Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1448 – A Desirable Match

Chapter 1448 – A Desirable Match

A Desirable Match

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Crown Prince himself almost coughed up blood. He glared at Fu Wei with angry eyes. Had this b.a.s.t.a.r.d came here just to anger him?

He, Fu Wei, knew that the opponent had the strength to kill an intermediate Immortal King, but he had waited until now to say it. If he told them earlier, would Crown Prince lose his face twice?

Fu Wei scolded himself secretly. The Crown Prince’s expression could already tell that he had said the wrong word. He really wanted to slap his mouth pretty hard, but there was no way he could take back what he said.

“Crown Prince, you have already battled for two rounds. It should be my turn to fight. Otherwise, King Fan will mock that my prefecture has no geniuses.”

Seeing the awkward scenario, King Ping stood out and spoke. In fact, he needed to stand out at this time because Fu Wei’s word had infuriated the Crown Prince very much. Given the Crown Prince’s behaviour, he was afraid that the Crown Prince would never give Fu Wei face, because Fu Wei was merely a genius of Divine Line Sect. One should know that only the holy son of Divine Line Sect was capable enough to confront the Crown Prince.

“Fu Wei, go now. You have to kill that brat and help the Crown Prince vent his anger.”

King Ping gave the Crown Prince no time to react, and ordered Fu Wei into the battlefield. As long as Fu Wei pa.s.sed the light barrier, the Crown Prince wouldn’t be able to say anything about it anymore. After all, today’s battle was a battle of geniuses. It wasn’t the matter of Crown Prince alone. Anyone could send their genius out into the battle. If the Crown Prince could, King Ping could do so naturally.

“Rest a.s.sured, Crown Prince. I will definitely kill him and help you express your anger.”

After he finished speaking, Fu Wei leaped into the battlefield in a stride.

Upon seeing this, the Crown Prince’s eyes seemed to be blazing. He turned to King Ping with a look so angry that he wanted to devour someone.

King Ping did know how to take advantage of the situation. Now that Jiang Chen’s strength had already been fully revealed, anyone knew that sending any late Immortal King genius would already be sufficient enough to eliminate Jiang Chen. That was why King Ping had sent Fu Wei at this moment. The moment Jiang Chen was killed, King Ping would get all the credits while the Crown Prince would get nothing but shame.

Nevertheless, the Crown Prince couldn’t say much about it. He looked towards the battlefield ahead and felt the impulse to hope that Jiang Chen would win the match. Of course, he knew that this was impossible. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, it was impossible for him to fight a late Immortal King.

“This Jiang Chen is going to die this time for sure.”

At this time, many people had the same opinion. After all, Jiang Chen had killed Futian, creating a score with Fu Wei. Fu Wei was a rare genius of Divine Line Sect. Now that he was given the chance to fight, his objective would be to take Jiang Chen’s life. No doubt, he would never be merciful.

The Crown Prince nodded. Although he felt depressed in his heart, he couldn’t deny that Fu Wei was the best candidate of all. After all, Fu Wei had a deep score with Jiang Chen, that means that he would be brutal. Moreover, even if the Crown Prince sent a late Immortal King to get rid of Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t be able to gain any honour, because he had already lost two matches. The fact that he needed a late Immortal King to kill a late Golden Immortal wouldn’t be an honourable news.

This was because the people here were no fools. Anyone would be able to understand the reason behind it. If it was an equal-level battle, there would be no one in the entire Great Qian Empire that could be an opponent of Jiang Chen. This would then make Jiang Chen the real genius.

Jiang Chen looked at Fu Wei. He finally understood why this dude had unleashed so much killing intent towards him. It turned out that this dude was the elder brother of Futian.

“It seems like you have come all the way here just to kill me.”

Jiang Chen just smiled, he wasn’t fazed in the slightest in the face of this powerful opponent. The matter was straightforward. After being brought to King Fan Prefecture by Old Man Bai Weng, Fu Wei wouldn’t be able to come here to take vengeance no matter how much he hated Jiang Chen. But since today was the King-Conferring Ceremony, Fu Wei would naturally use this chance to get rid of him. That explained why Fu Wei had come along with King Ping.

“It’s good that you know. Do you think the matter of killing my brother will end just like this? Today, I will use your life to honour the spirit of my brother.”

Fu Wei gritted his teeth and said. Although he and his brother were disciples of different sects, the relations.h.i.+p between them was very close. Besides, they were both gifted geniuses, the pride of their father. He had never thought that his brother would die one day, and in a puny Golden Immortal’s hands. This had angered him. And such anger could only be vented on Jiang Chen alone. Only by killing Jiang Chen could he dispel the hatred inside of him.

“King Ping, I’m afraid this battle isn’t fair at all. Fu Wei is from Divine Line Sect, he isn’t a genius from Genius Prefecture. What right does he have to battle in King Fan’s King Conferring Ceremony? Could it be that King Ping already have no geniuses that he can select from?”

Old Man Bai Weng spoke. He could no longer tolerate such unreasonable scenario. Jiang Chen had already won two rounds of battle. If the opponent insisted on playing the tag match, it would wear Jiang Chen out even if Jiang Chen had three heads and six arms.

Plus, Old Man Bai Weng knew Fu Wei’s capability and the hatred the man had for Jiang Chen. These would make the battle very disadvantageous for Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. This is certainly unacceptable.”

The people in King Fan’s side were angered. Each of them began to empathize Jiang Chen. Their impression of Jiang Chen had already become great.

“I don’t think that’s true at all. It’s true that Fu Wei isn’t a genius from Genius Prefecture, but could it be that Jiang Chen was from Genius Prefecture as well? Today is only a battle between geniuses. There’s no rule that says that the geniuses must be from Genius Prefecture. Although Fu Wei is a disciple of Divine Line Sect, he has a very good relations.h.i.+p with me, which makes him a genius of mine. Isn’t he ent.i.tled to fight the battle then?”

King Ping said in an elegant and polite manner, with a smile and unrecognizable subtlety.

Old Man Bai Weng still wanted to say something, but no words could exit his mouth, because what King Ping said was irrefutable. Fu Wei was indeed wasn’t from Genius Prefecture and the same also applied to Jiang Chen. If Fu Wei had no right to battle, that also meant that Jiang Chen should be disqualified as well.

Yang Bufan raised his hand, signalling the others to be quiet. He looked up at Jiang Chen. “How is it? Can you still fight?”

Yang Bufan’s tone was full of seriousness. Although he knew Jiang Chen’s capability, this Fu Wei was much more powerful. He was afraid that Jiang Chen was no match for Fu Wei. And, Fu Wei was eager to kill Jiang Chen. This worried Yang Bufan. Although pulling back at this time would have a great impact on him, Jiang Chen’s life was even more important. As long as Jiang Chen said no, he would do everything he could to protect Jiang Chen, giving no chance to Fu Wei.

“A desirable match.”

Jiang Chen smiled and didn’t seem to care. His eyes were full of combat intent. No matter what the outcome was, he desired to have a battle with Fu Wei. Given his current combat strength, it would only be interesting that he fight an opponent like Fu Wei. Only that could ignite his pa.s.sion.

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