlpools carried dense runes that looked incomparably magical. Soon, the runes turned into a giant golden hand that blotted out the sky and land, and thrust at the Crown Prince.

“Come on, let this Crown Prince see what made you, Yang Bufan, so arrogant.”

The Crown Prince’s dark hair fluttered in the air. He lifted his palm slightly, then stretched out his forefinger, and gently slide it across the void, outlining out a heavenly river. A huge line of crevice appeared in the void, like it had been cut open by a sharp blade. Rumbles of thunder came from the inside.

*Hua La……*

Crown Prince’s action was very simple. His finger continued to draw out abstruse hand seals. In just a few blinks, those seals had condensed into a giant palm. Crackling sounds rang out from it unceasingly. Under the control of the Crown Prince, it lunged towards Yang Bufan.

*Hong Long……*

It was a great battle between two great Immortal Emperors. Although both the Crown Prince and Yang Bufan had yet to show their true abilities, their attacks were already full of profundity. No ordinary Immortal techniques could be compared to them.

An intense battle broke out in the sky above. Despite being their first collision, the entire void was already shattered. Destructive energy flowed out everywhere. The clouds became thick and dense, like it could fall at any moment, giving people a kind of shapeless pressure and discomfort.

The battle between the Crown Prince and Yang Bufan had aroused the attention of the whole Genius Prefecture. Numerous disciples and elders from inner prefecture had emerged, staring at the battle in the sky. One should know that these two combatants were famous figures. One controlled the Crown Prince Palace and had an incomparably huge force. The other was a young king who had just advanced to Immortal Emperor realm. Both of them were the sons whom the Emperor had attached great importance. No matter who would win this battle, it would certainly draw the attention of numerous people.

The huge collision had created great shockwave, but neither Yang Bufan nor the Crown Prince retreated. It could be seen that both of their combat strength were on the same level. Neither victory nor defeat could be decided.

The Crown Prince’s facial expression changed slightly. He also changed the way he looked at Yang Bufan. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Bufan to be this strong. Although Yang Bufan had just advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm, he still possessed such a powerful combat strength.

“King Fan is surely very amazing. He is actually on par with the Crown Prince. It seems like his talent is even higher than the Crown Prince’s.”

“That’s right. I really never thought that King Fan has reached such a powerful extent. It seems like he has met a great encounter in the past ten years. It’s like he has been reborn. As long as he grows to a certain extent, his future achievements will surely be immeasurable.”

“The two of them have casted out their powerful attacks. It wasn’t just as simple as a pure collision. They have basically revealed their combat strength. Even if the Crown Prince has very strong trump cards and means, it won’t be easy for him to defeat King Fan. But with the Crown Prince being here, King Fan won’t be able to kill Elder Hu Yao.”


Such a battle surprised everyone. Numerous people had raised their opinion of King Fan even higher than the Crown Prince.


The Crown Prince harrumphed coldly. How could he be willing to stop at this time? He lifted both of his palms, bursting out a big hole in the void. A golden hill was condensed in the blink of an eye. This was completely condensed from energy and it was incredibly strong.

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