Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 143 – Travel Underground? Piece of Cake!

Chapter 143 – Travel Underground? Piece of Cake!

Chapter 143 – Travel Underground? Piece of Cake!

“That’s right, I’m Yu Zi Han, inner circle disciple of the Black Sect. I wondered who was arrogant enough to want my dad to come here personally, but it was actually brother Jiang! Brother Jiang is a peerless genius of the Qi Province, why have you come to Yellowstone’s area?”

Yu Zi Han cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen, he didn’t dare show any disrespect from both his att.i.tude and words. Although he was an inner circle disciple, and Jiang Chen was only an outer circle disciple, and he was Early Heavenly Core warrior while Jiang Chen was only a peak Mortal Core warrior, after witnessing how Jiang Chen had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, Yu Zi Han couldn’t just treat Jiang Chen as an ordinary outer circle disciple.

Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation was only at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, his combat strength was incredible. Even Jiang Wei who was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior had been killed by him. With Yu Zi Han’s strength, if he were to fight Jiang Chen, he would be defeated with just a single strike.

After witnessing how Jiang Chen had wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, Yu Zi Han had told himself that even if he didn’t have a chance to become friends with Jiang Chen, he would never become his enemy. Jiang Chen was extremely fierce and merciless, Nan Bei Chao and Fan Kun were n.o.body in his eyes. Even the Sect Elders were hung and brutally beaten by him. A person like this was not someone Yu Zi Han, or even his own family could afford to offend.

“So brother Yu didn’t know about this, the Sect Chief gave me the task of coming to Yellowstone to kill all the Blood Devils, and my primary target is that Lord Blood Moon.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? Brother Jiang, the Sect Chief only sent you alone? These Blood Devils are brutal and cruel, and I’ve heard that Lord Blood Moon has reached the peak Heavenly Core realm. His cultivation level is no weaker than Guan Yi Yun’s or Liang Xiao’s! It’s a suicide mission for brother Jiang!”

Yu Zi Han was shocked. He wasn’t just worried about Jiang Chen, but the safety of Yellowstone and the Yu family as well. Since the war with the Blood Devils had begun, Lord Blood Moon hadn’t come out yet, and now, the Black Sect had sent Jiang Chen alone for this mission. Once he was defeated by Lord Blood Moon, it would be a catastrophic disaster for Yellowstone.

“Brother Yu, you’re looking down on me.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Yu Zi Han’s expression changed slightly. He immediately cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen and said, “No, I dare not!”

“You are worried that if I fail to defeat that mysterious Lord Blood Moon, not only will my life be at risk, people in Yellowstone will be slaughtered by those Blood Devils, correct?”

Jiang Chen stared at Yu Zi Han with a smile. Yu Zi Han remained silent and admitted to what Jiang Chen said.

“I don’t mind telling you this. Since the Sect Chief sent me here, it simply means that I have the abilities to deal with Lord Blood Moon. Last night, those Blood Devils attacked Redsun Town, and if I was late, this town would be a ghost town right now. These Blood Devils are merciless and cruel, and it’s not my duty alone to deal with them. We have to work together.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Of course! I wonder, does brother Jiang have any plans? The Yu family will be your strongest allies!”

It was a fact that the Yu family could escape from the duty of fighting these Blood Devils. Besides, Jiang Chen had been sent here to kill all the Blood Devils, and Yu Zi Han believed that the Sect Chief wouldn’t risk all the lives in Yellowstone for a joke. Since he had sent Jiang Chen here, it just meant that Jiang Chen had the abilities to handle the situation. Also, when he entered the room just now, all he saw was a confident and calm look on Jiang Chen’s face. There wasn’t even any change when he mentioned the Blood Devils, as if he wasn’t really bothered by these Blood Devils.

Besides, Yu Zi Han didn’t dare look down on Jiang Chen. Ever since he had heard Jiang Chen’s name, he had caused too many miracles, and been involved in many major events that had shaken the Qi Province. He even dared to challenge Nan Bei Chao. Perhaps he really did have the ability to deal with Lord Blood Moon.

Yu Zi Han was a clever man, he had a feeling that Jiang Chen would become someone great in the future, and a man like this couldn’t be compared to Fan Kun. If he could become friends with Jiang Chen, it would be an incredibly good thing for both himself and the Yu family.

“Actually, it’s very simple. After what happened last night, Redsun Town will become the Blood Devils’ primary target. I’ll just stay here and wait for them to attack, and I’ll make sure not one survives. As long as they continue to suffer defeat here, I believe all Blood Devils will gather around Redsun Town. For us, it will be much easier to fight like this, rather than searching for them everywhere.”

Jiang Chen paused for a while, then he continued, “Everyone knows how cruel and merciless these Blood Devils are, and none of us know their total number. If they separate themselves everywhere within Yellowstone, that would be a real disaster. Therefore, by luring all Blood Devils here, we can lighten the burden of other places. Now, brother Yu understands why I did all this?”

“Brother Jiang has really given this careful thought. Indeed, with this plan, the casualties and damages done to other places will be greatly reduced. However, at the same time, Redsun Town will become the place that will suffer the most damage. Brother Jiang, if you need anything, just let me know, the Yu family will do whatever we can, not to be s.h.i.+rked without dishonor!”

