Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1437 – The Troubles that are yet to come

Chapter 1437 – The Troubles that are yet to come

Although it was true that others might not care about a newly-emerged Immortal King, there was still a man who would take note of it, and that man was Yang Bufan. As soon as Big Yellow made the breakthrough, Yang Bufan appeared. He had witnessed the horrors of Big Yellow and knew that this dog wasn’t as simple as he appears. Despite him having already reached half-step Immortal Emperor, he wouldn’t dare underestimate Big Yellow.

He landed next to Jiang Chen and looked up at the heavenly horse, hovering in the sky. That was the mystical Dragon-Horse. Big Yellow’s body was full of golden dragon scales. This Dragon-Horse looked extremely valorous and possessed an incomparably n.o.ble bloodline. He held his head high in the sky, showing his proudest side.

“What a powerful Qi of divine beast! This is the ancient heavenly horse, an omnipotent divine beast that can fly in the sky. I have known that Big Yellow was no ordinary individual, but I had never thought that he was actually a rare ancient divine beast that had a complete divine beast bloodline. No one will be able to gauge his future achievements.”

Yang Bufan praised Big Yellow generously. No one would dare doubt the potential of a divine beast. One should know that those mighty Demon Sovereigns amongst the nine great Immortal Domains were very well-known, and each of their names could make anyone tremble in fear.

Every divine beast that possessed a complete divine beast bloodline had a potential of becoming a Demon Sovereign. Big Yellow was a variant type of Dragon-Horse, which made his bloodline stronger and more precious. No one would ever doubt that he could turn into a Demon Sovereign of the generation one day .

Very quickly, Big Yellow decided to stay low-profile and withdrew his momentum. Besides, he also realized that an Immortal King wasn’t a big deal in King Fan Prefecture. The place they were at now was one of the most sought after places. It was considered as the central region of Eastern Profound Domain, absolutely incomparable to the miniature cities, like Fu City. Powerful experts could be found everywhere here, especially in the Imperial Capital. There might also be supreme Immortal Venerables here.

Mighty Immortal Venerables are just below the Great Sovereign, however, thousands of experts are still beneath them, which made them superior experts in the Immortal World.

It wasn’t long before Big Yellow exited his room. Although he had already advanced to the Immortal King realm, his appearance didn’t seem to have any change, still looked the same as before. If it wasn’t because of the image of the heavenly dragon he had projected in the sky just now, not even Yang Bufan would be able to connect him to the Divine Beast Dragon-Horse.

“Haha! Congratulations on advancing to the Immortal King realm, dog brother.”

Yang Bufan smiled. Before this, he was just acting politely towards Big Yellow because of Jiang Chen, but after knowing that Big Yellow has a Divine Beast bloodline, his att.i.tude towards Big Yellow changed and became naturally polite.

In the Immortal World, Yang Bufan wasn’t the only one who desired to befriend an extraordinary divine beast.

Big Yellow’s complete divine beast bloodline alone sufficed to earn him an unparalleled position. One should know that divine beasts are extremely rare even in the Immortal World. Not just Yang Bufan, even the Emperor of Great Qian Empire and Immortal Venerables wouldn’t dare look down upon a divine beast.

“It’s just an Immortal King. What’s the big deal about it?” Big Yellow rolled his eyes and said casually.

Yang Bufan smiled, ignoring Big Yellow’s reply, then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu. His eyes were filled with unconcealed surprise when he saw Wu Ningzhu’s condition. He remembered clearly that she was still an early Golden Immortal two days ago. Which meant that she had taken just two days to reach the half-step Immortal King realm. He would never believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

He understood that his Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill wasn’t the only factor. It also had to be the innate talent of Wu Ningzhu. If she was replaced by an ordinary person, she would never have such a major improvement even if she was given a Venerable Grade Pill. He was even afraid that the person couldn’t even absorb the medicinal power of the pill.

“It seems like there are always extraordinary geniuses around the extraordinary genius,” commented Yang Bufan.

What he said was true. He already knew about Jiang Chen’s talent a long time ago. Anyone who knew Jiang Chen couldn’t deny this fact. Apart from that, those geniuses that appeared beside him was greater than the others and could be described as monstrous.

Whether it was Big Yellow, or the monk that emerged in Evil Abyss, or the current Wu Ningzhu, each of them was endowed with abnormal talent.

“Brother Yang, I heard that it will be the King-Conferring Ceremony ten days later. I wonder how the preparation is going.” Jiang Chen said, sounding interested in this grand ceremony.

“There’s nothing much to be prepared, but troubles will definitely knock on our doors on that day. Brother, you may not know about the matter of Imperial Capital. It’s far more complicated than you have imagined.” Yang Bufan shook his head and said.

“In my eyes, only the one who can stand the waves and storm will have the last laugh. Brother Yang has abandoned everything that year and ventured into a h.e.l.l like place, like the Evil Abyss. Such willpower isn’t comparable to any of the princes,” Jiang Chen said.

He said this not to bootlick Yang Bufan, as he had never bootlicked someone. He was only speaking the truth. Moreover, before knowing Yang Bufan, he had no admiration and reverence for Yang Bufan.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t like such imperial life. The reason I left that year was because I was tired of the infighting amongst my brothers. You can only find trickery here and no kins.h.i.+p, however this place is after all, my root. I will have to return here in the end. I can never avoid everything that is happening here. So, I will still have to go through it despite the trickery.”

Yang Bufan sighed, but it wasn’t hard to determine from his tone that he had matured a lot. His gestures alone had shown tremendous composure. This was probably the difference between him and the other princes.

“There’s nothing bad about trickery. Immortal World is a world of trickery by itself. And only through constant fights can lead to one’s continuous growth. You even dared to offend the entire Evil Clan, so what’s there to be afraid of in this Imperial Capital?”

Jiang Chen smiled. He knew exactly what it was like to fight amongst royal siblings. Sometimes, your blood brother might turn out to be an enemy. Yang Bufan had been crowned as King Fan as soon as he returned. That had naturally made plenty of people jealous.

“Now, the strongest forces are the Crown Prince and King Ping. Both of them are the biggest compet.i.tors amongst the heirs. As for the other kings and princes, they are no concern of theirs. They will definitely regard my rise as the greatest threat. As such, the King-Conferring Ceremony will certainly not be peaceful. But I, Yang Bufan, do not fear them. I will welcome whatever tricks they are going display.”

Yang Bufan’s Qi fluctuated. The majesty of the Evil Lord was matchless to an ordinary person.