Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1436 – Immortal King

Chapter 1436 – Immortal King

Wu Ningzhu’s Qi came to a halt when her cultivation base was fully stabilized. She gently opened her eyes. Feeling her current power and cultivation base, she couldn’t help being incomparably excited despite her disposition.

“Little Chen, I have advanced to half-step Immortal King realm.”

Wu Ningzhu made a leap into Jiang Chen’s chest. She was once a saint girl. No matter how cold she once was, she had no problem showing her feminine side in front of Jiang Chen.

Advancing three realms in a row, from Golden Immortal to half-step Immortal King, anyone who was in the same situation would be exhilarated by such ma.s.sive progress. Therefore, it was normal for Wu Ningzhu to feel such a way. After all, she had once felt weak and vulnerable. After being in the Immortal World for quite some time, she had gained a certain understanding about the world and knew that this boundless world was far more complicated than what she had imagined. She still had a very long and endless path ahead of her.

It was extremely difficult to grow in such a compet.i.tive and cruel environment. Therefore, every progress she made surprised her. The surprise she was feeling right now was the biggest since she entered the Immortal World. Not only had she gotten away from a very dire predicament, she also advanced her cultivation base and reunited with the person she dreamt of.

“Congratulations Sister Ning. Currently, your cultivation base and foundation have fully stabilized at the half-step Immortal King realm. Given your talent, I’m afraid that it won’t take you long to rush to the Immortal King realm directly.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. Seeing Wu Ningzhu happy and intact in front of him, he felt so relieved. Before this, although he already found all of his friends and closest ones who ascended from Saint Origin World to the Immortal World, namely Han Yan, Tyrant and even the whereabouts of Yan Chenyu, he got no information of Wu Ningzhu. Now that he had found Wu Ningzhu in Eastern Profound Domain, a heavy weight in his heart was finally dropped.

“It’s all thanks to you. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. If you didn’t appear in that manor, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to see me again.”

Wu Ningzhu said in a grateful and loving tone. Ever since this man opened her veil, she was already fated to bind with him. She had no regrets no matter what the future might be.

“If I didn’t appear at that time, I certainly would regret it for the rest of my life. From now on, no one else can hurt you, because I won’t allow it, you are my woman.”

Jiang Chen placed his hands on Wu Ningzhu’s shoulder. He knew very little about romance, but he knew what was love and protection.

Wu Ningzhu nodded. Her eyes were slightly watery. She believed every word that this man said more than herself.

In the following time, the two of them sat side by side on a rockery whilst looking up at the full-moon in the sky and chatted delightfully. Although both of them weren’t talkative people, their conversation seemed endless, making the atmosphere relaxing and satisfying. This was a day which Jiang Chen had dreamt of.

He told Wu Ningzhu about everything that he had encountered – from Yan City to One-Line-Sky and to Eastern Profound Domain, about the matter of Han Yan, Tyrant and lastly the matter of Yan Chenyu. Jiang Chen didn’t meet Yan Chenyu. What he saw was a corpse that looked exactly like Yan Chenyu.

“What are you talking about? Xiao Yu is lying in the coffin? What is actually happening?”

Hearing about the news of Yan Chenyu, Wu Ningzhu couldn’t suppress the shock she felt. She treated Yan Chenyu like her sister. She knew that she and Yan Chenyu were the most important women of Jiang Chen. If something were to happen to her, she was afraid that Jiang Chen would go mad.

“I still don’t know about this yet, but it’s very likely connected to Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian. What I have to do now is to get stronger, truly raising my strength. The level of those two supreme beings are still unreachable to me. If Xiao Yu is really related to those two Great Sovereigns, I think she will probably be safe. One day, If I reached that realm, I will naturally find out what’s behind it. At this moment, whether it’s me or you, can do nothing about it, because that level is just too far away from where we are now.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and sighed. Back in Saint Origin World, he was the old ancestor, the pinnacle being of the Heavens and Earth, and there was nothing that he didn’t know, but after arriving in the Immortal World, everything changed. He was an all-new newbie in this world and the Great Sovereign realm was exceedingly far.

However, he still had great confidence in himself. Given his ability, he believed that he could reach that level sooner or later. He could stand at the pinnacle of all beings back in Saint Origin World, and in this world, he would do the same. In his subconscious mind, there were no such words as ‘no’ or ‘impossible’.

“I really never thought that Xiao Yu would be related to the two Great Sovereigns. In any case, I just hope that Xiao Yu will be safe and sound.”

Wu Ningzhu said the word to comfort herself. It was undeniable that she was worried about Xiao Yu.

“Don’t worry. I will find Xiao Yu sooner or later. Great Sovereign isn’t much of a big deal. We were once at the peak in Saint Origin World. We can do the same in the Immortal World, and it’s only a matter of time. I like the process and look forward to it.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably confident. In truth, Big Yellow must have known something regarding the matters of Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian, but since Big Yellow didn’t want to talk about it, Jiang Chen wouldn’t force him. However, he knew the reason for that was because he was still too weak. As soon as he stepped in that level, those things would naturally be told to him.


At this time, an earth-shaking roar came out of the room. A ray of golden light column shot up to the sky, overturning the rooftop. A huge golden light went straight into the sky, illuminating the dark sky.

In the sky, a vague image of a Heavenly Horse appeared, radiating inexhaustible brilliance, looking extremely mystical.

“Big Yellow has advanced.” Jiang Chen had a look of pleasant surprise.

Big Yellow had advanced to the Immortal King realm, which caused too much of a commotion. Although that didn’t shake the entire Imperial Capital, it had alarmed the whole King Fan Prefecture. Of course, the birth of an Immortal King wasn’t a big deal. So the commotion that Big Yellow caused didn’t affect anyone at all.

The reason was simple. In this place, Immortal Kings were just too normal. Only the mighty Immortal Emperors could set a foothold here.