Yu Zi Han said with a serious tone. Jiang Chen’s decision was actually the best option judging from Yellowstone’s current situation.

“My request is simple, although those Blood Devils will focus their attack on Redsun Town, that doesn’t mean they won’t attack other places. I need the Yu family to send some men to all cities and towns in Yellowstone. Firstly, this can protect the people, secondly, your men can gather information about these Blood Devils, especially the whereabouts of that Lord Blood Moon. I don’t think this should be a problem for the Yu family, right?”

If Jiang Chen wanted to guarantee the safety of the people in Yellowstone, he would need help from the Yu family. As long as the Yu family could guarantee the safety of the other areas, he would be able to focus his attention on Redsun Town while waiting for the final battle with the Blood Devils.

Those cruel Blood Devils were a disaster for others, but their devil cores were great for Jiang Chen. Therefore, Jiang Chen was actually the disaster for these Blood Devils.

“This is what the Yu family is supposed to do. But, I wouldn’t feel good if I let brother Jiang stay here alone to fight them. Yu Zi Han wants to stay at Redsun Town together with brother Jiang, I’ll fight alongside brother Jiang!”

Yu Zi Han said with a serious expression.

“Good. It’s nice of brother Yu to do this. Besides me, the rest of the men in Redsun Town are just too weak.”

This was the first time Jiang Chen had met Yu Zi Han, and he had a pretty good impression of him. This man was not a poser, he was sincere and pa.s.sionate, and Jiang Chen felt he could take this man as his friend.

“If that is the case, I’ll return to Yellowstone City now. Once I have arranged everything there, I’ll come back here and fight together with brother Jiang.”

Yu Zi Han cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen, then he turned around and left.

“That guy is quite a helpful man.”

After Yu Zi Han left, Big Yellow commented.

“At least he wasn’t annoying.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. Yu Zi Han was a talented man, a genius from the inner circle of the Black Sect, and it was rare for him to find someone at his level who could be his match. He could easily defeat a Blood Devil leader, and since the final battle with the Blood Devils was approaching, with the help of Yu Zi Han, the safety of the people in Redsun Town would be guaranteed.

The sky was getting darker. Jiang Chen had instructed Zhang Zhen and the few others what they needed to do at night. Since Blood Devils usually attacked during the night, the people of Redsun Town would need to be on alert for any possible attack from them.

All townspeople of Redsun Town had settled down, and there were only Mortal Core warriors staying guard near the town’s perimeter. Right at this moment, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow secretly arrived at the north side of Redsun Town.

The north side of Redsun Town was a desolated land. Although it was in a better condition compared to the desolate area of Fragrant Sky City, people rarely came to this place during normal days.

“Big Yellow, are you sure the energy vein is here?”

Jiang Chen asked. With the natural barrier around the energy vein, ordinary people would have a hard time sensing it. If this was Jiang Chen in his past life, he would have been able to find it in an instant, but he was no longer a Saint. Although he still had sharp senses and a vast amount of knowledge, his cultivation level limited him from doing lots of things.

“It should be here.”

While wagging his tail, Big Yellow kept walking back and forth in the area. At the same time, Jiang Chen used his Great Soul Derivation skill to unleash his senses to their limits. Soon, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow laid their vision of a small dirt hump at the same time.

“It’s right under there.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow spoke at the same time. Big Yellow was shocked, he could sense the exact location of the energy vein thanks to his innate ability, but Jiang Chen was able to sense it at the same time. That made Big Yellow really surprised. But, he soon forgot about it, because, along his journey with Jiang Chen, he had seen too many miraculous things from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen couldn’t sense there was an energy vein underneath Redsun Town, but once the rough location of it was found, with his senses maximized by the Great Soul Derivation skill, it was a piece of cake for him to identify its exact location.

“The energy vein is located at least 3,000 meters underground. In order to get to it, we need to venture deep underground. Buddy, I wonder if you have the ability to travel underground.”

Big Yellow proudly raised his head. Obviously, he had the ability, and he wanted to take this opportunity to make fun of Jiang Chen.

Although ordinary warriors had the ability to break through hard stones and dig holes with bare hands, few of them actually had the ability to travel underground, let alone travel 3,000 meters underground, that was just too difficult.

“d.a.m.ned dog, don’t try to show off in front of me. In this world, there is nothing that can stop your father! Widen your eyes and watch carefully!”

After saying that, a yellow light suddenly started glowing from Jiang Chen’s body. With a stomp of his feet, half his body submerged into the ground. Because of the yellow barrier field around him, Jiang Chen had practically merged with the ground.

“The f.u.c.k! d.a.m.n you! Buddy, what skill is that?”

Big Yellow almost tripped himself. He was trying to make fun of Jiang Chen, but he never expected that Jiang Chen could actually travel underground, this really p.i.s.sed him off. In his mind, he had completely labeled Jiang Chen as an abnormal monster.

“s.h.i.+t, this guy was only fifteen when we left Fragrant Sky City, and now he is only sixteen. I have never seen him with any teacher, but, f.u.c.k, why does it seem like he has mastered everything?! This is crazy!”

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. Jiang Chen had taught him one thing, in this world, there really were some things and some people that couldn’t be judged by normal standards.