Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1439 – The King-Conferring Ceremony

Chapter 1439 – The King-Conferring Ceremony

The King-Conferring Ceremony

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“Alright. Ah Wei, I will leave the revenge of your brother to you, but you shouldn’t be careless. You must not underestimate that Jiang Chen. He is the scariest genius that I have ever seen. Although he was only at the late Golden Immortal realm, he had the strength to kill an intermediate Immortal King. Underestimating that kind of person would only lead to the death, just like your brother,” warned Fu Kui.

He had witnessed Jiang Chen’s strength. Although he detested Jiang Chen to his core, he couldn’t deny the fact that Jiang Chen was indeed the most terrifying genius he had ever met.

“Don’t worry, Dad. He’s just a puny little Golden Immortal. How powerful can he really be? I really have no idea what Fu Tian did. How could he die in the hands of a Golden Immortal? Given my ability, if I encountered that Jiang Chen, I will definitely beat him until he begs for my mercy.”

Fu Wei said confidently, totally not putting Jiang Chen in his eyes. After he finished speaking, he then departed. A few days later would be the King-Conferring Ceremony. He needed to pay a visit to King Ping at this moment.

After Fu Wei vanished, Fu Kui knitted his eyebrows. For some reason, he had a bad feeling about this. In truth, this feeling was created when his son, Fu Wei, belittled Jiang Chen. He had seen Jiang Chen before. Someone like him should never be underestimated.

However, the thing that comforted his anxiety was Fu Wei’s strength. He believed that with his son’s late Immortal King cultivation base, killing Jiang Chen wouldn’t be a problem. After all, the difference between a late Golden Immortal and late Immortal King was just too great. He didn’t believe that there was someone in this world that could jump so many realms.

There were only a few more days left before the grand ceremony. To the immortal cultivators, a few days were just too short. It pa.s.sed by in a few blinks.

Today was the day of King-Conferring Ceremony. It was the big day for Yang Bufan, and also for the entire Imperial Capital. Conferring the t.i.tle of king on any prince was a major event to the Great Qian Empire as it had a certain symbolic significance to the empire.

Of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain, whenever a genius disciple of a particular sect advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm, that particular sect would hold a grand ceremony to proclaim it to the world. This was honour, a paramount honour. Although Yang Bufan had yet to advance to the Immortal Emperor realm, being crowned as king projected the same degree of honour.

As a matter of fact, this was also the reason why Yang Bufan had aroused the jealousy of many. Whether it was King Ping or the Crown Prince, or the other young princes, each of them had only been given the t.i.tle of king the moment they advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. The Grand Ceremony of Immortal Emperor and King-Conferring Ceremony should be carried on simultaneously.

In other words, only an Immortal Emperor was eligible to be crowned as king in Great Qian Empire. It was the threshold, but this didn’t seem to apply to Yang Bufan. As such, it had aroused the discontentment of others.

King Fan Prefecture was very huge. There was a large square in the middle currently decorated with red lanterns, silks and brocades. At the centre of the square erected a tall altar. It seemed very magnificent. Placed on top of it was a statue of an old man that looked eighty or ninety years old and senile, but the fact that he was placed at the most important place during the grand ceremony indicated his extraordinary ident.i.ty.

That’s right. This was the Old Ancestor of Great Qian Empire. The Emperor of the Emperors, the founder of the empire.

Yang Bufan wore a gorgeous robe, stood at the front of the ranks, projecting the demeanour of a King.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stood next to him along with Old Man Bai Weng and the other two Immortal Emperors. The rest of the higher ups were standing behind him. The scene was awfully silent.

“Brother, that’s the Old Ancestor of Great Qian Empire that not even me have seen before. My father won’t be attending this ceremony. When my father’s imperial edict arrives, you all just have to kneel in front of the Old Ancestor,” Yang Bufan said.

“A statue that’s filled with a dignified and impressive aura…a man that created such a huge empire. How can one not pay his respects to such figure? I’m just wondering if this Old Ancestor is still around.”

Jiang Chen sighed. Everyone in the world adored the strong, and Jiang Chen wasn’t an exception. Every true powerhouse had something to be admired.

“My Great Ancestor had a life of glory and created innumerable magnificence. Our empire has existed for aeons. There are two rumours about the Great Ancestor. Some said that he was dead. Some said that he had gone to Immortal Heaven. At any rate, the Great Ancestor is just a legend to the whole Great Qian Empire.” Yang Bufan explained and became solemn as when he mentioned the Great Ancestor.

Just as Yang Bufan’s words faded, a whirlwind suddenly appeared in the sky, stirring up a vortex in the calm void. After a while, a st.u.r.dy middle-aged man that seemed forty plus years old emerged. He wore a green robe that had an inexplicable pattern.

The moment this person emerged, the whole scene went solemn. Although the person wasn’t radiating pressure on purpose, numerous people still started to sweat. None of them could bear that invisible aura.

“Very powerful.”

Jiang Chen was shocked. This middle-aged man was too strong. He had seen an Immortal Emperor before – Fu Kui, who was an early Immortal Emperor – but comparing him to this middle-aged man made him like a small sorcerer in the presence of a great one. The difference was indescribable.

“Late Immortal Emperor expert. No, he should already be a half-step Immortal Venerable expert. The force of Great Qian Empire is truly powerful, like any guy from this empire can be a half-step Immortal Venerable,” Big Yellow said.

Although a half-step Immortal Venerable wasn’t a true Immortal Venerable, it had far exceeded the Immortal Emperor realm. Seeing such a figure like this during normal days was as hard as reaching the Heavens. Now that this powerful figure had emerged in King Fan Prefecture, it only showed the amount of importance the Emperor attached to Yang Bufan.

“Greetings, Master of Prefecture.”

No one dared to show any neglect. Under the lead of Yang Bufan, everyone in King Fan Prefecture bowed deeply. No one dared to disrespect this powerful figure.

Yang Zanqing governed the Genius Prefecture in Imperial Capital. He was a favorite of the Emperor and had thousands of people under him. Even Yang Bufan didn’t think that Yang Zanqing would personally show up. Such a treatment was just too high, causing him to be overwhelmed by an unexpected favor.

Everyone in Great Qian Empire knew the name of Yang Zanqing. He was once the general of the empire, and was given the t.i.tle of ‘Ever Victorious General’. The merits that he had earned were innumerable. Once, in the battle against the Great Cloud Empire, he had eliminated a million people in a day, killing all the top generals of the enemy.

“The Imperial Edict has arrived. Yang Bufan will receive it. The Emperor now confers the t.i.tle of King Fan on Prince Yang Bufan. The ceremony of wors.h.i.+pping the Great Ancestor will start now.”

Yang Zanqing spread open the golden scroll in his hand and read it loudly.

Yang Bufan tidied his robe and leaped onto the altar high above.

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