Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 144 – Dark Night Slaughter

Chapter 144 – Dark Night Slaughter

Chapter 144 - Dark Night Slaughter

“Listen, this isn’t a cultivation skill, it’s a movement skill.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Movement skill? There is a movement skill that allows you to travel underground?”

Big Yellow became startled, this was the first time he had heard about this.

“The name of this skill is Dimensional s.h.i.+ft. Once I practice it to the highest level, I will be able to travel in different s.p.a.ces, s.h.i.+ft myself across the skies, ground, or even cosmos. Underground s.h.i.+fting is just one of the usages of the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft. Although I can’t use it perfectly, and can’t s.h.i.+ft myself 3,000 meters at once, I can still use it to travel underground.”

Jiang Chen explained. He found the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft in his previous life amongst a treasure hiding spot. He had no idea what level this skill was, but he was sure it wasn’t a useless skill. Jiang Chen had used this skill in his previous life and travelled across the world. Too bad, his current cultivation level was too weak, he couldn’t unleash the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft’s true power. If he could, he would be able to reach the energy vein underground with just a single s.h.i.+ft.

“Dimensional s.h.i.+ft? Buddy, where did you get this advanced movement skill?”

Big Yellow had a feeling that Jiang Chen wasn’t a sixteen year old teenager, but an old cunning fox who had lived for more than a thousand years.

“Enough nonsense, let’s get there quickly, we have to settle everything before those Blood Devils attack.”

Jiang Chen paused for a moment, then he said, “Can you do it or not? If you can’t, I’ll go myself. Your father can’t bring any humans along, not even a dog.”

“f.u.c.k off, your father isn’t a dog!”

After saying that, Big Yellow unleashed a layer of yellow light from his body as well. With this yellow barrier, he was able to submerge into the ground just like Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen felt pretty amazed by Big Yellow’s ability as well. But, no matter what incredible things this dog did, Jiang Chen wouldn’t feel surprised. After all, Big Yellow was a descendant of the Dragon Horse, and he possessed the complete bloodline of a Divine Beast, that was why he had all sorts of innate abilities.

They travelled underground, both of them were completely merged with the dirt. They didn’t even cause any movements to the surrounding dirt they pa.s.sed.

3,000 meters wasn’t a long distance, but when it became vertical, it was a completely different story. Even with the ability to travel underground, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t travel like they usually did.

After nearly twenty minutes, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow finally arrived 3,000 meters below the surface. They immediately saw a s.h.i.+ning energy vein that was twisted and entangled deep under, it looked like a giant snake resting.

The energy vein had a crystal-like transparent look, and it was nearly 300 meters long, and it was as thick as an adult’s arm. It was covered by a foggy mist, the mist was a natural barrier field, and it stopped the energy from overflowing. That was the reason why n.o.body had noticed it until now.

“What a magnificent energy vein, this is a priceless energy vein! With such rich energy within, if I could absorb all the energy essence, my cultivation level will skyrocket! I would have no problem breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm!”

Jiang Chen was extremely happy.

“Buddy, what are you going to do with this energy vein?”

Big Yellow asked.

“Energy veins have the ability to gather natural Yuan energy. If we break the barrier now, Redsun Town will become a land of rich energy, but it will also attract those powerful clans. I think, we don’t break it now, we just cut away a part of it for our own cultivation.”

Jiang Chen expressed his opinion. This was a huge energy vein, and it was unrealistic to move it away.

“Buddy, in my opinion, we can put this energy vein into some good use.”

Big Yellow said.

“What is your plan?”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow.

“Buddy, your opponent is the powerful Nan Bei Chao, he is someone that won’t be bound to this small place. One day, he will leave the Burning Sky Pavilion for sure, and I think you have similar thoughts, you won’t stay in the small Black Sect forever. Why don’t you create a foundation around this energy vein, with this vein you can establish your own power in the future.”

Big Yellow said.

“You’re right, I’m Jiang Chen, and I’ll have my mighty reputation left behind everywhere I go. There’s a saying that a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on. Right now, I have won the hearts of all Redsun Town people, and with this energy vein, I can make this place my foundation. It might provide me great benefits in the future. Besides, owning an energy vein is equal to owning great luck.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Those who wanted to achieve great things had deep plans and distant thoughts.

“But we still need to use this energy vein now. I’ll just make a hole in the barrier somewhere, then I’ll use a formation to gather the energy together and make it flow to the surface, then I’ll get someone to build me a mansion Redsun Town. I’ll have a temporary cultivation place then.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right. With this, you’ll be able to absorb the source essence of this energy vein, and it will be much stronger than cultivation in the Black Sect. The energy vein underneath the Black Sect has been distributed to so many places, the energy you get there is definitely weaker than here.”

Big Yellow showed a bright smile

“However, it is very difficult to create a formation like this.”

Big Yellow said again.

“It’s merely a formation, no problem for me.”

A confident smiled filled Jiang Chen’s face. The approaches of the once greatest Saint in the world was not something ordinary people could imagine.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger and unleashed a bright light towards the center of the energy vein. With a ‘pop’ sound, a hole instantly appeared in the foggy mist that was hovering around the energy vein. The natural barrier was easy to break, it only took a powerful force.

