Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1441 – Putting Someone to Trouble

Chapter 1441 – Putting Someone to Trouble

Putting Someone to Trouble

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Yang Bufan leaped from the air in a flash and stood in front of the ranks.

“Brother, the guests have arrived. We’ll have to greet them,” Yang Bufan said with a smile.


Jiang Chen smiled. He had encountered such a big occasion not long after he arrived in Great Qian Empire. He wondered if this can be considered as luck. Anyhow, his pa.s.sion and fighting spirit had already been stirred. He had seen the demeanour of the true geniuses. To him, this was the true Immortal World. Comparing this to One-Line-Sky made the latter so insignificant.

Opposite them, a large number of experts were coming forward. The one who was leading wore a golden robe embroidered with the head of a spiralling dragon on his chest, and a golden-purple crown.

Across Great Qian Empire, apart from the Emperor, only the Crown Prince was qualified to have this robe of dragon.

He seemed to be the same age as Yang Bufan and had an imposing face. His body radiated the Qi of Immortal Emperor. Jiang Chen discovered that this Crown Prince wasn’t ordinary at all, incomparable to any ordinary genius. Although his cultivation base had only reached the peak of early Immortal Emperor, Jiang Chen was afraid that not even ordinary intermediate Immortal Emperor could match with his true strength.

“This is Crown Prince. He controls the power of Crown Prince Prefecture. It has very high prestige in Genius Prefecture.” Yang Bufan muttered in a low voice.

“Look at the other one. He’s King Ping, also an early Immortal Emperor. His influence in Genius Prefecture and Imperial Capital isn’t any weaker than Crown Prince. The other princes are also of Immortal Emperor grade, but in terms of power and influence, they are far from being good as Crown Prince and King Ping. Look at their faces. They don’t seem very delightful. Do you know why?”

Yang Bufan pointed to a white-robed man and said. That man was tall and good-looking. Every gesture he made was filled with the superior Qi of a true emperor. He was King Ping, also known as Yang Buping. Just like Crown Prince and the other princes, he didn’t seem very cheerful.

“Because they just saw Yang Zanqing giving you the Snow-Jade King Ginseng.” Given Jiang Chen’s intelligence, he could naturally guess the reason behind it.

“That’s correct. One should know that even Crown Prince didn’t receive a single gift from Yang Zanqing when he was crowned as King. Today, King Fan has received the rare Venerable Grade Snow-Jade King Ginseng from the Master of Prefecture. This has undoubtedly arouse the envy in all of them. Besides feeling envious, they will also feel threatened. King Fan has posed a potential threat to them.” Old Man Bai Weng spoke whilst stroking his beard like he usually did.

What Old Man Bai Weng said was very logical. King Fan’s domineering return had made them feel a huge compet.i.tion. Today, even Yang Zanqing praised and rewarded Yang Bufan, which emphasized Yang Bufan’s potential even more. How could Crown Prince and King Ping possibly accept this?


Just at this time, Jiang Chen frowned and glowered somewhere in the group of King Ping. He could acutely sense a killing intent coming from that direction. The killing intent was directed at him instead of Yang Bufan.

Sure enough, when Jiang Chen turned towards them, he saw a young man glaring at him maliciously. The man didn’t even try to conceal his murderous eyes at all.

Who’s that man? Why is he directing such a murderous intent on me for no reason?

Jiang Chen was puzzled. How long had he been here? He didn’t even know these people at all. Moreover, whether it was Crown Prince or King Ping, they had all come today for Yang Bufan. Even if they presented such a murderous intent, it should be targeted at Yang Bufan, however, that youth was clearly aiming him.

Other people might not be able to sense this concealed killing intent, but it couldn’t escape from Jiang Chen’s acute perception.

Humph! I don’t care who you are. You must at least be capable enough in order to kill me.

Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly in his heart. He didn’t fear this man in spite of the man’s late Immortal King realm cultivation base. Although he might not be able to defeat this opponent now, it was also impossible for the opponent to kill him.

Indeed, Crown Prince and his allies had arrived at King Fan Prefecture for quite some time now, waiting for the ceremony to end before entering. They had never thought that Yang Zanqing would give a Snow-Jade King Ginseng to Yang Bufan. This had given them a strong sense of unpleasantness. They had already made up their mind that since Yang Zanqing admired Yang Bufan so much, they would surely find ways to embarra.s.s him.

“Haha! Congratulations, King Fan. Congratulations. Today is the day of great rejoicing. Won’t I be considered uncourteous if I didn’t come?”

King Ping was the first to speak. He laughed delightfully, seemingly incomparably sincere from the surface. A man like this was the scariest, looking very subtle in the surface.

This fact alone showed that King Ping was much scarier than Crown Prince whose face had remained sulky ever since he entered the prefecture. Apparently, he wasn’t as good as King Ping.

“Welcome Crown Prince, King Ping and royal brothers. My humble prefecture is honoured with your visit.”

Yang Bufan greeted with his fists. Despite facing the pressure of so many influential experts, his face still remained calm, without any sign of apprehension; every one of his subordinate couldn’t help but admire him.

Old Man Bai Weng nodded and praised secretly. In any case, King Fan hadn’t lost a bit in the aspect of momentum. In spite being only a half-step Immortal Emperor, his demeanour as a King was totally on par with Crown Prince and King Ping’s.

They even sensed an aura which not even Crown Prince and King Ping had. That was the aura of stability. The dominance that radiated from his simple gestures.

Of course, after being the Evil Lord for ten years, both his knowledge and disposition weren’t comparable to Crown Prince and King Ping. No one would ever know the scariness of that cruel environment without being there personally. Any being who walked out from that place could be considered as a true superior expert.

“King Fan, today is your day of great rejoicing. Wouldn’t it be imperfect if there were no extra events to stir up the atmosphere? Since you have already been crowned as Royal Highness, you should have plenty of exceptional experts under you. Our empire advocates Martial Dao and stresses about respecting the strong. The establishment of Genius Prefecture represents the power of the geniuses. Each Royal Highness will have some geniuses no matter what. Why not we select a few talents and have a compet.i.tion. What do you say, King Fan?” Crown Prince suggested, heading straight into making things difficult for King Fan.

After listening to Crown Prince’s words, Old Man Bai Weng and the other’s facial expression changed instantly.

This Crown Prince is so shameless, using this opportunity to put King Fan in trouble. He should know that King Fan has just returned and hasn’t even had time to return to Genius Prefecture. How could he have exceptional geniuses as his subordinates? Crown Prince and King Ping, on the other hand, have recruited a large number of geniuses and many of them originated from Genius Prefecture. How is this a fair challenge? Old Man Bai Weng was infuriated. This Crown Prince was obviously picking on them.

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