Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1458 – The Outer Prefecture

Chapter 1458 – The Outer Prefecture

The Outer Prefecture

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The Genius Prefecture was situated at the edge of Imperial Capital. Or it should be said that it was separated from the Imperial Capital. It was thousands of miles away from the city wall of the Imperial Capital. Genius Prefecture was an independent inst.i.tution of Great Qian Empire, which was part of the core of the empire. The whole Genius Prefecture had occupied a vast range of mountains. Looking from the surface, it didn’t look as magnificent as the Imperial Capital, but the atmosphere above Genius Prefecture was filled with n.o.bility and arrogance.

The mountain range where the Genius Prefecture was built was at least several thousand miles in area. It consisted of palaces, trees and ancient towers that pierced through the clouds. Above the prefecture was s.h.i.+ning rainbow-brilliance. That was a symbol, the symbol of the entire Imperial Capital.

Under the lead of King Fan, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived at Genius Prefecture. There was no gatekeepers here, because there was no need for that. Across the entire Eastern Profound Domain, no one would be foolish enough to come here and cause trouble as that was equivalent to courting death.

“So this is Genius Prefecture. What do you think, Little Chen?” Yang Bufan asked.

“It isn’t as grand as the Imperial Capital, but there is a soaring Qi of fortune and luck. It’s indeed a blessed location for cultivation.”

Jiang Chen gazed at the vast piece of region, his eyes seemed somewhat in a trance. Even he had to admit the unusual nature of this prefecture. The Qi of fortune here was overwhelming. That wasn’t the Qi of fortune of one man, but the entire Genius Prefecture. This place had accepted all geniuses from all over the billion miles of land – the Great Qian Empire. The number was astounding and those who could enter here possessed a certain luck. With the luck of so many geniuses overlapping one another, it had turned into something visible.

“That’s correct. The number of geniuses here is overwhelming. In this place, a genius is never a significant figure. The lowest threshold of cultivation realm to join the prefecture is Immortal King realm, and he or she has to be young. This place is also the core of the whole Great Qian Empire. Everyone here was the target of nurturing of the empire. I believe that you will also be one of them if you stay here.”

Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. He knew that Jiang Chen was a man of modesty. But unfortunately, there would be no more room for that once he entered this place, especially now that Jiang Chen’s name had already risen to fame. There was a saying that said, a man dreaded fame as a pig dreaded being fat. The more famous the person was, the greater the trouble he would encounter. Yang Bufan was crystal clear about this fact. Jiang Chen, too, understood it pretty well.

Jiang Chen showed a trace of a smile at the corner of his mouth. Regarding this Genius Prefecture, he was already greatly antic.i.p.ating it.

Just as Yang Bufan was about to bring Jiang Chen into the prefecture, a fat old man emerged from inside and stood before them. His body was round and fat. His face was equipped with a faint and affable smile, however his cultivation base wasn’t weak. It had already reached the terrifying Immortal Emperor realm.

In Eastern Profound Domain, wherever an Immortal Emperor go, he would be highly valued. Even to the eleven major powers, it was rare to have an Immortal Emperor expert. Also, Immortal Emperors were the main factor of the strength of the forces of the major powers.

“Elder Yu.” Seeing this fat elder, Yang Bufan greeted with a smile.

“Hehe! I never thought that King Fan still remembers this old man. Back when you left, this old man already knew that you would become someone great. Sure enough, you’ve surely proven that this old man wasn’t old enough.”

The elder chuckled, seeming to be very courteous towards Yang Bufan. After all, Yang Bufan was now King Fan, no longer the young and inexperienced prince. And this young king was likely to be the future ruler of the Imperial Capital. Despite being an Immortal Emperor, the elder still didn’t dare show any neglect. The same went to Old Man Bai Weng and the other peers who had already decided to follow King Fan. It wasn’t the present cultivation base and status of King Fan that attracted them, but King Fan’s future.

It would be a wonderful journey to be able to follow a young king reach the top one step after another. The feeling of that would be even more exciting and comfortable than following a superior figure.

“How dare I forget the times when Elder Yu have looked after me?”

Yang Bufan smiled then introduced the elder to Jiang Chen. “Little Chen, this is Elder Yu Guangcheng of Genius Prefecture.”

“Greetings, Elder Yu. This is Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen held his fists at Yu Guangcheng. The fat old man had given him quite a good impression. At least, it was the high and mighty and arrogant impression.

“You are that Jiang Chen. Not bad indeed. I have already heard about the incidents at the King-Conferring Ceremony. Jiang Chen, although you have just arrived at Genius Prefecture, your name has already risen to a certain extent. That’s why the Master of Prefecture has asked this old man to welcome the two of you.”

Yu Guangcheng nodded his head as he looked at Jiang Chen. In the depths of his eyes revealed a hint of astonishment. Apparently, the present Jiang Chen was a lot different than the Jiang Chen he had expected. In his point of view, the figure who could suppress the entire group and kill a late Immortal King genius at the half-step Immortal King realm should at least be big and tall. He wouldn’t have thought that this good-looking youth was actually that figure.

Just by looking at the appearance, it was very difficult to relate Jiang Chen to the G.o.d of slaughter of that day.

Of course, he had seen numerous geniuses and knew that one couldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially this genius in front of him. Yang Zanqing had personally a.s.signed Elder Yu to greet this genius. One should know that there weren’t many who would be treated with such greetings. Even if they were royal kinsmen, as long as Yang Zanqing didn’t put them in his eyes, he would just ignore them.

