Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1447 – Fu Wei’s Killing Intent

Chapter 1447 – Fu Wei’s Killing Intent

Fu Wei’s Killing Intent

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The Crown Prince’s facial expression turned incomparably unpleasant. The supposedly not suspenseful battle was reversed so instantly. He had told Qu Shuangting not to hold anything back, which sounded truly like slapping his own face.

How could the Crown Prince not see that given Jiang Chen’s condition, even if Qu Shuangting expended all his might, he would still not be Jiang Chen’s opponent?

At this time, the one who was in a real daze was Qu Shuangting himself. The impulse to cough up blood was stirred in him. He had never imagined that he would be defeated by a puny little Golden Immortal someday. What baffled him a lot was that how could a Golden Immortal have such incredible combat strength! There were numerous geniuses in Great Qian Empire and he had seen plenty of extraordinary experts, but none of them was as abnormal as Jiang Chen. This was his first time seeing such a heaven defying genius.

However, he was left with no other option. He could never give up the match because that was akin to slapping the Crown Prince’s face publicly. After that, the Crown Prince would never forgive him.


With a flick of his arm, an extremely lethal sword materialized in his hand. The power of the sword was extraordinary. It emitted the Qi of King. Anyone could tell that it was a King Grade Immortal Weapon, a priceless weapon. Plus, this was a weapon of a genius of Genius Prefecture. It was definitely an uncommon weapon.

Qu Shuangting didn’t intend to display his combat weapon as he still had powerful means, but after Jiang Chen transformed into his dragon form, the gap between them became distinct. Even with his Immortal Weapon, it would not necessarily help him maintain the upper hand in the battle.

“Jiang Chen, come on! So what if you have a transformation technique? I don’t believe that you can sustain that skill for a long time. And, even if you are powerful, you are merely a puny Golden Immortal. I don’t believe that a Golden Immortal will be strong enough to fight an intermediate Immortal King!”

Qu Shuangting shouted aloud. As a matter of fact, he was only saying this to raise his own spirit. As an intermediate Immortal King, he wasn’t a fool. How could he not discern the situation ahead?

“You talk too much. Come and attack now.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. The strength boost of his dragon form had raised his combat strength by one grade. In order words, after transforming, his combat strength was boosted to the combat strength of a half-step Immortal King realm. Also to Jiang Chen, killing an opponent that was two levels higher when he in his dragon-form was absolutely easy, even if the opponent was a genius.


Qu Shuangting made his move. The sword was raised high, and let out a sword cry that roared up to the sky. The power of the King Grade Immortal Weapon was completely unleashed. Qu Shuangting struck out an incomparably strong sword technique that fully integrated his Qi with the sword, pus.h.i.+ng his strength by a large degree.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but nod his head in secret. This Qu Shuangting was indeed a genius. If Qu Shuangting was a late Immortal King, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be his opponent even with his dragon form, unfortunately, Qu Shuangting was only an intermediate Immortal King. He was no match for Jiang Chen no matter how powerful his sword technique was.

Under his control, the sword turned into a flowing light and slashed at Jiang Chen’s direction. It was incredibly fast. It instantly created a crevice in the void.

Jiang Chen lunged. No matter how fierce and fast Qu Shuangting’s attack was, it was just like in slow motion, because Jiang Chen’s speed was even faster. He clawed forward with his palm, striking out the True Dragon Palm.

The incomparably powerful enormous palm acted like a cage, grabbing Qu Shuangting in one grip.

Despite the indestructibility of the sword, it could only produce traces of sparks as it slashed on the blood-red dragon claw.

Qu Shuangting was startled. He intended to continue slas.h.i.+ng and hacking, but was horrified to find that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t keep his sword from shaking out of his grip.

“Bring it here.”

Jiang Chen tugged, the sword slipped out of his opponent’s hand and fell onto his hand.

“Son of a b*tch! Give my sword back!”

Qu Shuangting’s eyes were red. He had regarded the sword as more important than his own life. Now that his sword was seized by someone, he certainly couldn’t accept it. Immediately, he went berserk and lunged at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen snorted coldly, and slashed at Qu Shuangting with his opponent’s sword. Its speed was many folds greater than Qu Shuangting’s.

*Chi La!*

The long sword was slashed on Qu Shuangting’s arm, it cut a wound so deep that the bones in his arm become visible. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from it. The tearing pain shook Qu Shuangting back to reality. He halted himself and found the sword in front of his glabella. It was only an inch away from entering his head.

Qu Shuangting’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat. He looked down at his wounded arm. Given his eyesight, how could he not know that Jiang Chen has already shown him mercy? Otherwise, that slash absolutely wouldn’t just leave a wound on his arm. He was afraid that his arm would’ve been gone for good.

No, it should be said that the sword could slash down from the top of his body, cutting him in half, killing him instantly.

