Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1444 – Without the Right to Die

Chapter 1444 – Without the Right to Die

Without the Right to Die

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Not only the geniuses of Crown Prince had such an expression, but also the others who were on the scene. Even King Ping couldn’t help but sigh. Just like Crown Prince, he would never believe that a late Golden Immortal would be able to fight an Immortal King expert.

Those on King Fan’s side had a nervous look, except for King Fan himself and Old Man Bai Weng who seemed composed. Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu also had the same calm look. They had already known the outcome of the battle. Such a battle was akin to an instant-kill scenario, however it definitely wouldn’t be Yin Hong killing Jiang Chen.

The momentum in the battlefield was powerful. Nevertheless, Jiang Chen just stood there motionlessly until the palm of Yin Hong reached him. His movement was very simple. He gently lifted his palm and crushed it along with the void.


The moment the two palms collided, the expected scene didn’t appear. Jiang Chen wasn’t killed by Yin Hong’s palm. Yin Hong’s palm didn’t even shake Jiang Chen.

*Ka Cha!*

In the next moment, a bone-cracking sound was heard. Everyone was horrified, seeing that Yin Hong’s palm being bent by Jiang Chen’s palm like an arm of a doll. Around his wrist, white gruesome bones jutted out of the skin. Blood flowed out from the wounds. It looked incomparably savage.


Despite Yin Hong being a powerful Immortal King, he still couldn’t bear such intense pain. That was a pain that went deep into his soul. He felt that he had completely lost all his combat strength in Jiang Chen’s hands.

Jiang Chen had a look of indifference. He had already encountered too many of such scenes. The blood of his opponent could no longer make any impact on him. His eyes were incomparably cold, looking like a G.o.d a death.

Yin Hong struggled intensely, but still couldn’t break free from Jiang Chen’s hands, like a vulnerable rabbit firmly controlled by the predator, totally helpless.

Only at this time did Yin Hong realised how foolish he was. He should have never looked down on this young man. He believed that if he didn’t underestimate his opponent, even if he lost, the outcome wouldn’t be as bad as this.

As a matter of fact, his thoughts were merely self-indulgent. He wouldn’t understand how large the gap between him and Jiang Chen was. Even if he used all of his strength, he would still face the same outcome. If Jiang Chen wanted to kill him, Jiang Chen only needed a feather-weight effort.

While gripping Yin Hong’s broken hand, he raised his other hand and slapped Yin Hong’s face violently.


A clear and crisp sound reverberated throughout the square. Currently, Crown Prince’s face seemed like burning, because this slap on Yin Hong was no different than a slap on his face.


Yin Hong fell heavily onto the ground. Half of his face was already badly mutilated. He wriggled on the ground forcefully, but he found no strength to stand up.

“My G.o.d! How could this happen?!”

Countless of them exclaimed. Whether it was the people of Crown Prince Prefecture, King Ping Prefecture, the other geniuses or King Fan prefecture, none of them wasn’t gaping at the scene in disbelief. To them, this was like a dream, totally unbelievable.

“Where did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d came from? His cultivation base is clearly only at the late Golden Immortal realm. How could it be possible that he can defeat an early Immortal King so easily?”

“Abnormal. This is overly abnormal. Even Crown Prince and King Ping couldn’t do this at that level. Could it be that this young man’s talent is even greater than Crown Prince’s and King Ping’s? How did King Fan get such an abnormal figure?”

“This is too shocking. A late Golden Immortal just defeated an early Immortal King so badly that he doesn’t even have the strength to fight back. How can one believe it without seeing it with his own eyes?”


Everybody was startled. Sounds of exclamations were heard everywhere.

“This Jiang Chen is too powerful. No wonder King Fan wanted him to fight and gamble with his own t.i.tle. That’s real confidence.”

“What a good Jiang Chen. Sure enough, he didn’t disappoint us. Crown Prince intended to use Yin Hong’s hands to slap King Fan’s face, however it was the other way round instead. How nice!”


Each expert in King Fan Prefecture revealed an exhilarated look. All the worries on their faces just now were gone. They began to believe that Jiang Chen had really killed Young Master Futian. That early Immortal King Yin Hong couldn’t even be counted as a fart in front of Jiang Chen. It seemed like a single fart from Jiang Chen could crush him to death.

Yang Bufan just stood at his original position with his hands behind his back, and had an unchangeable smile. This had been within his expectation.

In the square, Yin Hong’s body continued to twitch, his mouth wailing non-stop.

“Bah! What are you? How dare you act arrogantly in front of me? I didn’t kill you because you aren’t qualified to die in my hands.”

Jiang Chen mocked Yin Hong by copying what Yin Hong the other did earlier, and spat saliva on Yin Hong’s face. Yin Hong rolled his eyes and pa.s.sed out due to extreme humiliation. As a dignified Immortal King and a genius of Genius Prefecture, how could someone say that he wasn’t even qualified to die in his hands?

“Pa.s.sed out so quickly? Just another trash.”

Jiang Chen had a face of loathing, kicking Yin Hong out of the light barrier. Yin Hong landed right before the Crown Prince’s legs.

The embarra.s.sment that the Crown Prince felt by not killing Yin Hong was far greater. This was a direct insult, just like being slapped on the face. Even if Yin Hong was still alive, he would very much be a crippled person soon because Crown Prince wouldn’t make his life any better after this.

“Useless piece of trash.”

The Crown Prince said angrily, then another person from behind pulled Yin Hong away quickly, leaving this lying genius on the floor was just too embarra.s.sing.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen. No one would dare to look down on him anymore. The shock that Jiang Chen brought to them was just too great.

“What a powerful b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He’s indeed abnormal! If such a genius grows up one day, his future will be immeasurable.”

King Ping muttered in his heart. His envy for Yang Bufan rose once more. In his opinion, if he could get such a genius to his side, it would only be matter of time before he soar to the top.

“Crown Prince. This already proves everything. It seems like I’m keeping my t.i.tle as King Fan.”

Yang Bufan laughed. This was his time to mock his enemy back. So he naturally couldn’t miss it as he was not a very kind and forgiving person.

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