Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1478 – Battling The Crown Prince

Chapter 1478 – Battling The Crown Prince

Battling The Crown Prince

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Although Hu Yao was an Immortal Emperor, he could never match a genius like Yang Bufan. Both of their cultivation base were at the same level, but their combat strength wasn’t on par. In front of Yang Bufan, Hu Yao stood no chance at all. To Yang Bufan, killing an Immortal Emperor like Hu Yao was a very simple thing.

“Very powerful.”

Hu Yao was taken aback. His facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant in an instant. His arm had already been broken, but to an Immortal Emperor, losing an arm was nothing, because only his bones were broken, his arm was not amputated. It would still be very easy for him to heal his arm.

“King Fan is very strong. He surely is a worthy rare genius of Great Qian Empire. No wonder Master of Prefecture attached so much attention to him. Despite the fact that he had just advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm, he already has such a terrifying combat power. Even though Elder Hu Yao is a matured early Immortal Emperor expert, he’s completely vulnerable in front of King Fan.”

“Such a genius is truly horrifying. I bet that when he’s still a half-step Immortal Emperor, he already has the capability to defeat Elder Hu Yao, and he’s even more powerful now that he is already an Immortal Emperor expert!”

“What a powerful momentum! Judging from his looks, he’s really going to kill the elder today. Since he has already killed Yang Ling, he won’t mind killing Hu Yao. However, Hu Yao is an elder of outer prefecture, a person whom the Crown Prince has high regard for. Even if none of the experts from inner prefecture emerge to stop King Fan, I believe that the Crown Prince will surely appear.”


Many of them were shocked by Yang Bufan’s overwhelming momentum and combat strength. There was nothing to say about the battle against Yang Ling, but when King Fan also wanted to deal with Hu Yao, it became totally different. A battle against an equally matched expert could basically give the most perfect pressure. It would also show how powerful Yang Bufan really was.

*Dong…* *Dong…*

Yang Bufan walked towards Hu Yao, taking one step after another. Every step he made shook the mountain peak intensely. More rocks barrelled down the mountain. Hu Yao’s facial expression changed entirely. He could feel Yang Bufan’s killing intent, or it should be said that it was a kind of disdain. Hu Yao understood that his status as an elder was of no use to Yang Bufan at all. His opponent was determined to kill him. Plus, his opponent was already completely immersed in his emotions. He would surely not take the rules of the Genius Prefecture into account. Hu Yao understood more clearly that given Yang Bufan’s ident.i.ty as King Fan, even if King Fan really killed him, King Fan wouldn’t receive any punishment at all. There was no comparison between a young king and an elder of outer prefecture in one way or another.

“King Fan, could it be that you really want to kill this old man?” Hu Yao spoke while gritting his teeth.

“Of course.” There was no superfluous words and explanation. This one simple reply turned Hu Yao’s heart completely cold.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Yang Bufan unleashed his murderous intent. His momentum became even more powerful than before. His palms were constantly s.h.i.+ning with light. Even though the light was dazzling, it still gave off a cold chill that seeped into the bones.

Everyone held their breaths. At this time, Yang Bufan’s intention was obvious to anyone. He was going to launch a fatal blow and take Hu Yao’s life.

Yang Bufan raised his hand, then locked on Hu Yao’s Qi. Under such shapeless pressure, Hu Yao could only feel coldness, and it became very difficult for him to move. He finally understood how far the gap between himself and Yang Bufan was.

Hu Yao had no doubts that the next strike of Yang Bufan would be enough to take his life.

*Pa…* *Pa…*

Yang Bufan’s palms produced clattering sounds. That was the sound of friction between energy and s.p.a.ce.

“Stop it!”

Just as he was about to strike, a loud shout suddenly rang out from inner prefecture. The next moment, a young man in yellow robe flew over. The newcomer wasn’t a stranger. He was precisely the Crown Prince. Seeing the emergence of the Crown Prince, Hu Yao quickly breathed a sigh of relief. The Crown Prince was really his saviour.

This was the most crucial moment. The Crown Prince had finally showed up. Yang Ling was already dead, and now Yang Bufan was about to kill Hu Yao. If the Crown Prince still didn’t emerge, how could he establish his prestige again in the future?

However, Yang Bufan gave no attention to the Crown Prince’s shout, and lunged straight towards Hu Yao at lightning speed. Although the Crown Prince was powerful, he also couldn’t force Yang Bufan to retreat.

Hu Yao’s supposedly relaxed mood tensed up once again. In the face of Yang Bufan, he could clearly feel the threat of death. Such a threat was too scary, and it really terrified him.

*Hong Long……*

The Crown Prince made a decisive move. He struck out a similar attack, clas.h.i.+ng with Yang Bufan’s attack. This was a pinnacle battle of two early Immortal Emperor experts. Any trace of the power was devastating. The s.p.a.ce was directly torn apart, leaving a huge crater in the void. Cold wind blew out from the inside.

The Crown Prince descended from the sky, standing in front of Hu Yao. Hu Yao wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, feeling that he had just came back from the gate of the spirit world. This was the King Fan who had just advanced, and was extremely ruthless. He was a totally different person compared to ten years ago.

“Yang Bufan, I have already asked you to stop. Didn’t you hear me?”

The Crown Prince raged. Apparently he was very angry. Who was the Crown Prince? He was an outstanding genius of Great Qian Empire. He had over ten thousand underlings and had an exceptional status in Genius Prefecture. The helmsman of Crown Prince Palace. No one had ever dared to ignore him. But Yang Bufan gave him no face – Yang Bufan wanted to kill his people in front of his face. How could the Crown Prince accept this?

“Humph! Don’t think that you can command everybody just because you are the Crown Prince. I won’t give you any face, and today, I will certainly kill him.”

Yang Bufan harrumphed coldly, totally not putting the Crown Prince in his eyes. Even though this was the first contest between him and the Crown Prince, he would never show any fear or weakness. Furthermore, he was very angry at the Crown Prince, because Jiang Chen’s status was still unknown after being sent into the valley.

If it wasn’t because of the Crown Prince’s intention and order, Hu Yao and Yang Ling wouldn’t treat Jiang Chen in such a way. If something were to happen to Jiang Chen, the Crown Prince should be the one to be blamed.

“Elder Hu is my man. He isn’t for you to kill. Even if you want to kill him, you have to ask for my permission first. Don’t think that you can become lawless just because you have advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. You still have a long way to go.”

The Crown Prince spoke coldly, showing the side of his strength. In the course of the compet.i.tion between the great princes, no one dared to back down easily. Plus, his cultivation base had already reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor realm, whereas Yang Bufan had merely reached the Immortal Emperor realm. So naturally, the Crown Prince would never put Yang Bufan in his eyes.

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