Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1406 – Let Me Have Three Bowls of It

Chapter 1406 – Let Me Have Three Bowls of It

Let Me Have Three Bowls of It

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After the three geniuses appeared, they frowned almost immediately because the condition below was so terrible. The whole mountain range was ravaged.

“Brother Xiong, the Qilin must have come here. The situation here must be caused by him.” The girl said.

Her tone was at ease and full of affection for the Qilin, as if the destruction of a mountain range was just a normal thing.

“The Qilin is too powerful. He has run out of the sect by himself. Knowing that he was going to cause a ma.s.sive accident, the elder has asked us to look for him outside and bring him back.”

Another youth said. Judging from what he said, it showed that they were with the Fire Qilin.

“This place does have Qilin’s Qi, but I can also smell his blood. There are marks of battle in this mountain range. It seems that he has fought an intense battle with someone here.”

The one named Brother Xiong said with a frown. He had a profound cultivation base and a pair of accurate and precise eyes.

After hearing this, the other two’s expression changed slightly.

“Brother Xiong, you mean that someone has wounded Qilin?”

The youth asked. Anger surfaced in his eyes.

“That’s courting death! The Fire Qilin is the Saint Beast of our Nanbei Family. It represents the auspicious omen of our family. Who in the whole Eastern Profound Domain dare to attack Qilin? Unless they want death!”

The girl spoke angrily. They were the geniuses of Nanbei Family. In Eastern Profound Domain, there were two aristocratic families, three empires and six immortal sects. Nanbei Family was one of the aristocratic families. The family was well-known and no one dared to provoke them. The Fire Qilin was the Saint Beast of the family. The beast represented the auspicious fortune of the family. Almost everyone in the domain knew about this.

All along, the Fire Qilin had been indulged and protected by the higher ups of Nanbei Family. Today, the Fire Qilin was attacked when it was out having fun outside. To the family, this was simply unbelievable and lawless.

“The Fire Qilin has been wounded. I can sense his Saint Blood drifting in the air, but I’m clueless of where he is now.”

Nanbei Xiong said with a frown. He was a rare genius in the family and had already reached the late Immortal King realm at such a young age, which made him one of the renowned existences in the young generation of Eastern Profound Domain.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Just at this time, a golden talisman on Nanbei Xiong’s body suddenly trembled. He immediately took out the talisman. It was a signaling talisman specially made in their family. As long as they were within Eastern Profound Domain, they would be able to receive the latest update from their family.


A wave of incomparable anger surged out of his body. It was like a tidal wave, rolling across the sky above the mountains, causing rustling sound in the void.

“What’s wrong Brother Xiong?” The girl asked with haste.

“Word came from the family that the Qi of Qilin is already gone,” Nanbei Xiong said.

“What? That’s impossible. Qilin’s natal Qi has been left in the family. As long as he doesn’t leave Eastern Profound Domain, his Qi will never vanish. As the supreme Saint Beast of our family, Qilin will never leave the domain. It has to be an act of someone. Also, just by looking at how disorderly this battlefield is, it seems like someone has already captured him. Could it be…someone has already killed the Fire Qilin?”

When the youth came to this conclusion, his eyes lit up immediately. He knew all too well the importance of the Fire Qilin to their family. This Saint Beast involved the luck of the family. If the beast died, it was equivalent to the possible exhaustion of the family’s fortune.

“The Fire Qilin hasn’t died, because his spiritual jade slip didn’t broke yet. It seems like someone has taken the Fire Qilin and had imprisoned him. And that person must have used some kind of powerful method to imprison him. Ordinary methods won’t be able to cut off the Qi of the Qilin to the family.” Nanbei Xiong said.

“Dammit! That person must be tired of living. Who in Eastern Profound Domain would dare to touch our Saint Beast?! It must be the act of Zhuge Family. Ordinary people won’t have the means to cut off the connection between Qilin and our family,” the girl spoke furiously.

“The battle here has ended not long ago. Let’s go to that direction and see if we can find any clues.”

Nanbei Xiong, too, was furious and was the first to fly off, followed closely by the other two.

This was a huge matter to the Nanbei Family, or even to the entire Eastern Profound Domain. The disappearance of the Fire Qilin would surely be a major news, because the Fire Qilin was too important to Nanbei Family. The beast had virtually become the symbol of the family. Despite that, someone still touched and captured the Fire Qilin, which would certainly become a big thing soon.

However, even by racking his brain, Nanbei Xiong wouldn’t have thought that the ones who dared to touch the Fire Qilin had yet to know the existence of their family and were just two puny newbies that had just arrived in Eastern Profound Domain. Of course, given Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s character, they would’ve attacked the beast even if they knew the Fire Qilin’s ident.i.ty.

The disappearance of the Fire Qilin made the three geniuses panic. If they couldn’t find the Saint Beast, it would surely throw the entire family into panic as well.

