Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1435 – Progressing by Leaps and Bounds

Chapter 1435 – Progressing by Leaps and Bounds

The entire courtyard was enveloped by a powerful Qi. Earth-shaking changes were taking place in Wu Ningzhu’s body. The change wasn’t just the improvement in her cultivation base, but also a metamorphosis in her root.

If Wu Ningzhu was considered a genius before, she was beyond genius now, as her soul had experienced some sort of rebirth which was very rare. In other words, Wu Ningzhu had transformed into another person. In the aspect of talent, hers wasn’t any weaker than Han Yan’s and Tyrant’s.

Wu Ningzhu closed her eyes as she sat there with her hair fluttering continuously in the air. The word G.o.ddess wouldn’t suffice to describe her posture. Her Qi was still far from stopping after advancing to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, or it should be said that it was only the beginning. Putting everything aside, the pure energy in Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill alone was more than enough for her.

If it wasn’t for the mishap Wu Ningzhu had encountered that caused her to forcefully refine the pill, the effect wouldn’t be as such, even with Jiang Chen’s help. To put it bluntly, this was some kind of opportunity that had its own condition. Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill was a mighty Emperor Grade Pill. Ordinary Golden Immortals wouldn’t be able to absorb all the medicinal power no matter how powerful they were.

This was a fortune of Wu Ningzhu, a ma.s.sive fortune. Her cultivation base was still climbing non-stop and didn’t seem to show any signs of slowing or halting, just like when Big Yellow had acquired the essence of the Immortal Execution Sword.

“Her foundation is too strong. It seems like Sister Ning is going to rush directly towards the half-step Immortal King realm.” Big Yellow said.

“It’s not necessarily a good thing to break through so many realms in one go, but I have a way to offset that.”

Jiang Chen smiled and turned his palm, showing a big bowl of Qilin’s saint blood. “With this thing, even if Sister Ning advanced to the half-step Immortal King realm, her foundation will remain sufficiently stable.”

When Jiang Chen extracted the bowl of saint blood, the beast that was inside the paG.o.da cursed. The Fire Qilin couldn’t even find a place to hide and cry now. Additionally, tears wouldn’t come out even if he cried. How could these people be so inhumane? How could they come and extract his blood without even discussing with him? Had they ever considered his feelings and emotions?

The Fire Qilin cried. No one knew how great a trauma was in his heart now.

If such a scene was seen by an outsider, he was afraid that it would cause the person to roll his eyes like crazy. That was the saint blood of a Fire Qilin, however they treated it like a drinking water and drank as they pleased.

If Nanbei Family saw this, they would certainly go berserk and kill Jiang Chen at all cost.

As a matter fact, Nanbei Family had been searching all over the world for the trail of Fire Qilin these days. The more that they couldn’t find the beast, the more worried they felt. Of course, Nanbei Family didn’t carry out the search openly. Even if Fire Qilin was already dead or has disappeared, they couldn’t unveil it to the public. The Fire Qilin was their Saint Beast, it had always been the auspicious sign of their family. It was the symbol and the most important thing of Nanbei Family.

If the Fire Qilin was gone for good or killed, the impact that it would bring on Nanbei Family was overwhelming. Therefore, they would certainly conceal it very carefully in order to protect their prestige and influence. Otherwise, the entire Nanbei Family would have already gone crazy in the past few days.

Even the higher ups of Nanbei Family were losing their patience. Many experts appeared in many places of Eastern Profound Domain, trying to locate the Fire Qilin. None of the outsiders knew about this.

It was very dangerous for Jiang Chen to extract the saint blood of the Fire Qilin, because the experts of Nanbei Family might be able to sense it.

But now that Jiang Chen was in Fan King Prefecture, in the Imperial Capital of Great Qian Empire, it would be impossible for the experts of Nanbei Family to intrude in this place.

“Sister Ning, drink this saint blood. Its benefits are boundless.”

Jiang Chen handed the bowl of saint blood to Wu Ningzhu. She opened her eyes, smiled at Jiang Chen and drained the bowl in one gulp.

She did so as she had sufficient trust in Jiang Chen. Plus, she wouldn’t be on her guard when someone was sending her things to drink. Of course, if she ever put on her guard, she would do it to anyone except Jiang Chen.

After drinking the Fire Qilin’s saint blood, her Qi changed once more. Today, she had obtained tremendous benefits. Anyone who knew it would surely be envious.

Without taking a long time, her cultivation base had broken through to the late Golden Immortal realm. Her Qi was still soaring, showing no signs of stopping. This situation was within Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s expectation. They could see that the limit of her advancement today was at least to the half-step Immortal King realm.


Just as this moment, a powerful momentum suddenly surged out of Big Yellow’s body. This was supposed to be the critical moment of Wu Ningzhu, however, it had unexpectedly caused reaction in Big Yellow’s body.

“Master Dog has been stimulated and will break through to the true Immortal King realm in no time. Haha……”

Big Yellow was incomparably delighted. He turned into a ray of golden light and went into a room with a swoosh.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile. Originally, Big Yellow’s body contained a huge amount of essence from a Great Sovereign Weapon, which could be refined and absorbed at any time. The earth-shaking changes that took place in Wu Ningzhu’s body had affected Big Yellow to a certain degree.

In fact, Big Yellow had already been stimulated back at the Futian Manor. Although Jiang Chen was only a late Golden Immortal, he could kill an intermediate Immortal King easily even without using his dragon form. Big Yellow’s strength wasn’t as good as Jiang Chen despite his half-step Immortal King cultivation base.

Furthermore, Wu Ningzhu’s progress had stimulated him once more, urging him to break through to the true Immortal King realm.

Immortal King realm wasn’t an easy gap to cross. Apparently, Big Yellow was no ordinary expert. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to cross the gap and become a true Immortal King.

Whether it was Wu Ningzhu or Big Yellow, Jiang Chen felt gratified. Eastern Profound Domain was full of dangers and challenges. The only thing that they could rely on in order to set a foothold here was their own strength. One could only continue walking the path by getting stronger and stronger.

The Qi of the entire courtyard turned chaotic. Jiang Chen immediately cast out a seal to lock the whole area. Now that everyone in King Fan Prefecture was busy preparing for the King-Conferring Ceremony, he didn’t want to interrupt them with what was going on here.

Not long after that, Wu Ningzhu’s Qi had reached the half-step Immortal King realm and stabilized rapidly. After undergoing such tremendous changes, she had become a totally different person.