In an instant, intense amount of energy began flowing out from the hole, and it produced a buzzing sound that could be heard around them. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow took a deep breath, they immediately felt refreshed, and their spirit were raised. With help of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy turned into pure energy that flowed into Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea.

This was the essence from the source of the energy vein, it couldn’t be compared with the natural energy gathered by the energy vein in Jiang Chen’s courtyard within the Black Sect.

“Seal it up quickly, if the energy leaks onto the surface, we’ll attract some unwanted attention.”

Big Yellow hurriedly reminded Jiang Chen. At the same time, he spat out a golden colored restriction seal towards the small hole. On the other side, Jiang Chen also made a restriction seals with his fingers, then followed by countless seals, all seals merged together and formed into an invisible formation which completely sealed the small hole on the energy vein.

After that, Jiang Chen moved his body upwards while unleas.h.i.+ng restriction seals one after another, connecting the formation together in a perfect way. Big Yellow who was watching kept jumping around, he felt so unmotivated he had a feeling of wanting to vomit blood.

“d.a.m.n you, is there anything you don’t know?”

Big Yellow was watching how Jiang Chen made the formation, and the more he watched, the more insane he felt. Jiang Chen had a skillful technique, and each restriction seal he unleashed would perfectly merge with the formation, attracting the energy upwards bit by bit. No matter how he looked at Jiang Chen, he had a feeling that he was watching a Grandmaster of formations.

A sixteen year old teenager, and he knew everything. That would be fine, but, not only did he know everything, he had also mastered everything. No matter what it was, Jiang Chen could always do it like he was a Grandmaster.

At last, Big Yellow let out a long sigh. From no onwards, no matter what kind of incredible things happened around Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Half an hour later, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow finally reached the surface. Jiang Chen was still forming complicated restriction seals with his fingers. On his fingertips, there were threads of bright light dancing around. It was the purest kind of energy, and anyone who stared at it would feel like their souls had been lost.

Suddenly, the dark night became creepier. A demonic breeze suddenly blew by in this silent night. A ma.s.sive amount of devil energy could be felt coming from afar, a creepy and ferocious laughter could be heard, and it was coming closer and closer.

“The Blood Devils are here.”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

“Looks like there’s more of them tonight compared to last night. Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen sneered. He flipped his palm and unleashed another restriction seal, temporarily sealing the energy completely. After that, he and Big Yellow turned into two bright golden lights and flew towards Redsun Town.

“Hurry, those Blood Devils are here, go get young master Jiang, quickly!”

“Look, young master Jiang is here! The amount of Blood Devils is twice as much as last night, I think there are nearly one hundred of them… I’m worried whether or not young master Jiang can really defeat all of them.”

“Of course he can, young master Jiang has great abilities! He can kill all these Blood Devils in an instant! Don’t be scared people, let’s fight these Blood Devils!”


All the warriors in Redsun Town held weapons in their hands, they were high spirited and determined to fight until the last drop of their blood.

Outside of Redsun Town, a large group of tall and muscular Blood Devils were hastily marching forwards, and they were howling and jumping towards Redsun Town.

These Blood Devils had lost their humanity, their blood red eyes were glowing with blood thirsty looks, and they unleashed utterly ferocious auras.

Four Blood Devil leaders were flying above the sky, one of them was 3 meters tall. Tall and strong like a steel paG.o.da. He was unleas.h.i.+ng a brutal aura around him and carrying a sinister devil weapon, and his cultivation was at the Mid Heavenly Core realm.

“Kill every single living thing in this town, and leave behind all teenage girls for young master’s sacrifice!”

The leading Blood Devil leader gave out a cruel order. He wanted to turn Redsun Town into a ghost town, and leave no survivors.


Right after the leader gave out his order, the ferocious Blood Devil begun to crazily howl. They stormed towards Redsun Town and destroyed everything along their way.

“Big Yellow, I’ll handle the leaders. The rest of the Blood Devils are yours, kill them all and leave no survivors.”

Jiang Chen told Big Yellow with an unparalleled grandeur.

“Mission will be accomplished.”

Big Yellow let out a loud laugh, then he began sprinting forward while his body was glowing in a golden light. He then began his road of merciless slaughter.

Bam bam bam…...

Big Yellow was too powerful, his body was extraordinarily strong, just like some iron wall. Especially his head, no one could imagine why it was so tough.

Big Yellow pushed his way through by ramming into every single Blood Devil along his way. He was like a mountain tumbling around, and those unfortunate Blood Devils who got hit by Big Yellow all had their bodies break apart, they died horrible deaths. The scene was ultra b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

The Town Marshal raised his weapon high up and led the warriors of Redsun Town behind him as he followed Big Yellow. Zhang Zhen was a Heavenly Core warrior, and when faced with these Blood Devils, he was like a fierce tiger jumping into a group of sheep. It was a one-sided slaughter.

Such a ma.s.sive scale of slaughter, these Blood Devils instantly suffered great losses and felt their spirit weaken.

Above the skies, Jiang Chen spread his blood wings widely and blocked the way of the four Blood Devil leaders.

“So, it was you who killed all my men last night?”

The tall like paG.o.da leader asked with a ferocious look in his eyes.