Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1457 – The Genius Prefecture

Chapter 1457 – The Genius Prefecture

The Genius Prefecture

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After a moment of astonishment, Yang Bufan fully accepted the fact. There was virtually no one across Eastern Profound Domain that had the audacity to get rid of the Fire Qilin, but unfortunately, Jiang Chen just happened to be audacious enough. He would never believe it if someone were to do that, but if that person was Jiang Chen, he had hundreds of reason to believe it, because in this world, there was nothing that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to do.

“Brother Yang, there are still some things that I can’t tell you for the time being, but my instinct tells me that Nanbei Family and I will be enemies sooner or later. So getting rid of the Fire Qilin is a huge profit for us. There’s no need to think so much. Let’s drink to our heart’s content today.” Jiang Chen said with a smile which made the Fire Qilin go mad right away.

“Son of a b*tch! You heartless devil king! You are totally devoid of conscience…”

The Fire Qilin blasted out his words. His eyes went red. He felt that he had never scolded this many words in his whole life and that he had never hated a person so much. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was a devil king that had already reached the peak of savagery. Who would be able to bear it if his blood was taken as a drink every day? Even worse, his blood was taken and consumed like fine wine. If he knew that this day would come, he might as well commit suicide.


Sounds of laughter resounded through the whole spatial zone. Of course, it was accompanied by the shrill cry of the Fire Qilin. Jiang Chen had prepared a table. Yang Bufan, Wu Ningzhu, Big Yellow and him sat around it and began the most inhuman drinking boat in history.

The Fire Qilin sprawled on the floor, powerless. His tears flew outwards constantly. That was undoubtedly grievance. How did he end up with such misfortune? He was scolding himself secretly for misbehaving in the past, for not staying obediently in Nanbei Family and coming out to have fun. Presently, he didn’t even have the chance to have fun anymore.

In the next few days, Jiang Chen stayed in the most secluded place of King Fan Prefecture for seclusion. He never went out of his room nor let any visitors come in. Despite that, his name had already been spread across. It might not have spread across Eastern Profound Domain yet, but at least, no one in the entire Imperial Capital didn’t know about him.

Currently, the incidents that happened in King Fan Prefecture was already spread to every corner of the entire Imperial Capital. All the people on the streets and alleys were discussing about Jiang Chen and King Fan. The name of these two figures had gone completely famous.

“King Fan had made the most out of the show since his powerful return. Not even Crown Prince and King Ping could suppress him. Truly amazing. I wonder what he has been through in the past decade.”

“That’s all because of the genius named Jiang Chen. I heard that those who entered King Fan Prefecture said that Jiang Chen was merely a late Golden Immortal, but he was able to defeat early and intermediate Immortal King geniuses from Genius Prefecture with ease. As a matter of fact, he has already killed Young Master Futian when he was at Futian Manor previously. That genius of Divine Line Sect, Fu Wei, relied on his connection with King Ping to eliminate Jiang Chen to avenge his brother’s death, but no one had imagined that Jiang Chen would be so powerful to such an extent. In that critical moment, he managed to advance to the half-step Immortal King realm, and straightaway killed Fu Wei. There’s no one else that has such heaven defying talent.”

“That’s true. I heard that King Fan is truly generous. He even gave the Snow-Jade King Ginseng given by the Master of Prefecture Yang Zanqing to Jiang Chen at the most critical moment, allowing Jiang Chen to advance to half-step Immortal King realm and exterminate Fu Wei. From this, we can see that King Fan is a very good person and treats his people very well.”

“The Snow-Jade King Ginseng is a rare Venerable Grade Treasure. Even Yang Zanqing himself had treated it as a treasure. I guess that Yang Zanqing must be gritting his teeth when he gave it to King Fan, but who knew that King Fan would give it to Jiang Chen after that. However King Fan’s sacrifice was worth it. At least, Jiang Chen made King Fan famous on his day of King-Conferring Ceremony. No one else in the entire Great Qian Empire will dare look down upon King Fan anymore.”

“More importantly, this Jiang Chen is a peerless monstrous genius. It’s very difficult to find another one who’s as good as him. His future is destined to be immeasurable. King Fan has gotten himself a really precious treasure by having Jiang Chen at his side. I believe that Crown Prince and King Ping must be really envious of him.”


Discussions about Jiang Chen and King Fan were heard everywhere. Many people were describing the scene of the incidents so well as if they had experienced it themselves. Someone even described the techniques that Jiang Chen and Fu Wei used in detail.

These past few days, King Fan Prefecture had been full of singing and laughing. As compared to Fu City, the atmosphere there was incomparably stifling.

In the main hall of the prefecture, Fu Kui was staring at the headless corpse of Fu Wei. His entire body was trembling intensely. This was a result that he couldn’t accept. When Fu Wei headed for King Fan Prefecture, he had never thought that this would be the outcome.

“Ah Wei, it was dad who made you die. Dad shouldn’t have let you go and find that Jiang Chen for revenge.”

