Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1443 – An Unsuspenseful Battle

Chapter 1443 – An Unsuspenseful Battle

An Unsuspenseful Battle

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Unlike the others, Old Man Bai Weng showed great confidence in Jiang Chen. Every one of them wasn’t convinced of this, but at least, they have someone to face the battle, which was better than having no genius to represent them, because that would mean putting the face of King Fan Prefecture to utmost shame.

“King Fan, I hope you take this battle seriously, this isn’t some kind of a joke. How can you let a puny little Golden Immortal fight this battle for you? The weakest among my followers is early Immortal King. His single slap can send your genius to death. Wouldn’t that be unpleasant if you think about it?” Crown Prince said grumpily.

From the beginning until now, he had never put Jiang Chen in his eyes. This was only reasonable. After all, Jiang Chen was merely a Golden Immortal. How could he catch the attention of the high and mighty Crown Prince?

“Crown Prince, I’m definitely taking this battle seriously. I hope you will do the same. By the way, I have to warn you all that this brother of mine doesn’t have a very good temper. His attacks won’t be light. You’d better not send out an early Immortal King, in case my brother can’t help himself and send him a slap of death. That would certainly make the scene ugly for you.” Yang Bufan smiled.

That was no doubt a pure humiliation to Crown Prince, however this was an unchangeable fact. Yang Bufan said this for the sake of Crown Prince. If they really sent an early Immortal King to fight Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have any problem crus.h.i.+ng his opponent with one finger.

“King Fan, he’s just a puny little Golden Immortal. I really have no idea where you have gotten such confidence from. In that case, I won’t be lenient to him. You are only bringing shame upon yourself.”

Crown Prince’s expression turned icy cold. He would never show any quarter to King Fan anymore. He had come here today to embarra.s.s King Fan. Even if the Immortal King genius he sent out accidentally killed this brat in the battle, no one could be blamed. After all, the battle between an Immortal King and Golden Immortal was uncontrollable.

After killing Jiang Chen, he would like to see who else King Fan would send to fight. Today was only the beginning of his problem.

“Which of you would like to fight?”

Crown Prince turned to the dozen of geniuses from his prefecture and clamoured.

Those geniuses exchanged glances with one other, showing no interest in the battle. This only showed that they were looking down on Jiang Chen, feeling that Jiang Chen wasn’t qualified to be their opponent.

“Yin Hong, you’ll go and fight,” Crown Prince said.

A youth in black clothes walked out. This young man had exceptional demeanour, with an early Immortal King cultivation base. Such a genius was common in Genius Prefecture, but the fact that he was at the Immortal King realm at such a young age made him proud.

“Your Highness, I’m afraid that I will accidentally kill him, which will make King Fan lose all his face.”

Yin Hong said with a frown, showing extreme irritation and reluctance, feeling that fighting a Golden Immortal was degrading his own ident.i.ty.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Fight with all your might. If you can beat this brother of mine to death, then I will sc.r.a.pe away my own t.i.tle.” King Fan said.


King Fan’s claim had caused another commotion. No one would think that King Fan would have such confidence in Jiang Chen, and gambling with his own t.i.tle was too much of a stake.

“Don’t be rash King Fan. This is no joke,” King Ping warned.

“King Fan, do you mean what you said?” Crown Prince narrowed his eyes.

“Of course,” said King Fan solemnly.

“Alright. Yin Hong, don’t be lenient with him. Beat him to death straightaway.”

Crown Prince gave the order. He would never believe that Yin Hong couldn’t even win against a puny little Golden Immortal. No matter how talented and heaven defying the person was, how powerful could he be? Even Crown Prince himself could only fight a half-step Immortal King back when he was still a late Golden Immortal expert. This young Golden Immortal was certainly no match for a true Immortal King, let alone a genius like Yin Hong.

“In that case, you also don’t have to be polite anymore, brother.”

Yang Bufan spoke to Jiang Chen. In terms of cruelty, Crown Prince was surely no match for Yang Bufan who had seen numerous deaths in Evil Abyss. Killing someone wasn’t a big deal at all. Today, he had been crowned as King; thus, he had to rise to fame and establish his own prestige. He would take on whatever tricks his adversaries would throw at him. Since Crown Prince wanted to kill someone from his side first, he wouldn’t mind using a person’s blood to pay tribute to his King-Conferring Ceremony.


Jiang Chen nodded. What he disliked the most was being restrained. To him, a battle should never involve politeness.

“So, let’s get started,” Crown Prince said.

He waved, casting out a golden light that formed a barrier covering the empty square ahead. The area that was covered by the barrier would be the battlefield. Such an act was good, after all, the shockwave of the battle with an Immortal King was astonis.h.i.+ng. If there wasn’t a safety measure, he was afraid that the entire King Fan Prefecture would be reduced to rubble.

Although it wasn’t a big deal for Crown Prince to turn King Fan Prefecture into ruins, he couldn’t ignore the rules of the Imperial Capital. In the Imperial Capital, no large-scale battle was allowed. The destruction of any building in the capital was a crime. With this light barrier, he wouldn’t need to worry that the overflowing energy of the battle would wreak havoc on the buildings.

This was a light s.h.i.+eld of a peak early Immortal Emperor. No Immortal King would be able to break it. He was almost certain about this.

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen strode towards the light barrier, and at the same time, Yin Hong on the opposite side also strode forth with a sneering smile.

“Jiang Chen, I suggest you to give up now, then kneel before me and knock your head to the ground. In this way, you can still save your puny life,” Yin Hong said.

He was eager to see the scene of Jiang Chen surrendering to him and kowtowing before him. One should know that Jiang Chen represented King Fan. If Jiang Chen kowtowed before him, that would mean giving away the authority of King Fan as well. From then on, King Fan wouldn’t be able to set a foothold in the Imperial Capital anymore.

“You think too much.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Bah! I have no idea how a puny Golden Immortal has gotten this much confidence. It’s an insult for me to personally fight this battle. I have decided to slap you to death, and save myself from all the troubles,” Yin Hong retorted.

In his eyes, Jiang Chen was just an ant. The difference between the two of them was just too great. They were totally at two different levels. If he couldn’t kill this Golden Immortal with one slap, he would lose all his face instead.

“You have too many nonsense. I don’t want to take advantage of you. You go first,” Jiang Chen said plainly.

His mocking gesture had completely infuriated Yin Hong.

“In that case, I will grant you your death wish.”

Yin Hong was angered, unleas.h.i.+ng all the momentum of an early Immortal King. Golden light radiated off his palm. His body flashed and lunged at Jiang Chen.

The amount of force of this terrifying palm strike was unknown. If one was struck by this palm head-on, that person would surely be dead for sure.

All the other geniuses of Crown Prince Prefecture smiled faintly. They knew the strength of Yin Hong pretty well. They could almost imagine the scene of Jiang Chen being slap to a meat paste. There was no comparison at all between these two combatants.

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