Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1477 – Overpowering

Chapter 1477 – Overpowering


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As soon as King Fan’s killing intent emerged, numerous people were stunned. Even Yang Ling was petrified. He wouldn’t have thought that Yang Bufan would really unleash his murderous intent towards him. It seemed like Yang Bufan was really going to kill him. However he still firmly believed that Yang Bufan wouldn’t dare to kill him, as he was after all, a member of Yang Family, the same family where Yang Bufan had come from. Yang Bufan would have to be insane if really he killed a royal family member just for an outsider.

As a matter of fact, there was no sentiment or love within the royal family. There were intense compet.i.tion even amongst brothers. He was just a tiny Yang Ling that was worth nothing.


Yang Bufan struck. His palm pounded on Yang Ling’s face. The force of the palm strike wasn’t small. Yang Ling had no chance to react at all. His head went spinning, and went dizzy before he fell to the ground.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Yang Ling spewed out blood. The palm strike had straightaway battered his mouth, pulling out of all his teeth. It showed how violent that slap was.


Pandemonium broke out. Everybody was in great trepidation. King Fan’s momentum was just too great. He would fight without hesitation even if his opponent was an elder. As a matter of fact, the insignificant elder and King Fan were at two different levels. When Jiang Chen hit an elder, he was considered treacherous, but when it was King Fan who hit the elder, the case had completely became different. No one would dare to punish King Fan, the young Immortal Emperor.

Seeing Yang Ling being slapped to such an extent, the disciple who had been slapping himself felt a chill down his body, and he slap himself harder, not daring to stop at all, afraid that Yang Bufan would personally send him a slap if he so ever stopped, that would also mean that he would die. Given Yang Bufan’s strength, one slap could really send him to see the King of h.e.l.l.

“King Fan, you and I are of the same sect. Are we going to kill each other for the sake of an outsider?”

Yang Ling raised his head and mumbled. Facing the formidable King Fan, he began to feel somewhat afraid. He knew Yang Bufan’s ident.i.ty. Even if Yang Bufan killed him, he was afraid that his death would be in vain.

“Humph! Is an old dog worthy of my place? You should take a look at who you are. Since you are so loyal to Crown Prince, I’ll now kill you. I would like to see if Crown Prince will come out just to save you.”

There was killing intent all over Yang Bufan’s body. Today, he had to establish his prestige. As King Fan Prefecture had just been built, if King Fan didn’t show some ruthlessness, others would think that King Fan Prefecture was just a pushover.


Yang Bufan flicked his hand. A sparkling dagger fell right in front of Yang Ling.

“Since your surname is Yang, I will give you the chance of killing yourself,” said Yang Bufan said coldly.

Many people noticed that his eyes didn’t have the slightest emotions. In Yang Bufan’s eyes, Yang Ling was already a dead man.

Such a situation turned the atmosphere even more tensed. At the beginning, everyone thought that Yang Bufan was just venting his anger on Yang Ling. It was beyond their expectation that he would kill Yang Ling, however. Anyone could tell that Yang Bufan wasn’t joking. He was going to take Yang Ling’s life for sure.

It was the first time that such an incident had happened in Genius Prefecture.

No one dared to speak. Everyone was watching the scene silently. There was only the slapping sound of that disciple on the scene. That disciple seemed to be sparing no effort while slapping, like he wasn’t slapping himself. The two sides of his face had already gotten swollen.

Yang Ling stared at the dagger in front of him absentmindedly. A surge of chilly intent instantly affected his soul. Only now did he know that Yang Bufan wasn’t joking with him. Yang Bufan was serious about what he said. Yang Bufan really wanted to kill him.

“King Fan, this matter is unrelated to me. It was Elder Hu who sentenced Jiang Chen into that valley.”

Yang Ling’s voice quivered. He was really scared. Every person was vulnerable in the face of death. People like Yang Ling in particular had always been afraid of death since birth. He was used to being indulged and nurtured by Genius Prefecture all along, feeling that death was just so far away from him. He had never expected death to come so quickly.

“You will die. The same goes to Hu Yao. You all wanted Jiang Chen’s life. Then you all will pay for it with your lives. Since you won’t do it yourself, I will help you to do it.”

Yang Bufan was determined to kill the man as he was exceedingly angry. As soon as his words faded, he pointed a finger at Yang Ling’s glabella. A ray of golden light pierced through Yang Ling’s glabella like a sword with a ‘Pu Chi’ sound. Yang Ling’s body trembled. The brilliance in his eyes began to fade. His vital force was draining gradually, and then he sprawled on the ground, motionless.

Yang Ling was killed. His face was painted with fear and reluctance before his death.

This kind of scene frightened everyone. Most of them didn’t even dare to inhale loudly. Yang Bufan’s means was just too brutal. He killed ruthlessly and decisively. There was no ripple of emotion in his eyes. He was like a frenzied killer that blood could no longer stir his emotions.

No one knew how many people Yang Bufan had killed. He had been in Evil Abyss for ten years and he was the Evil Lord there. In his eyes, life was as fragile as insects. Only the strong were respected.

This was the first time he had killed a man since his return in the Imperial Capital. He exposed his powerful side to everybody – the cruel, domineering and unsentimental side.

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