Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1480 – There must be something you hate about in someone whom you took pity on

Chapter 1480 – There must be something you hate about in someone whom you took pity on

There must be something you hate about in someone whom you took pity on

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Mountainous golden energy crushed the void. That was a wave of an incomparably tremendous force. Countless people were shocked. This was a very intense and aggressive combat scene. The Crown Prince was just like a war G.o.d. As one of the very best geniuses of Genius Prefecture, the Crown Prince’s strength had never been questioned.

The elders of inner prefecture couldn’t help nodding their heads upon seeing the Crown Prince’s performance. Almost everyone thought that King Fan was absolutely no match for the Crown Prince. After all, there was a certain gap between the two. Although the both of them were early Immortal Emperor experts, one had just advanced whereas the other had reached the peak of the early Immortal Emperor realm. In order words, King Fan had just stepped into the Immortal Emperor realm, but half of the Crown Prince’s feet had already stepped into the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.

*Hong Long……*

The giant golden energy mountain gave off a ma.s.sive roar, pressing against Yang Bufan with unparalleled momentum. Innumerable rays of light were emitted from the surface of the mountain, they then intertwined into a huge net, completely locking on Yang Bufan’s Qi, enshrouding him within.

This was a very aggressive attack. After being locked, the opponent could only choose to face it head-on as it was unavoidable.

In the face of the Crown Prince’s fierce attack, Yang Bufan’s facial expression didn’t seem to change in the slightest. Instead, he was composed to the extreme. This kind of disposition had surely been tempered. It would remain unchanged even if Mount Tai collapsed before him. Only those who had experienced violent waves of storms, and life and death struggles could show such calmness.

Of course, the basic condition for such composure wasn’t one’s state of mind, but one’s actual strength. Yang Bufan possessed this kind of strength. A light beam had emerged on top of his head, it then turned into an aquatic dragon. All of the energy in Yang Bufan’s body had been channelled into the image of the aquatic dragon, and soon, the dragon solidified. He grabbed the tail of the dragon and hurled it on that mountain of energy.

*Hong Long……*

Both the Crown Prince and King Fan had launched powerful attacks. The two different attacks connected, blotting out the sun and the moon, turning the sky dim. Huge holes were created in the sky one after another, making the overlapping spatial zones tremble. In the face of such a battle, even if one had nothing to do with it, one wouldn’t be able to remain calm. Most of the people’s countenance had changed. They believed that if they were the ones on the battlefield, they would surely be instantly turned into corpses. They would probably be blasted to pieces by the destructive energy if they were a little closer to the battlefield.

In the next three minutes, the Crown Prince and Yang Bufan were entangled in an intense battle. Neither of them would give in. This was a pinnacle battle of the young generation of Great Qian Empire. Thousands of eyes were fixed on it. Everyone’s blood was boiling. Apparently, the Crown Prince could only serve as a shadow to highlight Yang Bufan’s presence even if he didn’t lose. When the person who had the least hope for created an unexpected miracle, he would surely be in the limelight. The Crown Prince had just been turned into a tool, a tool to make Yang Bufan s.h.i.+ne.

“King Fan is truly powerful. Despite his lower cultivation base, he can still match the Crown Prince’s strength. One should know that the Crown Prince is a top-notch genius in Genius Prefecture. If that is the case, King Fan’s talent is definitely even greater than the Crown Prince. No wonder the Emperor of Great Qian Empire attaches so much importance to him.”

“That’s right. Such an outcome is out of our imaginations. Despite the fact that King Fan has just advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm, he still possessed the combat strength to be on par with the Crown prince. His future is bound to be immeasurable.”

“As a matter of fact, the true genius is Jiang Chen. He was able to fight an opponent who was a few levels higher than him. Unfortunately, he was framed by Elder Hu Yao. It’s no wonder that King Fan is so furious. Jiang Chen is after all, a genius of King Fan Prefecture. A genius like Jiang Chen will be of great use in the future.”


Everyone was dumbfounded. If it was luck that King Fan tied with the Crown Prince in their first round of exchange, then it was definitely no luck anymore after a hundred exchanges of blows. It was strength, the actual strength of King Fan. Everyone witnessed it with their own eyes.

After the intense battle, the Crown Prince and Yang Bufan halted. Both of them looked at each other. The Crown Prince’s eyes were filled with surprise, while Yang Bufan’s eyes were full of combat intent. Realising his own combat strength, the desire to fight in his eyes faded, because he knew that there was no point in continuing the fight anymore. As for Hu Yao, it would be difficult to kill him as long as the Crown Prince was here.

“Hu Yao, consider that you are lucky today, but this isn’t over yet. If Jiang Chen could walk out of the valley alive after one month, I’ll forget all about this. Otherwise, even the Heavenly King Father won’t be able to save your life.”

Yang Bufan left a cruel remark for Hu Yao, then disappeared like a ghostly figure.


As soon as this remark came out, Hu Yao became tensed up once more. He had an impulse to cough up blood. His heart was now br.i.m.m.i.n.g with regrets. He regretted sentencing Jiang Chen such a punishment. He never thought that King Fan would advance to Immortal Emperor so quickly and reach such a powerful extent. King Fan was determined to kill him despite the fact that he was the elder of the outer prefecture.

After listening to the warning of King Fan, he absolutely knew that King Fan wasn’t joking with him. Would the Crown Prince still protect him after the deadline? Even if the Crown Prince would, could Crown Prince protect him day and night? That would be impossible. Given King Fan’s capability, if he was determined to kill Hu Yao, he would eventually find a chance.

It was over. Hu Yao felt that he had completely screwed up. His life wouldn’t last very long, because he had offended the wrong person. All he could do now was to pray that Jiang Chen would walk out of the valley safely, however he was incredibly clear that Jiang Chen must have already died in there after such a long period of time. There was no exception. Everyone who went there died.

If Hu Yao knew that Jiang Chen was still very much alive, not only would he not be angry, he would feel overjoyed instead. After all, it was the Crown Prince who wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen. Hu Yao didn’t have to risk his life for that. One should know that it was not easy at all for him to climb to this position in Genius Prefecture.

“Ai, Elder Hu is finished.”

“That’s right. Jiang Chen is already dead for sure. Given King Fan’s capability, it’s only a matter of time before Elder Hu is killed.”

“Who is there to blame? It should be himself. If he hadn’t desired to get rid of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have come to such an end. The poor man must have someone that aroused people’s hatred as well. To Genius Prefecture, the existence of Jiang Chen is much more valuable compared to him.”


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