Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1405 – Overflowing with Geniuses

Chapter 1405 – Overflowing with Geniuses

Overflowing with Geniuses

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But the Fire Qilin was after all a Saint Beast that had oppressive means. Although he was facing the greatest crisis that could threaten his life, he still circulated the energy in his bloodline to s.h.i.+ft his body, avoiding his vital points from being hit by the attack, so that he wouldn’t die when he was. .h.i.t by the Immortal Execution Sword.

*Pu Chi!*

The horrifying Immortal Execution Sword jabbed into the Fire Qilin’s back, instantly creating a hole in the beast’s body.

The Fire Qilin let out a miserable cry which sounded creepy. Apparently, his last minute move had helped him, allowing him to s.h.i.+ft his vital points away. So despite the attack being considerably damaging, it didn’t take his life straightaway.


The Immortal Execution Sword flew out automatically from the Fire Qilin’s body and was swallowed by Big Yellow. The moment when the power of Immortal Execution Sword was exhausted, Big Yellow felt drained. Don’t mention about having another battle, he didn’t even have the strength to fly. He felt like his body was going to fall from the sky.

Jiang Chen was quick to react. A gentle force pulled Big Yellow’s body into the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Currently, there were 500 million high grade Immortal Meta Stones in the paG.o.da, which would allow Big Yellow to recover his energy.

Big Yellow had completed his task and it was very nicely done. Although the Immortal Execution Sword wasn’t able to kill the Fire Qilin, the Saint Beast had suffered a serious injury. Given the beast’s current condition, he wouldn’t be able to flee, let alone fight.


The Fire Qilin let out a wail that sounded as if he was bearing tremendous agony. He glanced angrily at Jiang Chen, then dragged his wounded body flying towards a direction.

“Still thinking about running away at this time?”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of a cold smile at the corner of his mouth. If he allowed the Fire Qilin to escape under such a situation, he would lose all his face and shouldn’t be called an expert anymore.


Jiang Chen launched his huge hands, striking out the True Dragon Palm. A terrifying blood-red dragon claw shot forward, enshrouding the Fire Qilin within.

“*Roar……* Son of a b*tch! How dare you do this to me? This is blasphemy to all Saint Beasts! You are courting death, you know?!”

The Fire Qilin roared furiously, but it was a pity that no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free from Jiang Chen’s dragon claw. The current Fire Qilin had completely lost the capability to fight Jiang Chen and was now only waiting to be slaughtered by his enemy.

The Saint Beast was infuriated. He was a dignified Saint Beast, the King of Heaven and Earth. When had he ever been humiliated in such a way? Unfortunately, it was his misfortune that he encountered Jiang Chen and Big Yellow today. All the pride and luck he had would be taken by Jiang Chen after this.

“Courting death? I wonder who the one courting death is.”

A hint of killing intent shot out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He was ready to kill the Fire Qilin. If he could absorb the bloodline of this beast, it would benefit him unimaginably. Given the scariness of the dragon transformation skill, he might even acquire the innate ability of the Fire Qilin.

“Little Chen, don’t kill him.”

Big Yellow’s voice suddenly echoed out from the paG.o.da. The current Big Yellow was extremely weak and was consuming Immortal Meta Stones like crazy.


Jiang Chen was stunned. Capturing the Fire Qilin, but not killing him? This didn’t sound like the way Big Yellow did things.

“*Jie* *Jie* Master Dog has a very great idea. This is a rare Saint Beast Fire Qilin. It will be too wasteful to kill him just like this. Imprison him first then Master Dog will think about how to deal with him later.” Big Yellow let out a sinister laugh.

Jiang Chen knew Big Yellow all too well. He could tell from Big Yellow’s tone that Big Yellow didn’t have anything pleasant for the Saint Beast, but only ghost would know what kind of thoughts was running in Big Yellow’s head. Anyhow, it was impossible for the Fire Qilin to meet a good end the moment he fell into Big Yellow’s hands.


Jiang Chen wasn’t concerned about what Big Yellow was planning. After all, the Fire Qilin wouldn’t be able to run away even if he wanted to now that the beast was imprisoned. The most important thing right now was to leave this place as it had just experienced an incomparably intense battle. Perhaps, their battle had attracted the attention of other experts.

Jiang Chen was afraid that the experts from Eastern Profound Domain would be here in no time. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, they had to leave now which was the wisest choice at the moment.

“Brat, you’d better release me. Or else, you won’t know how you will die. No one in Eastern Profound Domain dared to offend me. Who do you think you are?”

The Fire Qilin seemed to have the habit of being high and mighty. Despite the situation he was in, he still threatened Jiang Chen.

However, he certainly had the right to be high and mighty. Putting aside the fact that he was a mighty Saint Beast, the major power that was backing him was enough to scare the whole Eastern Profound Domain.

“Shut up and begone.”

Jiang Chen chided, then hurled the Fire Qilin into Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, he then reverted back to his human form and disappeared in the blink of an eye, flying towards the direction of Eastern Profound Domain.

The whole mountain range had already been completely ruined. Fire raged across the land and mountains. It was conceivable that after today’s battle, this piece of land would be turned into a barren land that contained nothing. Those demonic beasts who stayed here would have to find another place.

Not long after Jiang Chen left, three incomparably strong figures appeared in the sky above the mountains. They were three youths. Two males and one female. The three of them seemed like strange beings as they walked straight out from the void. Incredible Qi was running through their bodies, causing the air particles around them to tremble. They were Immortal King experts. In One-Line-Sky, there was only one Immortal King as young as them. In Eastern Profound Domain, experts like these were everywhere. This showed how big the difference between One-Line-Sky and Eastern Profound Domain was.

The girl was clad in white dress. Her face was beautiful. Although her beauty couldn’t be compared to Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu, she was still considered a rare beauty. What was more shocking was that this beautiful lady’s cultivation base had already reached the shocking early Immortal King realm.

The other two youths were also clad in white clothes. They were tall, stately and handsome. One of them was similar to the girl, having the same cultivation base, early Immortal King realm. The one that was worth the attention was the youth standing in between the two. He had a dark hair, thick brows and big eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vigor like gems. Just by standing there, he gave people the feeling of majesty and the pressure emitted from him s.h.i.+vered people’s soul.

He was an extremely terrifying figure. Although he was also an Immortal King, his cultivation base couldn’t be compared to the other two, because his cultivation base had already reached the late Immortal King realm. One should know that the gap between an early Immortal King and late Immortal King was unimaginable.

It was too rare to see such a young late Immortal King. If Jiang Chen hadn’t left, he would be surprised by the number of geniuses in Eastern Profound Domain. Just like what Yang Bufan had said, this was a generation overflowing with geniuses, and this was a place where geniuses converged. A place like this would never lack blood-boiling stimulations.