Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1440 – It has just started

Chapter 1440 – It has just started

It has just started

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The whole scene was incredibly solemn. Everyone raised their head to look at the altar above in awe. After receiving the imperial edict, Yang Bufan went in front of the statue with a solemn expression on his face. Then, he knelt before the statue and knocked his head to the floor three times.

No matter how proud the children of Yang Family of Great Qian Empire were, they wouldn’t dare have the slightest disrespect and neglect before the Old Ancestor. Even the Emperor had to kowtow before the old ancestor if he came today.

The King-Conferring Ceremony was very simple and had almost no complication within the process. It only needed an imperial edict from the Emperor and kowtows from Yang Bufan for the ceremony to be completed.

That was to say, after he kowtowed three times, Yang Bufan would officially become King Fan. From then on, he would hold a pivotal position in the empire.

“BuFan, I didn’t miscalculate your future that year. You haven’t let me down. Of all the princes, you were considered one of the youngest and most promising one. Your decision to leave that year hasn’t disgraced the reputation of Genius Prefecture. Now that you have been crowned as King, I feel happy for you. This is my gift for you.”

Yang Zanqing said in a praising tone. Yang Bufan felt honored to be praised by this figure. He knew the capability and behavior of Yang Zanqing very well. Across the entire Great Qian Empire, there weren’t many that could receive personal praises from him. As such, being praised by Yang Zanqing was a very honorable thing.

Yang Zanqing’s hands seemed to perform a spell before an herb materialized in his hand. This was a jade-like ginseng. Its whole body was creamy white. Anyone could tell that this was no ordinary item.

“The Snow-Jade King Ginseng. Master of Prefecture, this gift is too valuable. How can Bufan possible accept this?”

Yang Bufan’s expression changed. Snow-Jade King Ginseng was scarce and precious. Such an herb should have already reached the Venerable Grade, which simply made it a rare treasure. The fact that Yang Zanqing took out such an item showed how much importance he attached to Yang Bufan. Even a fool would be able to see this.

Although Yang Bufan was a prince and had already been crowned as king, he still wouldn’t dare have the slightest neglect in his tone while speaking to Yang Zanqing. He still needed to address him as Master of Prefecture. This showed the position of Yang Zanqing in the entire empire.

“My G.o.d! That’s the rare Venerable Grade Snow-Jade King Ginseng. Such a treasure is tremendously beneficial even to Master of Prefecture. I had never thought that he would give it to King Fan.” Old Man Bai Weng couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Snow-Jade King Ginseng is too precious. It will certainly give unimaginable benefits to King Fan. Currently, King Fan has already advanced to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm. After a period of time, as soon as his cultivation base reached the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, he can use this herb to push his grade to the true Immortal Emperor realm. Master of Prefecture is truly kind.”

“Of all the geniuses in Genius Prefecture, King Fan is the first one to receive such treatment. Even Yang Zanqing has a high opinion of King Fan, King Fan is surely going to have great achievements in the future. So we must follow King Fan and a.s.sist him in achieving great things.”


All the higher-ups in King Fan Prefecture revealed a look of delight. Apart from the preciousness of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, it also represented the weight Yang Zanqing had put on this matter. One should know that Crown Prince and King Ping also came from Genius Prefecture, but even when they were officially crowned as King, Yang Zanqing didn’t even give away any gifts, let alone a Snow-Jade King Ginseng.

“What’s the Genius Prefecture about?” Big Yellow couldn’t help but ask.

He and Jiang Chen didn’t have a single clue about the Genius Prefecture or the Master of Prefecture, but they could imagine that it should be a very importance unit in Great Qian Empire.

“It seems like Brother Jiang doesn’t know about this yet. Genius Prefecture is a place that specializes in nurturing the geniuses in the empire. Many n.o.ble families in the palace, princes, royal grandchildren and descendants of dignitaries, and outstanding geniuses selected from countless of sects in the empire will be sent to Genius Prefecture for training. In other words, the Genius Prefecture is the converging place of geniuses. Both Crown Prince and King Ping were from Genius Prefecture as well. King Fan also originated from Genius Prefecture. Therefore, anyone can imagine the height of Yang Zanqing’s status, the person who controlled the Genius Prefecture.” Old Man Bai Weng explained.

After listening to this, both of them felt enlightened. Their respect for Yang Zanqing rose once more. At the same time, Jiang Chen was interested in this Genius Prefecture.

One should know that Great Qian Empire was one of the eleven major powers. Its sphere of influence was just too great. Putting aside the princes and royal descendants, the sects in the empire were countless and each sect were cultivating geniuses for the empire. Every year, there will be top grade geniuses being chosen to be nurtured in Genius Prefecture. Thus, describing this place as the converging spot of geniuses was most appropriate.

This was the foundation and an important root of the empire. So the fact that the Emperor had entrusted Yang Zanqing with this incomparably important place indicated not only the Emperor’s trust in him, but also Yang Zanqing’s capability.

This could be seen from how respectful King Fan was in front of Yang Zanqing.

“Take it.”

Yang Zanqing casually tossed it to Yang Bufan’s hand like a trash, which made everyone’s heart ache.

Yang Bufan hastily received the herb with care. This was a precious Venerable Grade herb that any ordinary Immortal Venerable would regard as treasure.

Yang Bufan was touched. Although Yang Zanqing might seem to be tossing the ginseng to him half-heartedly, he knew how much pain Yang Zanqing was feeling in his heart.

“Thank you, Master of Prefecture.”

Yang Bufan bowed to Yang Zanqing once more, but when he lifted his head, Yang Zanqing was already nowhere to be found.

The King-Conferring Ceremony was just this simple. It ended just like that, however the truth was that it had just begun.

“Crown Prince has arrived!”

“King Ping has arrived!”

“King Yun has arrived!”

“Ninth Prince has arrived!”

“Thirteenth Prince has arrived!”

“Young Master Tais.h.i.+ Fuzhao has arrived!”


As soon as Yang Zanqing left, the guards shouted from the outside. Then, a large crowd began to approach the square.

Upon seeing this, Yang Bufan couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile. He knew that this would come sooner or later, and that he couldn’t stop it from happening. As a matter of fact, these people had already arrived long ago, but since Yang Zanqing was still inside the prefecture, they just waited outside as most of these people were from Genius Prefecture and none of them would dare to disrespect Yang Zanqing. Even the Crown Prince had acted as gentle as a little kitten in front of Yang Zanqing.

Now that Yang Zanqing was gone, they were left with no more reason not to enter with the purpose of coming here to congratulate King Fan. In other words, the King-Conferring Ceremony had just begun.

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