Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1442 – Sneers and Taunts

Chapter 1442 – Sneers and Taunts

Sneers and Taunts

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The atmosphere in King Fan Prefecture changed all of a sudden. On the opposite side, their faces revealed sneering smiles. That’s right. They had come here today just to sneer at the celebrant, to make King Fan feel embarra.s.sed. If Yang Bufan embarra.s.sed himself on the day of his King-Conferring Ceremony, he would certainly become the laughing stock of everyone in Great Qian Empire. He would never be able to raise his head again. He would lose the qualification to compete against Crown Prince, King Ping and even the other princes.

Everyone including Crown Prince, King Ping and Yang Bufan knew the outcome perfectly well.

Old Man Bai Weng’s face darkened incredibly. Only he understood the situation of King Fan Prefecture the most. Comparing it to Crown Prince Prefecture and King Ping Prefecture, their forces were still very weak and small, even though they had huge potential for development.

The fact that Yang Bufan could handle so many of them after coming back proved his capability. As for the other geniuses of Great Qian Empire, they were basically all from Genius Prefecture. Yang Bufan hadn’t paid a visit to Genius Prefecture since his return, so he had yet to recruit any geniuses to be his followers. This matter itself was a great irony.

Great Qian Empire emphasized on being strong. Which was why it was overflowing with geniuses. The existence of Genius Prefecture indicated the amount of importance the Great Qian Empire had placed on the geniuses. As such, Crown Prince had suggested to let the geniuses have a match. Although it seemed to be an excessive request, it was still reasonable. At least, this wouldn’t give Yang Bufan any reason to refuse it.

That was to say, Yang Bufan could only admit defeat directly, but couldn’t say no to the request.

However, could Yang Bufan admit defeat? That was impossible. Admitting defeat was equal to losing everything. He was afraid that the Emperor would seize his t.i.tle of King Fan the next day. The Royal Highness of Great Qian Empire could never concede defeat, especially on the day he was crowned as king.

This wasn’t only the matter of reputation, but also involved the future development of King Fan.

The current situation King Fan was placed in was the most awkward scenario. Old Man Bai Weng perfectly understood it. Crown Prince and King Ping also knew it. If Yang Bufan couldn’t find a genius to represent him, Crown Prince and King Ping would certainly take this opportunity to taunt him. If a dignified Royal Highness couldn’t even stand on his King-Conferring Ceremony, how could he ever continue to survive on the Imperial Capital?

“What’s wrong? Could it be that King Fan wouldn’t dare? Or couldn’t find a suitable candidate for it? Do you want me to lend you a few geniuses? The thing that I least lack of in my prefecture are geniuses,” Crown Prince spoke sarcastically.

“Hasn’t Crown Prince gone too far by doing so? You should know that King Fan doesn’t even have a single genius with him. Aren’t you trying to slap King Fan on the face?” King Ping said with a smile.

Certainly, he was a man of subtlety, using a sentence to ridicule his two adversaries, ridiculing Crown Prince for making things difficult for King Fan and mocking King Fan due to not having any geniuses under him.

This was what some people considered as the scariest opponent of all.

“Haha! Since Crown Prince is in such a good mood, how can I refuse?”

Yang Bufan laughed happily. His facial expression hadn’t changed one bit even until now, still composed and calm, because he didn’t fear any of them. He still has a trump card, and that was Jiang Chen.

Old Man Bai Weng couldn’t understand why King Fan could still laugh in this situation. Could it be that he could really find a genius to fight the match? Or could that genius be Jiang Chen?

Yes, there was still Jiang Chen here. Others might not understand Jiang Chen’s strength, but Old Man Bai Weng had witnessed Jiang Chen killing Futian himself.

Yang Bufan looked over at Jiang Chen and patted his shoulder. “Brother, I will depend on you this time.”

Yang Bufan shrugged, showing a look of indifference.

Jiang Chen smiled. The current situation was already incomparably clear to him. So he wouldn’t decline it. Plus, he was duty-found whenever Yang Bufan needed him.

“You really trust me so much?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“Of course, Big Brother’s future is now in your hands.”

Yang Bufan smiled brightly. That was trust, an undeniable trust he had on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen knew that Yang Bufan wanted him to fight not only for Yang Bufan’s own sake, but also for him to rise to fame. One couldn’t stay low-profile if one wanted to survive in the Imperial Capital.

“Okay.” Jiang Chen nodded and strode forward.

“Crown Prince, this is my brother, Jiang Chen. He’s also the most powerful genius I have. He will represent me in this battle today.”

Yang Bufan spoke in a clear voice, admitting to everyone that Jiang Chen was his brother instead of his follower. This alone indicated Yang Bufan’s sincerity in regarding Jiang Chen as his real brother.

As a matter of fact, he felt relieved letting Jiang Chen fight the match. Even if he had a lot of stronger geniuses with him right now, he would still choose Jiang Chen to represent him in the match. He was the one who really understood Jiang Chen compared to Old Man Bai Weng. Jiang Chen was an extremely scary individual with exceedingly astounding combat strength. His performance in Evil Abyss was enough to tell everything. As such, Yang Bufan felt most a.s.sured placing his future on this young man’s hands.


Seeing a Golden Immortal coming out, everyone, including the Crown Prince and King Ping, couldn’t help exclaiming, then followed by their sneering laugh. Everyone in the opposite ranks laughed except for the green-clad youth who stood next to King Ping. The one who had been revealing his murderous intent towards Jiang Chen.

Isn’t this a joke, sending a Golden Immortal into battle? What was Yang Bufan thinking?

“How funny! King Fan, you can just tell us directly if you don’t have any followers. Why would you send a puny Golden Immortal to humiliate us?”

“That’s right. King Fan, why don’t you take a look at all of us? We all came from Genius Prefecture. The weakest among us is early Immortal King. Letting a Golden Immortal fight us is a humiliation for us.”

“King Fan, don’t force yourself if you can’t find someone. We could understand it. You just have to lower your head and admit defeat. I don’t think this puny Golden Immortal is even enough for a slap.”


Sarcastic and sneering remarks flooded the scene like tides. In their point of view, this was too ridiculous. Which of them on the scene wasn’t an Immortal King? They couldn’t even find a half-step Immortal King in their ranks. If they had to fight a Golden Immortal, they were afraid that they would instantly lose all their interest in fighting.

Everyone in King Fan Prefecture had an unpleasant face. They were helpless after being humiliated as such.

“Those f*cking faces! They should have all the fun they can now because they are going to cry later.” Old Man Bai Weng reprimanded in a low voice.

“Bai Weng, could it be that you, too, also have high confidence in this Jiang Chen?” An Immortal Emperor next to him asked.

“Actually, I don’t really know. I just knew that he has really killed Young Master Futian,” Old Man Bai Weng replied.

This fact alone made him believe that Jiang Chen would certainly be able to surprise them today.

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