Fu Kui cried in agony. In just half a month, he had lost two sons whom he was so proud of. Such a blow was simply incomprehensible to most people. That was a kind of despair. That was right, currently, what was left in Fu Kui’s heart right now was only despair and vengeance. His two sons were his biggest hope. Now that his hope was gone, he felt that the world had gone all dark.

After the agonizing cries, his eyes began to glitter with incomparable ruthlessness. The killing intent of an Immortal Emperor spilled out of his body. The entire prefecture was affected. Most of them started to s.h.i.+ver. That was the pressure of an Immortal Emperor. No ordinary expert would be able bear that.

“Tian Er, Ah Wei, dad must seek vengeance for you two. One day, as long as Jiang Chen is alive, dad will never rest.”

Fu Kui gritted his teeth so hard that blood stained his teeth. He was going to use his remaining life, his connections and forces to kill Jiang Chen. That would be his next and only goal, and also the reason for him to stay alive.

In King Fan Prefecture!

Seven days had already pa.s.sed since the King-Conferring Ceremony. Everything in King Fan Prefecture had been back to normal. The new and young king of Great Qian Empire was considered stable. In these seven days, no one had come seeking trouble. Not even Crown Prince and King Ping had the face to come, let alone the others.

Apart from that, King Fan Prefecture had accepted two powerful Immortal Emperors. One of them had even reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, which had directly solidified the forces of King Fan Prefecture.

“Little Chen, come with me to Genius Prefecture,” said Yang Bufan.

He was once a genius of Genius Prefecture. He was going back to Genius Prefecture to cultivate. Even though he had become King Fan now, he still couldn’t separate himself from Genius Prefecture. Genius Prefecture was the root of Great Qian Empire. Any genius who was qualified to train in Genius Prefecture would feel honored. A royal blood like Yang Bufan had been enjoying the resources of Genius Prefecture since young. Even though he had already reached the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, Genius Prefecture was still the best place for cultivation. This was an undeniable fact.

“I can enter Genius Prefecture?” Jiang Chen asked.

“If it was before, there might be some problems, but now, you will always be welcome by Genius Prefecture,” said Yang Bufan with a smile.

He had been planning to let Jiang Chen enter Genius Prefecture for cultivation. After all, the condition in that place was really excellent for cultivation. However, since Jiang Chen was an outsider and had no background, Genius Prefecture might not accept him.

That was why Yang Bufan had given Jiang Chen the chance to perform his abilities.

Jiang Chen’s performance had made him qualified to enter Genius Prefecture. Also, the higher ups would be reluctant to let Jiang Chen practice somewhere else other than the Genius Prefecture now.

Perhaps Yang Zanqing would even come to greet Jiang Chen in person. After all, Jiang Chen’s performance that day was just too outstanding. If Genius Prefecture didn’t firmly get ahold of a monstrous genius like this, it would be the biggest loss of the empire.

“Alright. I’ll go with you to Genius Prefecture then.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He understood Yang Bufan’s intention. Since he had already come here, he would help Yang Bufan achieve his goals. At least, he would help Yang Bufan establish a strong position in Great Qian Empire. Moreover, from his own point of view, it was certainly the best choice for him to enter Genius Prefecture. His dragon transformation skill would only get harder to cultivate the further it reached. He needed a better cultivation environment. A better cultivation environment was equivalent to a tremendously compet.i.tive environment. And the compet.i.tiveness in Genius Prefecture was imaginable.

The growth of the dragon transformation skill was through battle. It required constant and intense pressure. Because of this, Jiang Chen couldn’t stop his footsteps. Besides, there were still plenty of things that he needed to do. He wanted to use the environmental conditions in Genius Prefecture to improve his cultivation base. Putting the matter of Yan Chenyu aside, Nanbei Chao would probably jump out of Nanbei Family at any time.

Aside from Nanbei Family, he had also offended Yellow Spring Sect, Corpse Yin Sect and Divine Line Sect. He hardly doubted that these three major powers would surely kill him if they had the chance.

“Little Chen...” Wu Ningzhu was standing next to Jiang Chen.

“Sister Ning, you stay in the prefecture for the time being and practice under the guidance of Old Man Bai Weng. I will go to Genius Prefecture and see what’s going on there. As soon as the situation is under control there, I’ll take you there as well.” Jiang Chen spoke.

He knew that Wu Ningzhu didn’t want him to leave her. After all, they had only reunited recently. However, the fights and infighting in Genius Prefecture was just too intense. Leaving her in King Fan Prefecture would save him a lot of worries when he was in Genius Prefecture.


Wu Ningzhu nodded. She was a sensible person. No matter how much she loved Jiang Chen, she would never become Jiang Chen’s burden. She knew that her own man was destined to achieve great things and this was what made her proud.

Furthermore, King Fan Prefecture was a good place. There were a lot of experts there including powerful Immortal Emperors. Anyone of them could give her some guidance in cultivation.

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