Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 145 – The Mighty Jiang Chen

Chapter 145 – The Mighty Jiang Chen

Chapter 145 – The Mighty Jiang Chen

“That’s correct. Today, all of you, just like those who came here last night, will be buried.”

Jiang Chen spoke with a voice like a great bell while portraying an incredibly imposing manner. His words had been heard by everyone in Redsun Town, and they made everyone become excited. Since Jiang Chen was here, these Blood Devils would definitely die.

“Hmph! You’re just a small Mortal Core warrior, you haven’t even reached the Heavenly Core realm, so how dare you brag in front of me? You’re simply courting death! Three of you, go kill all those townspeople, I’ll handle this guy; I will drink all his blood.”

The Blood Devil leader let out a cruel snort. While giving orders to the other leaders, he stared at Jiang Chen with a blood thirsty look. Once he finished speaking, he stuck his tongue out of his mouth and licked his sharp fangs.


The other three Blood Devil leaders flew down at the same time. Their speed wasn’t slow, but Jiang Chen was even faster. Without any warning, Jiang Chen blocked the way in front of one leader, then he smashed his skull with just a single palm strike. At the same time, he dug the devil core out from his body.

After brutally and quickly killing the first person, Jiang Chen didn’t slow down. His blood wings swung like a sharp blade and slashed another leader into half, he also dug out his devil core. These devil cores were a great supplement for Jiang Chen.


The Mid Heavenly Core leader shouted out in disbelief, he could finally react from the shock. He never expected that this young man whom he looked down upon could have such a ferocious approach and kill two leaders in an instant, making them suffer a great loss.

“You’re going die!”

The Blood Devil leader became furious. He raised his devil weapon high up into the air, then he forcefully slashed towards Jiang Chen. With this action, he had just saved the life of the remaining Early Heavenly Core Blood Devil leader, since Jiang Chen was distracted.

Jiang Chen waved his arm and struck with his Axe of Thunder towards the coming devil weapon.


Sparks flew off in all directions. The devil weapon produced a buzzing sound after the impact, and the Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil leader was forced back dozens of meters before he was able to regain his balance. The terrified expression on his face became thicker.

The Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil leader was not Jiang Chen’s match. Although he was much stronger than Mid Heavenly Core warriors, compared to those inner circle geniuses of the Black Sect, he was still weak. Even Jiang Wei could have defeated this leader, or perhaps even killed him.

When Jiang Chen killed Jiang Wei, he only had 80 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea, but now he had a total of 90 Dragon Marks, and his combat strength was much higher than before. This Blood Devil leader couldn’t withstand even a single blow.

Four Blood Devil leaders, two were instantly killed by Jiang Chen, and another Early Heavenly Core leader had flown down, his target was the townspeople of Redsun Town. But, right at this moment, a white beam came extremely fast from afar. In an instant, it had blocked the way of the leader. It was none other than Yu Zi Han who had rushed over here from Yellowstone City.

“Brother Jiang, I’ll handle this Blood Devil.”

Yu Zi Han told Jiang Chen. After that, he immediately struck out with a s.h.i.+ning huge palm. The palm flew towards the Blood Devil leader.


The Blood Devil leader let out an angry roar, then he unleashed a huge blood red palm as his counter attack.


Two powerful attacks clashed into each other. The center of collision exploded and ignited a brightness that illuminated the dark skies. The Blood Devil leader was not Yu Zi Han’s match, and he was sent dozens of meters away from the impact while coughing blood out from his mouth.

“Hmph! Can’t even withstand a single blow!”

Yu Zi Han let out a cold snort, then he struck the hammer while it was still hot. He unleashed a bright that covered his body, then he sprinted towards the Blood Devil leader.

On the other side, Jiang Chen kept striking with his battle axe, crazily attacking the Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devil leader.

Bam bam bam……

With every strike of the battle axe, a loud explosion like sound would follow. The Blood Devil leader kept blocking the attacks with his devil weapon, but, under Jiang Chen’s suppressing attacks, the devil weapon kept being forced back, and his hand was tearing apart. With each one of Jiang Chen’s strikes, the Blood Devil leader would spit out a mouthful of blood.

“d.a.m.n it, where did this abnormal monster come from, and why is he so strong?”

The leader couldn’t help but curse. Today, he had personally decided to attack, and he had also brought three Heavenly Core leaders with him. In his mind, with this strong force, he would be able to kill everyone in Redsun Town. But, he had never expected he would suffer such great losses. He didn’t even have the chance to counterattack.

“Clap of Thunder, face your death!”

Jiang Chen let out a thunderous roar. He unleashed a bright, s.h.i.+ning beam from his battle axe, and at the same time, he descended from the skies above. In an instant, he came face to face with the Blood Devil leader.

“Not good!”

The Blood Devil leader became frantic, he could sense a great amount of danger from this attack. But, Jiang Chen’s speed was way too fast, it was so fast that the leader couldn’t escape at all. He could only move with instincts and raise his devil weapon high up to block the attack.

Clang! Slas.h.!.+

The devil weapon in the leader’s hand couldn’t withstand such a heavy blow, it was broken in half. After that, the leader let out a horrifying cry. He was like the devil weapon, chopped in half by Jiang Chen’s battle axe. His blood splashed across the dark skies.

