Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1456 – Even Better than the Royal Wine

Chapter 1456 – Even Better than the Royal Wine

Even Better than the Royal Wine

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If there was good stuff, he naturally would have to share it. There was no stranger here anyway. Even the best wine in the world couldn’t be compared to the saint blood of Qilin.

“Oh? It seems like brother has kept some fine wine, but I don’t think your wine will be better than the royal wine.”

Yang Bufan seemed to have little hope on the wine that Jiang Chen was about to show. After all, the wine that he drank at the banquet was the royal wine gifted personally by the Emperor. It was a truly fine wine of the Immortals. The best wine in the empire. Jiang Chen had come from One-Line-Sky. How could the wine there be compared with the empire’s?

“*Jie* *Jie*, don’t you look down on it. You will know once you see it.”

Big Yellow laughed cunningly. Although he had drunk plenty of royal wine just now, he knew that those wines weren’t on the same level as the Qilin’s saint blood.

Jiang Chen turned his palm, produced a huge bowl that was full of golden blood. It radiated tremendously strong Qi of purity. As it spread out, the ambience of the courtyard began to change.

Yang Bufan’s uncaring face changed instantly. His eyes couldn’t leave the Qilin’s Saint Blood. As a half-step Immortal Emperor, it was impossible for him not to see the unusual nature of this saint blood.

“What’s this? Its Qi is very pure and full of Yang energy. I can also smell a taste of n.o.bility from it.”

Yang Bufan was astonished. He took the big bowl from Jiang Chen. After looking at it carefully, he still couldn’t determine the source of the blood, however there was one thing he was sure of. This big bowl of blood was no ordinary thing.

“Have a bowl first, Brother Yang,” Jiang Chen said.

“All right.”

Yang Bufan nodded, apparently interested in the blood in the bowl. Immediately, he drained the bowl just like how he drained the goblet of wine.


After the large bowl of Qilin’s saint blood entered his body, huge amount of pure energy immediately spread out and rushed towards all his limbs and bones. He could obviously feel the enormous benefits he had just received and his energy had been improved significantly.

“Brother, what actually is this thing?”

Yang Bufan felt a little overwhelmed by his emotions, Jiang Chen actually had such a treasure. It was totally beyond his imagination.

“To be frank, this is the saint blood of Qilin,” Jiang Chen said.

Regarding the matter of the Fire Qilin, he didn’t want to hide it from Yang Bufan anymore. In Eastern Profound Domain, Yang Bufan was still the most trustworthy person.

“What? The legendary saint blood of Saint Beast Qilin? Brother, where have you gotten it from?” Yang Bufan was astounded.

“Follow me.”

Jiang Chen opened the door of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da with a wave, then led Yang Bufan into it. The s.p.a.ce they entered was exactly where the Fire Qilin was located. This was Yang Bufan’s first time entering the paG.o.da. Despite having prepared for this, he was still shocked by it. He never thought that Jiang Chen’s magical treasure could be so divine.

“Son of a b*tch! Son of a b*tch! Let me go! Let me go!” the Fire Qilin roared.

During this period of time, he had suffered intense humiliation. Being a dignified Fire Qilin, how could he bare to be taken as a prisoner and his blood being taken by someone without warning? Even a virtuous person wouldn’t be able to accept this.

“This is? Saint Beast Fire Qilin…”

When Yang Bufan saw the Fire Qilin, his eyes went wide, but immediately, his expression changed, because he thought of the Fire Qilin of Eastern Profound Domain. Although he hadn’t seen it before, he absolutely didn’t believe that two Fire Qilins would appear in the domain at the same time.

“That’s correct. That was the blood of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. It tasted good, wasn’t it? It’s ready for Master Dog to use every day, kaka…….”

Big Yellow laughed heartily. Hearing the laughter of Big Yellow, the Fire Qilin’s body couldn’t help twitching. In his eyes, this dog was a terrifying G.o.d of plague. Thinking back about the misery that he had experienced these past few days made him almost burst into tears.

“Brother, where have you captured this Fire Qilin?” Yang Bufan asked hastily.

“When Big Yellow and I just arrived in Eastern Profound Domain, we encountered this Fire Qilin wreaking havoc on a mountain range and wanting to devour us. So we joined forces to hold him captive. I have also already refined the natal bloodline of this Fire Qilin and acquired its innate ability named Qilin’s Divine Arm. But since I’m still unclear about the origin of this Fire Qilin, I didn’t dare display it during the battle with Fu Wei.” Jiang Chen said.

“Brother, luckily you didn’t show the Qilin’s Divine Arm. Do you have any idea where this Fire Qilin came from?”

Yang Bufan heaved a sigh of relief, trying hard to settle his emotions. His eyes went somewhat speechless as he looked at Jiang Chen. He thought that he was lawless enough, but he still wasn’t as good as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“What’s his background?” asked Jiang Chen.

He could already sense it from Yang Bufan’s response. Sure enough, this Fire Qilin had an unusual background.

“This is the Saint Beast Qilin of Nanbei Family. It represents the auspicious omen of Nanbei Family. It has always been treated as a lifeline by them. Now that you have imprisoned the Fire Qilin and drunk its blood every day, if the people of Nanbei Family knew about this, I’m afraid that they will immediately launch a strike at King Fan Prefecture,” answered Yang Bufan.

He had a very deep understanding with regards to the matters of Eastern Profound Domain, especially the eleven major powers. This Fire Qilin was the Saint Beast of Nanbei Family, no one would dare to touch it.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were both dumbfounded. Although they had already expected that the Fire Qilin had an amazing background, they still didn’t think that it would be this big.

“Is Nanbei Family very powerful?” Big Yellow asked.

“Of course. They are a long standing power that not even Great Qian Empire is willing to provoke. Their forces are even stronger than our empire, but since it has been done, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to either kill this Fire Qilin straight away or hide it from everyone. Plus, you’d better not display the Qilin’s Divine Arm when you are in the public, especially to the experts of Nanbei Family.” Yang Bufan reminded. There was no more room to maneuver after the things had been done.

“Don’t worry. No outsider will be able to notice my spatial zone. Brother Yang only has to drink to your heart’s content.” Jiang Chen spoke uncaringly. He didn’t have any pleasant feelings about those who had the surname Nanbei.

The main reason was Nanbei Chao. He always felt that Nanbei Chao must be related to Nanbei Family, or even belonged to Nanbei Family. If this was the case, they and Nanbei Family would be enemies sooner or later. So killing his future enemy’s Saint Beast Qilin would in turn gain him an advantage.

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