Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1407 – Late Golden Immortal realm

Chapter 1407 – Late Golden Immortal realm

Late Golden Immortal realm

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As one could see, after Big Yellow gulped three bowls of the Fire Qilin’s blood, his recovery was so fast it seemed visible, so much faster than the time he used Immortal Meta Stones. The difference between these two scenarios was absolutely great.

In just a few minutes, all of Big Yellow’s lost energy was restored, pus.h.i.+ng him to his peak condition. Not only that, it had also made some adjustments on his foundation that was impacted when he forcefully advanced to the half-step Immortal King realm.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help shaking his head, but this was within his antic.i.p.ation. After all, that was the blood of Qilin, which contained great essence and energy. It was incomparable to any ordinary spiritual herbs. To put it bluntly, a Fire Qilin was just like a treasure.

“How enjoyable! Little Chen, come and have two bowls.”

Big Yellow said, then spat out another huge bowl and tossed it to Jiang Chen’s direction. Jiang Chen caught the bowl, chuckled while walking towards the Fire Qilin with the bowl on his hand.


The Fire Qilin screamed. He finally understood what true despair was and what as good as dead truly meant. He felt like crying. Meeting these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds was his misfortune for eight generations.

After drinking two bowls in a row, Jiang Chen, too, felt invigorated. The dragon marks in his body began to form. The pure energy in the Fire Qilin’s blood was indescribably great. Not only could it improve one’s cultivation base, it could also strengthen one’s foundation and physique.

The following scene made the Fire Qilin burst into tears. All movements of the poor Fire Qilin were sealed. Now, he could only lay pathetically and motionlessly on the floor, glaring at the man and dog who were sitting cross-legged beside him.

“Come on, cheers.”

“Not bad, not bad. Let’s have another bowl.”

“Delicious. It will be even tastier if it’s used to make wine.”

“Truly, you are a dog with good foresight. In the future, when I’m in a bad mood, I’ll drink a bowl of blood to relax myself. When I’m in a good mood, I can also drink a bowl of blood to celebrate.”


These two shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were having one bowl after another. Even the mighty Fire Qilin was shedding helpless tears and no longer roared with rage. He had already accepted his fate. What else could he do when he met these two abnormal beings?

This was life! The bitter life of a child!

Very quickly, 10 000 dragon marks had been condensed in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, causing the number of dragon marks in his body to reach 960 000. His current combat strength had also been improved.

“The Saint Blood of Qilin is really a good thing, but to me, the blood essence of origin will be much better. One should know that the bloodline of the Fire Qilin lies in its blood essence of origin. If I could absorb its blood essence of origin, the benefits that I get will be boundless. Perhaps I will even obtain the innate ability of the Fire Qilin.” Jiang Chen said.

“Then go ahead and extract his blood essence of origin out, but that will be equivalent to extracting out the bloodline of the Fire Qilin. The quality of the blood produced after that will drop significantly, but as long as his demon soul isn’t dug out, his blood will still be precious, and as long as the demon soul of a Saint Beast like this doesn’t die, his body can still slowly rebuild the bloodline.”

Big Yellow explained and seemed to know everything. He knew the importance of the Fire Qilin’s blood essence of origin to Jiang Chen. Today, they had just arrived Eastern Profound Domain, and were still unclear of what they would face. Only by getting stronger could they face greater adversaries.

He also knew the terror of Jiang Chen’s dragon transformation skill. If Jiang Chen extracted the bloodline of the Fire Qilin, not only could Jiang Chen acquire the innate ability of the Fire Qilin, but his cultivation base would also be improved further, probably advancing to the late Golden Immortal realm.


When the dizzy Fire Qilin suddenly heard the two abnormal beings talking about his bloodline, he gasped and then roared once more.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! You two freaks! How dare you treat me like this! You surely aren’t going to die pleasantly!”

The Fire Qilin had a feeling of turning crazy. Not just him, anyone who met these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds would feel the same. The Fire Qilin felt that if this continued, even if he wasn’t dead, he would at least be completely depressed.

“*Jie* *Jie* Fire Qilin, wasn’t it you who acted high and mighty before this? Master Dog specializes in dealing with all kinds of disobedience. Tell me quickly, do you want to obey us?” Big Yellow stood before the Fire Qilin, shaking his head.

“I’ll obey, I’ll obey you,” said the Fire Qilin feebly.

Indeed, he couldn’t resist anymore. In the face of this shameless Big Yellow, he would even prostrate before this dog. Besides, this involved the matter of his bloodline and it made him scared. Naturally, his tone would be more accommodating, hoping that his obedience could avoid this suffering.

“En, it’s good that you’ll obey us. Little Chen, come and extract the blood now.” Big Yellow said indifferently.

What? Extract his blood again?

The Fire Qilin was angered. He had already agreed to obey them. So why did Big Yellow still wanted to extract his blood? This wouldn’t be just extracting his blood, but his bloodline.