Jiang Chen extended his hand and pulled out the devil core.


At the same time, another horrifying cry sounded out from the other direction. The last leader was brutally killed by Yu Zi Han, and died in a horrifying way. Yu Zi Han never showed any mercy towards his opponents, he even destroyed the leader’s devil core.

It had only been three minutes since the Blood Devils started their attack and all four leaders were killed. With the attack of Big Yellow and Zhang Zhen, more than half of the Blood Devils on the ground were killed as well. When the rest of the Blood Devils saw that all their leaders had been killed, they instantly lost their wills to fight, then the fled in every direction.

“Hmph! I said it before, leave no survivors! Kill them all!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He landed from the skies and held his battle axe horizontally, he looked like a G.o.d of war who had just descended from the skies, and he blocked all the possible retreating routes for the Blood Devils.

With ma.s.sive force, Jiang Chen swung his battle axe and unleashed a bright axe beam. The axe instantly killed tens of Blood Devils who were coming his way, and they all exploded into blood mist. In an instant, Jiang Chen swung again, and killed another dozen Blood Devils. For him, these Mortal Core Blood Devils were like ants, he could kill them all day without wasting too much of his energy.

Yu Zi Han looked at the mighty Jiang Chen. He couldn’t hide his shock as he thought to himself, “He has become stronger.”

That’s right, compared to when he killed Jiang Wei, Jiang Chen had obviously become stronger. This could be easily told from how he killed the Blood Devil leader just now. It had only been two days since Jiang Chen killed Jiang Wei, and that meant that Jiang Chen was growing stronger with every single day. This really frightened Yu Zi Han.


Under Big Yellow and Jiang Chen’s cruel slaughter, the rest of the Blood Devils were all killed. Redsun Town’s perimeter was filled with dead corpses and the limbs of the Blood Devils. All Blood Devils who had come and attacked today, including four of their Heavenly Core leaders, none of them had survived.

“Mighty Jiang Chen!”

Town Marshal Zhang Zhen raised both hands high up towards the skies and shouted aloud.

“Mighty Jiang Chen!”

“Mighty Jiang Chen!”


Every single one of the Redsun Townspeople were cheering together. Their eyes were glowing as they stared at Jiang Chen, it was as if they were looking at a real G.o.d of war savior. This young sixteen year old man, he was the savior of the entire Redsun Town, a true hero for all townspeople.

Jiang Chen’s brutal approaches, his imposing image, it had all been deeply carved into the hearts of every single townspeople. Right now, his heroic image had become bigger and bigger in their minds.

The battle tonight was a pleasant one for the townspeople of Redsun Town, they were on a killing spree. All of them had stained their hands with the blood of the Blood Devils. They were all fighting with their best in order to avenge those who were killed. More importantly, no one was hurt or killed in the battle.

Four Heavenly Core leaders, hundreds of cruel Blood Devils, they were all killed in just a few minutes. Such an incredible outcome wasn’t possible even in the dreams of the townspeople.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, then the cheering immediately quieted down. All of them looked at Jiang Chen, awaiting his next command.

“The battle with the Blood Devils has just begun, it is far from ending. Therefore, all of us have to be extra cautious.”

Jiang Chen said with a loud voice, then he looked at Zhang Zhen and said, “Town Marshal, make a fire and burn all the dead corpses. Keep watching the perimeter tightly, the time to be relaxed is not yet.”

“Understood, young master Jiang!”

Zhang Zhen cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen. He had been completely conquered by Jiang Chen’s might, and he was really grateful as well. Right now, if Jiang Chen asked him to jump into a fire, he would do it without even frowning.

“Brother Jiang, what an incredible tactic! You have my admiration!”

Yu Zi Han cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen. His admiration towards Jiang Chen was sincere.

“Brother Yu is a talented man as well, I’m sure you’ll have a limitless future.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“In front of brother Jiang, I’m just nothing.”

Yu Zi Han shook his head. After today’s battle, he had made up his mind. From now on, he would follow Jiang Chen and fight alongside him.

“Brother Yu, did your Yu family make any decisions?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“We have done as Jiang suggested, my dad sent out our men to all cities and towns equally. Also, my dad has long ago heard brother Jiang’s name, he hopes he’ll have a chance to meet with you in the future.”

Yu Zi Han said.

“Sure, once we get rid of these Blood Devils completely, I’ll pay him a visit personally.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll need to take a rest now. Brother Yu, please help me take care of Redsun Town.”

“Rest a.s.sured brother Jiang, I won’t slack off.”

Yu Zi Han said with a serious expression. When dealing with Blood Devils, there was no room for neglect.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. With the presence of Yu Zi Han, he would be able to cut down a lot of trouble. He turned around and looked at Zhang Zhen, “Town Marshal, please get someone and help me build a house in the desolate area north of Redsun Town, I’ll need to cultivate there in the future. Later, I’ll let Big Yellow lead your men to the exact location.”

The energy vein was that a secret that Jiang Chen needed to keep. As for these townspeople, once he had killed all Blood Devils and established his authority here, he would consider opening up the energy vein and letting them cultivate. The energy vein had a huge temptation to anyone after all, and once the news spread out, with his current cultivation level and combat strength, he had no confidence he could keep it to himself, and it would also bring huge amounts of trouble for these people.