Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1446 – Showing no Quarter

Chapter 1446 – Showing no Quarter

Showing no Quarter

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“Not good, it seems like Brother Jiang is no match for Qu Shuangting.”

All the people in King Fan’s side knitted their eyebrows. Everyone on the scene was an immortal cultivator, they knew the situation incomparably well. They began to worry upon seeing Jiang Chen lost the upper hand, but they later realized that this was only logical. After all, Jiang Chen was merely a late Golden Immortal. It was already shocking enough when he could defeat an early Immortal King. It was only normal that he couldn’t match with an intermediate Immortal King.

Fundamentally speaking, they didn’t have much confidence on this battle against Qu Shuangting.

The people over the other side heaved a sigh of relief. Although Jiang Chen’s performance had astounded all of them, Qu Shuangting still managed to suppress him. Otherwise, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to accept it. After all, the scene of a Golden Immortal overpowering an intermediate Immortal King was just too unacceptable.

“Jiang Chen, I have to admit that you are very strong. I have never seen a Golden Immortal reaching such a powerful extent, unfortunately, your cultivation base is still too weak. You are no match for me,” Qu Shuangting said.

“What’s all this nonsense? Go ahead and attack.”

Jiang Chen showed an impatient look. He hated those who liked to talk nonsense in the middle of the fight the most, because those nonsense wasn’t healthy to his ears at all.

“Humph! Since you are courting death, I will then fulfil your wish. It was merely a random strike of mine just now. This blow will certainly be your end!”

Qu Shuangting harrumphed coldly. He didn’t want to waste any more time. He wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen in the quickest possible time, and help the Crown Prince regain his face. And if that happens, the Crown Prince’s mood would return to normal and he would definitely reward him.

“Starlight Fist.”

Qu Shuangting drew out an abstruse arc that shone blue starlight. Then, a large fists began to condense. In an instant, the entire battlefield was filled with the images of his fist. Starlight Fist was an incomparably strong combat technique. The fact that Qu Shuangting used it indicated his determination to sentence Jiang Chen to death.

Seeing such powerful technique of Qu Shuangting, the people in King Fan’s side became even more worried. There was no way that they wouldn’t be. After all, this blow was more powerful than Yin Hong’s. There was too much difference between these two attacks.

“Come out, Golden Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. He showed no sign of fear in the face of the powerful Starlight Fist, and immediately, he struck out three golden dragons. The Golden Dragon Seal was the most powerful amongst the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals.


Three life-like golden dragons set off raging winds and collided with Qu Shuangting’s Starlight Fist.

*Hong Long……*

The earth shook and the mountains trembled. The shock was ma.s.sive. Even the ground outside the light barrier shook slightly. Cracks were appearing constantly in the void. Enormous sparks were created, almost converging to form a sea of fire.

Starlight Fist continued to be struck out. Very quickly, the overpowering momentum of the Immortal King had drowned the three golden dragons, while the starlight fists were colliding with the true dragons incessantly.

Such collision continued for two minutes before it came to a halt. When all the energy waves were gone, Jiang Chen was already near the edge of the light barrier, almost being forced out of the light barrier. His opponent, Qu Shuangting, on the other hand, was still as vigorous as before.

“What a powerful guy! I wonder where this monstrous talent has come from. Despite Qu Shuangting using his Starlight Fist, he still couldn’t eliminate Jiang Chen. Also, Jiang Chen doesn’t seem wounded at all. This is unbelievable.”

“That’s true. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too abnormal. No such genius has ever appeared in Genius Prefecture of our empire. If the master of prefecture sees this kid, I’m afraid that he will immediately make Jiang Chen his personal disciple.”

“I have no idea where King Fan has gotten this treasure. The moment Jiang Chen matured, he’s going to be extremely useful to King Fan one day.”

“Unfortunately, an exceedingly good performance isn’t a good thing. The Crown Prince and King Ping certainly won’t let him go. With a man like this by King Fan’s side, Crown Prince and King Ping will never have their peace.”


No one wasn’t surprised. Although Jiang Chen hadn’t gained the upper hand in the exchange just now, no one made any sarcastic remarks about him. Even if he was defeated, who else on the scene could do what he did. They all knew that it was absolutely impossible for them to be like Jiang Chen. Therefore, they had no right to sneer at Jiang Chen.

“Shuangting, don’t hold back. Finish it quick,” said the Crown Prince impatiently.

Obviously, he wasn’t very satisfied that the battle had lasted for so long. He had expected that Qu Shuangting would be able to end Jiang Chen’s life in seconds.

“Brother, don’t you hold back too. The Crown Prince very much like quick battles.” Yang Bufan reminded.

This word had refreshed the spirit of those in King Fan’s side. It seemed like Jiang Chen still had a very strong trump card that was yet to be displayed. They now had hope again, though they had lost it a moment ago.


Qu Shuangting and Jiang Chen replied simultaneously. Qu Shuangting was responding to the Crown Prince while Jiang Chen was replying King Fan.

“Jiang Chen, could it be that you still have some trump card? You are just a puny Golden Immortal. Even if you have, how powerful can it be? My trump card isn’t something that you can bear,” Qu Shuangting said.

“Is that so?”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a cold smile. A powerful Qi rushed out of his body abruptly, like a tidal wave, spreading across in the void, and immediately, he let out a dragon roar. Then, a terrifying energy exploded like a volcano!

Under the gazes of countless people, Jiang Chen’s body turned into a half-man-half-dragon in a split second.


Upon seeing this, everyone, including Qu Shuangting, exclaimed once more. All of them were acutely aware that Jiang Chen’s combat strength had been multiplied at least by 10 after the transformation, which was inconceivable.

“What kind of technique is that? A transformation technique? Ten-fold increase of strength? How can there be such a horrifying technique in the Heavens and Earth?”

“Ten-fold combat strength…even the taboo techniques in the legends couldn’t reach such an extent and can only boost one’s strength by two to threefolds, and that is already scary enough. Tenfold is just too inconceivable.”

“Dammit! Where the h.e.l.l has this guy came from? Why haven’t I heard of him before?”


Everyone was shocked. It seemed as though the victor was going to be decided soon. The fact that Jiang Chen’s ten-fold increase in combat strength had put tremendous pressure on Qu Shuangting. It seemed like one could already predict the outcome of this battle.

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