“Why are you showing me mercy?”

Qu Shuangting asked with a puzzled tone. He had been wanting to kill Jiang Chen, but his opponent didn’t kill him. This had puzzled him, because Jiang Chen didn’t look like a kind-hearted person at all.

“Killing you is effortless, but you are a genius of Genius Prefecture. I will let you live this time,” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

He did so for the sake of Yang Bufan. Though killing Qu Shuangting was extremely simple, Qu Shuangting was still a genius of Genius Prefecture. If people found out that Yang Bufan had killed someone on the day of his own King-Conferring Ceremony, it would only show that Yang Bufan was being too cruel. By giving Qu Shuangting a chance to live, it gave Yang Bufan the reputation of being a forgiving King.

“Many thanks.”

Qu Shuangting’s mouth revealed a wry smile, then shook his head helplessly, and turned towards the light barrier. At this time, no matter how reluctant he was, there was nothing he could say, because his opponent had just given him a chance to live.

As for the Crown Prince, Qu Shuangting didn’t think that Crown Prince would punish him. After all, he didn’t concede defeat and had done his best.

“I’m unable to have a liking for your sword.”

Jiang Chen tossed the sword casually back to Qu Shuangting. This combat sword was not at the same level as his Heavenly Saint Sword. So Jiang Chen naturally didn’t need it. He might as well return it to Qu Shuangting. As for today’s kindness, even if Qu Shuangting didn’t say it out, he would never forget this in his heart. Perhaps, Jiang Chen could use this to his advantage in the future. After all, Yang Bufan and the Crown Prince were foes. It would be good if he could plant his seed in the enemy’s forces.

Even if Qu Shuangting was extremely loyal to the Crown Prince, not killing an intermediate Immortal King didn’t make Jiang Chen suffer any loss or harm.

Qu Shuangting returned to his ranks with a grey face. The Crown Prince didn’t blame him though. The others didn’t scoff at him as well. After all, they had seen the battle clearly. Qu Shuangting’s defeat wasn’t his fault. Any intermediate Immortal King that was on that battlefield would receive the same outcome. This was an almost certain fact.

“Haha! Good, good. Brother Jiang is too powerful.”

“That’s right. Brother Jiang is merely a Golden Immortal. Not even an intermediate Immortal King is a match for him. Without seeing the battle with our own eyes, who would believe it? Plus, if it wasn’t because of Brother Jiang showing mercy, I’m afraid that genius of Crown Prince would’ve been dead by now. Brother Jiang is truly kind and righteous.”

“He’s so powerful. I have never seen anyone who’s so powerful. He’s what they called real genius.”


Exhilarating voices from King Fan’s side filled the air. Old Man Bai Weng was the most delighted one. He kept on changing his hand while stroking his beard. At this moment, everyone felt that Yang Bufan had made the wisest choice by inviting Jiang Chen into the prefecture. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, King Fan wouldn’t be able to handle today’s scene and would become a laughing stock of all.

“Haha! Crown Prince, I have already won two rounds. Do you still want to fight?” Yang Bufan laughed delightfully.

“It seems like King Fan still has the mood for fighting. In that case, I naturally will want to fight. I would like to see how powerful this Jiang Chen actually is,” replied the Crown Prince coldly.

Today, he was supposed to embarra.s.s Yang Bufan, but he never thought that he would be embarra.s.sed instead after losing two rounds of battle. If this continued, he had no idea where to put his face anymore.

“Brother, can you still battle?” Yang Bufan looked at Jiang Chen and asked with a solemn face.

“Naturally, I will fight till the end.”

Jiang Chen shrugged relaxingly. He knew what was the meaning of today’s battle to Yang Bufan. Today’s battle was destined to be irreducible, and Jiang Chen didn’t have the intention of retreating. He knew very clearly that defending against Crown Prince and King Ping wasn’t the only thing, it was also to help Yang Bufan establish his prestige and fame, which was the most important of all.

“Your Majesty.”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded from King Ping’s side. Then, a man in green clothes walked over. He clasped his fists at Crown Prince. “Your Majesty, let me fight this third battle. Jiang Chen has killed my brother, Futian, not long ago, I have a feud with this man. I hope that Crown Prince can grant me this chance.”

The man who spoke wasn’t a stranger, but the elder brother of Futian, Fu Wei. He had come along with King Ping, but hadn’t gotten the chance to fight. Seeing the Crown Prince on the brink of being infuriated, he had to grab the chance, otherwise, Jiang Chen would certainly die in other people’s hands. In that case, it would be too easy for Jiang Chen.

As soon as Fu Wei spoke, a commotion was created. Someone from Crown Prince’s side chided, saying, “Why didn’t you say earlier that this kid has the strength to kill Futian? This incident wouldn’t have happened if you told us earlier, and Crown Prince wouldn’t have been humiliated.”

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