Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1445 – Qu Shuangting

Chapter 1445 – Qu Shuangting

Qu Shuangting

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Yang Bufan was extremely delighted. The same goes for Old Man Bai Weng. He was very glad that he had saved Jiang Chen half a month ago. Otherwise, there was no way they could cope with the incident today. He felt that one Jiang Chen was equal to a dozen of Crown Prince’s geniuses.

At King Ping’s side, a youth in green clothes fixed his knife-sharp eyes at Jiang Chen as though he wanted to pierce through Jiang Chen with this gaze. This youth wanted to take a closer look at how scary the person who killed his brother was. After seeing the battle between Jiang Chen and Yin Hong, he no longer had that underestimation he used to have towards Jiang Chen, however still he didn’t really put Jiang Chen’s performance in his heart since he was a late Immortal King.

“Crown Prince, I have already warned you just now that you’d better not sent an early Immortal King out, but you refuse to listen to me. It’s a pity. If it wasn’t because of my brother being lenient, that man would’ve been dead by now.” Yang Bufan spoke.

The Crown Prince’s face was ugly as he couldn’t think of a good reply. What Yang Bufan said was true. Yang Bufan had indeed warned him, but that kind of warning was just a step away from sarcasm.

“Your Highness, allow me to meet this Jiang Chen. Had it not been Yin Hong letting his guard down, he wouldn’t have been defeated so miserably. I would like to see how powerful a Golden Immortal actually be.”

In Crown Price’s side, a youth in black stood out. His name was Qu Shuangting, an intermediate Immortal King expert, a lot stronger than Yin Hong and comparable to Young Master Futian.

“Alright. Shuangting, go and fight him. No need to hold back,” said the Crown Prince.

He, too, would like to see how capable this Jiang Chen really was. The reason he asked Qu Shuangting not to hold back was that he had seen the potential that Jiang Chen posed. Although it was true that Yin Hong had underestimated Jiang Chen in the previous match, given the Crown Prince’s eyes, he knew that Yin Hong was still no match for Jiang Chen even if Yin Hong fought with all his might, because both of them were at two totally different levels.

Underestimation could only be the logical reason when both combatants were equally matched. When both combatant’s strength was widely different, it wouldn’t change anything even if the weaker combatant was on high alert.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness, I will get rid of this man.”

Qu Shuangting said, then strode forward, entering the light barrier.

“Your Highness, this way of battling isn’t fair to Jiang Chen,” Old Man Bai Weng said.

He was a straight-natured person. He would always voice out what he thought whenever he was uncomfortable with something. The Crown Prince’s side still had a dozen more geniuses. It was the same in King Ping’s side. At this rate, it would wear Jiang Chen out even if Jiang Chen had three heads and three arms.

“Old Man Bai Weng, what you said is somewhat incorrect. The Crown Prince didn’t mention that you have to use Jiang Chen for the battle. If you can find another genius, that will be fine,” King Yun said.

Under normal circ.u.mstance, he seldom spoke in front of Crown Prince and King Ping. Despite also being a Royal Highness, he knew that his strength was no match for the two, but recently, King Yun had been very close to the Crown Prince, as if he was trying to ingratiate himself with Crown Prince. That was why he had spoken for the Crown Prince.

King Yun’s words had voided what Old Man Bai Weng said. Though this was a shameless comment, Old Man Bai Weng still couldn’t find a reason to retort it, because what King Yun said was right and reasonable. No one had mentioned that it had to be Jiang Chen to fight the battle.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any other genius that could be found from King Fan Prefecture, and King Fan wasn’t allowed to fight the battle. As such, there was only Jiang Chen who could do that.

“It doesn’t matter. Can Brother Jiang still handle it?” Yang Bufan said indifferently.

No outsider would be able to comprehend his confidence in Jiang Chen, because none of them had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means. Yang Bufan didn’t need a lot of geniuses. As long as Jiang Chen could deal with all the geniuses of the Crown Prince and King Ping, one Jiang Chen was already enough.

In the light s.h.i.+eld, Jiang Chen stood with his hands behind his back, staring at Qu Shuangting emotionlessly. Currently, Qu Shuangting’s body was radiating golden light with an incomparably strong momentum.

“This man has a powerful momentum. If I don’t use my dragon-transformation, I don’t think I can fight him.”

Jiang Chen hesitated secretly. Although Qu Shuangting had the same cultivation base as Young Master Futian, Qu Shuangting wasn’t an opponent of the same level. Half a month ago, the fact that Jiang Chen was able to kill Futian without even using his dragon-form was because all of Futian’s techniques had been fully restrained by Jiang Chen. During the battle, Futian wasn’t able to exert even half of his combat strength. That explained why Jiang Chen was able to win the match so easily.

If his opponent was Qu Shuangting, everything would be different. Qu Shuangting practiced a cultivation techniques of the purest Yang, which made it difficult to suppress.

Given Jiang Chen’s current strength, even without using his dragon-form, he was powerful enough to fight any ordinary intermediate Immortal King expert, however that didn’t apply to a genius expert.

Of course, Jiang Chen wanted to try his combat strength to see what the current extent of his strength was.

“Jiang Chen, you go first.” Qu Shuangting said disdainfully with a look of pride on his face.

“Very well.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He wasn’t going be polite with his opponent. With a flash, he turned into a formless gale, lunging at Qu Shuangting. He clawed forward with his palm, ripping apart the void ahead before a blood-red large dragon claw pressed down overhead.

“He’s fast.”

Qu Shuangting was astonished. He never expected Jiang Chen to be this fast. Immediately, he withdrew his underestimation towards Jiang Chen. He was no fool. He could tell the strength of his opponent from the opponent’s attack. Just based on Jiang Chen’s speed, he knew that this man wasn’t a simple opponent. Despite his mighty cultivation base, he couldn’t relax and let his guard down.

*Hong Long……*

Qu Shuangting was also extremely quick. He sent out a super rough punch to meet the True Dragon Palm, creating a spark in the air, causing the void to break inches by inches.

*Deng!* *Deng!* *Deng!*

Under such violent collision, Jiang Chen felt a strong recoil. He staggered three steps backwards before regaining his balance. He looked at Qu Shuangting, who was still standing on his ground, motionless. It seemed that Qu Shuangting had gained the upper hand this round.

However Qu Shuangting didn’t seem happy about it. Instead, his eyes were filled with shock.

“What kind of monstrous genius is this kid? How can he be this powerful?”

Qu Shuangting frowned. He had gained the upper hand naturally, however only he himself knew how powerful that strike of his was. In his point of view, that strike should have already severely wounded Jiang Chen, but instead, it only managed to send his opponent a few steps back. Plus, Jiang Chen didn’t seem injured at all.

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