Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1438 – Fu Wei

Chapter 1438 – Fu Wei

Where there are people, there are fights, let alone a place with power. Jiang Chen was crystal clear about this fact – the infighting in the royal family. Even the fight amongst disciples of the same sect was inevitable and had gotten even worse over time.

Jiang Chen could already imagine that the day of King-Conferring Ceremony would be the same as what Yang Bufan had expected. Whether it was the Crown Prince or King Ping, they would surely not let the ceremony run smoothly. As to what kind of trouble they would cause, Jiang Chen had no idea, and not even Yang Bufan had a clue about this. After all, Yang Bufan had left the empire for a dozen years. So he needed to familiarize himself with everything in the Imperial Capital again.

Jiang Chen didn’t speak, but he knew pretty well that he would certainly stand on Yang Bufan’s side as long as Yang Bufan needed him, however he felt that given his current capability, he might not be able to provide much help. After all, he was only a late Golden Immortal, not even close to the Immortal King realm.

“What’s the cultivation base of that Crown Prince and King Ping? Could it be that they are stronger than you?” Big Yellow asked with curiosity.

“Of course, they have already reached the Immortal Emperor realm,” Yang Bufan replied.

Even if they were his adversaries, he couldn’t deny their strength. Aside from the power of their forces, their cultivation base alone was already frightening.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow glanced at each other and saw astonishment from each other’s eyes. It seemed like the geniuses of the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain was even more powerful than what they had imagined. The number of true Immortal Emperors alone was innumerable.

Talent wasn’t the only factor that allowed them to reach the Immortal Emperor realm, but also their mighty willpower.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Wu Ningzhu had their serene cultivation in the prefecture, living a quiet and comfortable life. The prefecture was ablaze with light round the clock and incredibly bustling. Everyone seemed busy preparing for the King-Conferring Ceremony, and there was nothing that Jiang Chen could help at this time.

Recently, the Eastern Profound Domain wasn’t in a calm state, not only because of the bustling atmosphere in King Fan Prefecture, but also the restlessness in Nanbei Family. Shadows of Nanbei Family’s experts could be detected everywhere in the whole domain. Anyone with a pair of discerning eyes could feel the abnormal atmosphere in the domain, but Nanbei Family didn’t say anything, and no one knew what exactly had happened in Nanbei Family.

In addition, Young Master Futian’s and many other experts’ death had created a great turmoil in the area. It could be said that all the major powers of the area was infuriated, wanting very badly to eat Jiang Chen alive, however they were powerless after Jiang Chen was taken away by Old Man Bai Weng.

After Jiang Chen left, Fu Kui went to Corpse Yin Sect, asking for the help of the higher ups to avenge his son’s death, but after they heard that Jiang Chen was a friend of Yang Bufan, they didn’t give a definite response – saying that this wasn’t the time to offend King Fan, however this revenge must be taken, and as long as they found a chance, they would definitely kill Jiang Chen. After all, the people of Corpse Yin Sect had yet to reach the extent where they could kill anyone as they pleased and could get away with it.

Yellow Spring Sect had a similar reaction, enraged by the loss of Huo Ying. In other words, whether they would offend Yang Bufan in the future, it had already become the fact that Jiang Chen had offended these two major powers.

Or it should be said that Young Master Futian and Huo Ying were nothing to Corpse Yin Sect and Yellow Spring Sect. It wasn’t much of a loss for the two sects losing these geniuses, however it still involved their reputation. In any case, Young Master Futian and Huo Ying represented the face of Corpse Yin and Yellow Spring Sect, respectively. Killing them was equivalent to slapping the face of these two major powers.

What was the thing that a major power was concerned of the most? Their reputation. A puny little Golden Immortal dared to offend these two major powers. If this was spread to the public, it would surely turn them into laughing stock.

Fu City!

Outside the prefecture hanged a white cloth. The atmosphere of the prefecture was extremely oppressive. Everyone was as silent as cicada in a cold weather, not even daring to speak a loud word. Ever since Young Master Futian’s death, this place had never been calm. They could hear the roars of Fu Kui daily.

Presently, in the main hall of the prefecture stood a green-clad youth with a furious face. Standing opposite to him was Fu Kui whose eyes were still full of red light and had yet to settle down from his fury. Letting Jiang Chen live that day had become one of his greatest regrets. What he regretted more was that he wasn’t able to arrive early. If he were on the scene earlier, his son wouldn’t have died.

Of course, he didn’t know that once Jiang Chen was determined to kill Futian, his son would still die even if he reached there on time.

“Father, the revenge of second brother must be taken. So what if he’s one of the people of King Fan? Divine Line Sect isn’t afraid of them.”

The green-clad youth spoke angrily. He was precisely the eldest son of Fu Kui, Fu Wei, a genius of Divine Line Sect, with a cultivation base that’s even scarier than Futian. He had already reached the late Immortal King realm at such a young age. Such a cultivation base has earned him a certain status even in Divine Line Sect, and would be nurtured by the sect.

Geniuses having the most potential in breaking through the Immortal Emperor realm represented the hope of every major power.

After Fu Kui found out that there was no hope in Corpse Yin Sect, he summoned his eldest son back. After Fu Wei heard that his brother was killed, he was naturally angered to the extreme.

“Ah Wei, just like you said, this revenge must be taken. We can’t rely on Corpse Yin Sect now. They won’t offend the renowned King Fan just for a dead person for the time being. So we can only rely on ourselves in order to have this revenge.” Fu Kui said.

“Don’t worry, dad. Leave the matter to me. I will kill him to avenge my brother’s death.”

Fu Wei’s fists cracked. He now had a stomach full of fury that he had nowhere else to vent. He felt that if he encountered Jiang Chen now, he certainly wouldn’t hesitate to tear Jiang Chen to pieces.

“Ah Wei, what ways do you have? That kid is now hiding in King Fan’s Prefecture. Even if you are a disciple of Divine Line Sect, you still won’t have a chance to attack.”

Fu Kui said, still in awe that Jiang Chen had a connection with King Fan.

“Dad, a few days later will be the King-Conferring Ceremony of King Fan. This will be my chance. With Crown Prince and King Ping around, the ceremony surely won’t go on smoothly. I have a good relations.h.i.+p with King Ping. At that time, I will follow King Ping into the Prefecture of King Fan. As long as that Jiang Chen appears, I will find a way to get rid of him,” Fu Kui said.

He had already thought this through. This was the only way he could get near to Jiang Chen. He believed that as long as he followed King Ping into the prefecture, he would have the chance of killing Jiang Chen.

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