At this moment, Jiang Chen had already pa.s.sed the mountain range and entered the true region of Eastern Profound Domain. Jiang Chen wasn’t anxious to find out the situation in the domain. Instead, he hid into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

In the void, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had turned into a grain of dust, completely merging with the void. Any ordinary expert who pa.s.sed by here would never find the slightest clue about it. This was the magical advantage of the paG.o.da. The Fire Qilin had already entered the paG.o.da, which was equivalent to being completely isolated from the outside world. If the Nanbei family could still sense the Fire Qilin’s Qi in spite of this, something must have gone seriously wrong.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da!

“You brat and you stupid dog, you two better let me go. What you are doing is going against all the heavenly laws of morality. Sooner or later, you will be punished. I’m the Saint Beast of the Heavens and Earth that can only be wors.h.i.+pped and not violated!”

The Fire Qilin shouted continuously. This kind of high and mighty demeanor of his hadn’t diminished by a little bit.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help rolling his eyes, then slapped the Fire Qilin’s mouth, causing the beast’s head to spin.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll cut off your tongue.”

Jiang Chen was losing his patience. This Qilin had been shouting threats continuously ever since he came into the paG.o.da. Jiang Chen had no idea where the Qilin got his sense of superiority from. Despite the fact that the Saint Beast had already been taken prisoner by someone, he still regarded himself as a king.

At this time, Big Yellow stood up and came to Jiang Chen’s side. His Qi was still weak, but he had already recovered a bit and his condition was a lot stronger than before.

“The consumption of the Immortal Execution Sword is just too great. It’s not enough to rely solely on Immortal Meta Stones. Plus, the stones can only help me to restore my Immortal Qi Yuan Force. It will be very difficult to make up for the loss of my blood essence, however the blood of this Qilin is a great supply of nourishment. Wahaha!”

Brilliance glittered in Big Yellow’s eyes as though he was attracted by the Qilin’s Saint Blood.

“Son of a b*tch! You stupid dog, you dare to drink my blood?” the Fire Qilin glared at him.

“Little Chen, this Qilin’s Saint Blood is the best thing in the Heavens and Earth. I didn’t want you to kill him before this so that I can drink his blood for a long time. Wakaka!”

Big Yellow spoke and laughed delightfully, totally ignoring the glaring eyes of the Fire Qilin.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. This dog was certainly shameless. It turned out that the reason for not killing the Fire Qilin was this. Though this was a shameless idea, it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

“There’s plenty of blood in this Qilin’s body. Killing him straightaway and drinking all of his blood is just too wasteful. Why not put him in captivity and take his blood whenever you need them? One time, you can drink 3 or 5 bowls of blood. If you have extra, you can use the blood to make wine which will make it taste even more delicious. Besides, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d has a very strong recovery strength. After drinking his blood today, he will recover tomorrow, and then you can drink again, continuously. *Ze* *Ze* How perfect!”

Big Yellow remarked critically. He even had future plans for it and the idea of using the Qilin’s blood to produce wine.


The Fire Qilin sprawled on the floor with a puff. Both of his eyes rolled. He almost fainted to death because of his stifled grievance. This was an insult, a great insult. Despite being a dignified Saint Beast, he was taken prisoner by someone to drink his blood. From Big Yellow’s tone, it sounded as if drinking his blood was the same as drinking a delicious wine, and this was either 3 or 5 bowls of blood at a time. Motherf*cker! This was bullying! How dare these people be so shameless?!

Jiang Chen who was standing at the side, stared at Big Yellow with widened eyes, then raised a thumb at him. Comparing with Big Yellow in terms of shamelessness, he would candidly admit defeat. Big Yellow could definitely claim the t.i.tle of Shameless King.

This dog had already given too much thought in it. A great Qilin’s body contained too much blood. If one were to drink all of them at once, most of the essence in it would be wasted. So they might as well let the beast bleed and drink 3 or 5 bowls at a time. It was even better than the best spiritual herb in the Heavens and Earth, and it was also unlimited. After the beast bled today, it would recover again tomorrow. Nothing was better than this.

“Stupid dog! You dare to treat me like this? You are seeking death! You are seeking death!”

The Fire Qilin was going crazy. He was the Saint Beast of Heaven and Earth with a n.o.ble bloodline. How could he fall into the hands of these two perverted beings and suffer the cruelest of treatment in the Heavens and Earth?

“You can shout as you please.”

Big Yellow spat out a ray of light like a sharp sword. It landed unbiasedly on the wound created by the Immortal Execution Sword. One had to admit that the recovery ability of the Fire Qilin was really very strong. Although the wound had yet to recover, the bleeding had already stopped. He was worthy to be called the Saint Beast of Heaven and Earth.

*Chi La!*

The sharp light tore open the wound of the Fire Qilin, blood poured out like a fountain. Big Yellow made another spit. No one knew where this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had gotten a huge bowl. It was a real and big bowl. He then rushed to the Qilin to fill up the bowl with blood, and drank it in a gulp.

After drinking three bowls consecutively, Big Yellow belched contentedly and licked his mouth, showing an overjoyed look.


The frustrated and angry roar of the Fire Qilin echoed in the paG.o.da...

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