Two rays of sharp light shot out from his eyes. He would never let his bloodline go, because that was too important to him.

“*Roar……* Brat, you think my bloodline can so easily be obtained? You’re hoping in vain. It’s impossible to think that you could extract my bloodline.”

The Fire Qilin roared angrily. His bloodline had merged together with his origin, deep in his soul. It was an especially hard thing to extract it out, unless he was killed first. In that case, his bloodline would flow into his demon soul. Anyone who obtained his demon soul would obtain his bloodline.

But the Fire Qilin was still alive. In his point of view, it was certainly impossible for his opponent to extract his bloodline while he was still alive, unless the opponent had some heaven defying skill.

One had to admit that the Fire Qilin was in tragedy, a living tragedy, because all of the things that he thought impossible was possible to Jiang Chen. Other experts might not have the means to extract his bloodline, but the dragon transformation skill could do it with ease.


Jiang Chen’s palm landed on top of the Fire Qilin’s head. Under the combination of the dragon transformation skill and Great Soul Derivation Technique, a mysterious force rushed out of Jiang Chen’s palm and into the Fire Qilin’s body.

The Fire Qilin’s body trembled abruptly. Fear could be seen in his eyes. He could feel an anciently barbaric force in his innermost soul. He could see the divine image of an ancestral dragon that could deter anything.

Under the influence of such force, the soul in Fire Qilin’s body began to twist. The blood essence instantly gathered and formed the size of a fist.


Jiang Chen clamored and lifted his palm. The lump of blood essence was sucked out in an instant, and fell on Jiang Chen’s hand.

The Fire Qilin seemed shriveled up. Losing the blood essence of origin was equivalent to losing the bloodline. And after losing the bloodline, the Fire Qilin could no longer be a mighty Saint Beast. He could only be regarded as a relatively strong demon beast.

“No, no……”

The Fire Qilin bellowed with reluctance. This was the depressing feeling of falling from the top of the pyramid. His world was now filled with despair.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen took the puddle of blood and went onto the thirty-third level with Big Yellow. With a cultivation place that had the Temporal Rule of 30 times, they would never have to worry about time.

However, it wasn’t an easy task to refine the blood essence of origin of the Fire Qilin. He would need at least two days of time to do that, but two days in the thirty-third level wasn’t long at all in the outer world.

Outside, Nanbei Xiong and the other two stopped in the void. The late Immortal King knitted his brows tightly, because he realized that the Qi was completely gone when he arrived here.

“I could still feel a bit of his Qi before. It should be the Qi of the person who took Fire Qilin away, but it’s thoroughly gone now.”

Nanbei Xiong said. He magnified all of his senses, determined to find a clue of it, but was still disappointed by the result. There was nothing here.

“Brother Xiong, there’s nothing here,” the girl said.

“It seems like the one who brought Fire Qilin away must have an extraordinary method. We have totally lost the target. Let’s go back and inform the incident to the elder.”

Nanbei Xiong seemed like a seasoned person and didn’t waste time on unnecessary things. Knowing that he had lost the target and it would be impossible to find the Fire Qilin, he decided to return to the family immediately.

The three of them vanished, heading back to Nanbei Family. They had just pa.s.sed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but they didn’t seem to notice it.

Currently, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had become even more terrifying. The thirty-fourth level had already been condensed. In the aspect of hiding, it could integrate with everything around it at any time. Even a peerless genius like Nanbei Xiong wasn’t able to detect it at all.

This was the huge advantage of Jiang Chen. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had virtually become a supreme magical treasure that could protect his life.

In the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da!

As the bloodline continued to be refined, Jiang Chen’s Divine Dragon Bloodline had also been stimulated to a certain extent, stirring up the potential inside of him once more. Such a stimulating growth was the most ideal condition, because it was an integral advancement that didn’t have an impact on his foundation.

Number of dragon marks continued to soar. In two days, 35 000 new dragon marks were formed, making a total of 995 000 dragon marks, only 5 000 more to hit the total of 1 000 000 dragon marks.

Also, 1 000 000 dragon marks was precisely the number needed to break through to the late Golden Immortal realm. The boost supplied by the Fire Qilin’s bloodline hadn’t ended yet. It wouldn’t be a problem for Jiang Chen to condense another 5 000 dragon marks. That was to say, after absorbing the bloodline of the Fire Qilin, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base would advance to another level, reaching the late Golden Immortal realm.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Finally, the energy of the bloodline was exhausted. Five thousand dragon marks had been fully condensed. It was neither more nor less, it stopped at 1 000 000 dragon marks exactly.

1 000 000 dragon marks definitely was a magnificent amount. Ma.s.sive Immortal Meta Stones were refined by Jiang Chen extravagantly, supplying him with the necessary energy to break through to the late Golden Immortal realm.

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