Once there was an insolent prince that didn’t put Yang Zanqing in his eyes. As a result, he was sent flying away from Genius Prefecture to the palace of Imperial Capital by Yang Zanqing with just a single slap. In the end, the Emperor was angered, and straightaway revoked the status of the prince and sentenced him to face the wall for ten years.

Since then, no one else had dared to challenge the authority of Yang Zanqing. No one else had dared to show their arrogance anymore in Genius Prefecture. Even a prince was only one of the members in the prefecture. In here, only the strong could speak. Those who were incapable could only stay quiet and follow the rules even if he was a prince.

“King Fan is flattered by the Master of Prefecture’s effort of a.s.signing Elder Yu to greet us. I suppose Elder Yu has already made the necessary arrangements. So there’s nothing I should worry about.” Yang Bufan said.

“King Fan’s current status is no longer the same. Naturally, King Fan’s treatment will also change. Master of Prefecture has already prepared an independent cultivation place with a secluded mountain peak and a palace for you.” Yu Guangcheng said.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow both couldn’t help but nod. They had heard it from Yang Bufan that not everyone had the privilege of accessing the independent palace and cultivation venue, even for princes. Only those who had reached the Immortal Emperor realm could access such privilege.

However, Yang Bufan was just a half-step Immortal Emperor. Apparently, he had received some special treatment and his present reputation as King Fan of course was more than enough to qualify him to have a place of solitude.

“My appreciation, Elder Yu, in that case, you can take us there now.” Yang Bufan said.

“King Fan can go, but Jiang Chen cannot.” Yu Guangcheng spoke as his eyes fell on Jiang Chen.

“Why is that so? Jiang Chen is still one of my men one way or another.” King Fan knitted his brows, seemingly somewhat dissatisfied.

“This is the special order by the Master of Prefecture – to let Jiang Chen enter Genius Prefecture as a new genius. King Fan should know that there’s a separation of outer prefecture and inner prefecture in Genius Prefecture. Even though Jiang Chen will be cultivating in the outer prefecture, he is still your man. Across the entire Genius Prefecture, no one doesn’t know that Jiang Chen is the genius of King Fan Prefecture. I think Master of Prefecture just wants to train Jiang Chen.”

Yu Guangcheng spoke, then turned towards Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, of all the years that this old man has been in this prefecture, this old man has never seen the Master of Prefecture pay so much attention to a disciple. I hope that you don’t disappoint the Master of Prefecture.”

“Little Chen, if that’s the case, you will have to cultivate in the outer prefecture. In Genius Prefecture, most of the geniuses are in the outer prefecture which makes the geniuses in the inner prefecture very few. This is because the condition to enter the inner prefecture is the Immortal Emperor realm. Across the whole Eastern Profound Domain, there are many young Immortal Emperor geniuses. It’s a good thing that Master of Prefecture is attaching so much importance to you. Given your capability, you should be able to prosper in the outer prefecture.” Yang Bufan said.

“It seems like I will have to thank Master of Prefecture for all of his efforts.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Such a decision was exactly what he wanted. If he followed Yang Bufan to his cultivation place, it would be meaningless. What Jiang Chen needed was battles which could only be found in places overflowing with people. Furthermore, he knew in his heart that his performance in the King-Conferring Ceremony had attracted the attention of Yang Zanqing. It was a good thing indeed.

“Little Chen, there are many geniuses with extraordinary talent in the outer prefecture. You can never be careless. Moreover, there’s another very important thing to do as soon as you arrive in the outer prefecture. That is to build rapport with people. Currently, in the Genius Prefecture, the forces of both Crown Prince and King Ping have been in dominance and they are growing stronger and stronger. Additionally, as my forces has just been established, you won’t be able to see any geniuses of my prefecture here.”

Yang Bufan spoke to Jiang Chen via divine sense. He was entrusting Jiang Chen with a very important task.

Jiang Chen nodded. Even if Yang Bufan didn’t mention this, he would never forget it. He knew very well the importance of recruiting people. Yang Bufan’s compet.i.tors were Crown Prince and King Ping. It was already imaginable that the next successor of Great Qian Empire would be chosen from these three Kings. There was only hope for this if there were numerous supports. Therefore, they needed to create their own influence by recruiting numerous geniuses. Only through that could they catch up with the power of Crown Prince and King Ping.

“Jiang Chen, your ident.i.ty has already been prepared. This is your ident.i.ty jade token. You just have to take this jade token and report directly at the outer prefecture.”

Yu Guangcheng handed Jiang Chen an azure blue jade token. Its surface was engraved with a complex symbol. It was the symbol of Great Qian Emperor, though he had no idea if there was a special meaning to it.

Of course, he didn’t dare inquire about it. He took the jade token. It seemed like Yang Zanqing had already expected him to come and has already prepared everything for him.

“Little Chen, go now. Build a name for your brother. Remember. Just do according to your customs. Whatever trouble that comes, this brother will bear it for you.”

Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said, showing the aura of the Evil Lord. He knew Jiang Chen’s character. The moment Jiang Chen reached the outer prefecture, he would certainly face lots of troubles. Given Jiang Chen’s personality, he was afraid that the outer prefecture would never be calm any more. Of course, he, Yang Bufan, wasn’t a person to be trifled with. What were the things that he had not experienced yet? Even the Genius Prefecture wouldn’t be able to suppress the two of them.

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